Friday, November 16, 2018

It's been a great two years leading Mass Resistance Texas. I'm passing the torch now!

Dear Mass Resistance Community,

When I first arrived in Texas in 2016, I was a little nervous and uncertain about the future. I had survived a liberal nightmare in California. Though seasoned by tough free-speech battles at California State University and elsewhere, perhaps my naivete still worked against me. I blamed liberals for everything and thought that anything labeled "Christian" deserved our trust.

I have grown tremendously since coming to Texas. The heartfelt commitment of Texan believers strengthened my faith and also taught me how much I needed to improve my worldview. The people in the pews, particularly many of our church women, showed themselves to be zealous and devoted to the gospel. I have realized, unfortunately, that not everything is the fault of liberals; the established leadership of the conservative movement, as well as our church leadership, bear a great deal of the blame for our culture's decline. I want to be part of the solution to that just as much as I want to fight the left. People like myself, in fact, bear blame. For years I underestimated how much work we needed to do, to hone our conservative discernment and clean up our churches.

Over the last two years, I had the privilege of working with brilliant and principled activists to advance pro-family causes in Texas. I thank the Lord for His blessings, because I got to be part of gathering groups of warriors for truth in San Antonio, Austin, Killeen, Dallas, Fort Worth, and now Houston.

God is calling me now to work specifically on Mass Resistance TV and the fight for orthodoxy in our churches. I also want to continue my fight for better education, which I will do in my continued capacity as Executive Director of Urban Game Changers Texas. If we do not mobilize and focus serious activism on resisting the corruption and infiltration of our churches, then churches will follow the same path that colleges have followed over the last four hundred years. Colleges, I remind you, used to be religious institutions devoted to carrying out the Great Commission of Matthew 28. Eventually they fell away from God, rebelled against God, and became the horrifying phenomenon I chronicled in Wackos Thugs & Perverts. Catholic colleges crashed early on, and now we see evangelical Protestant colleges crumbling before the forces of liberalization.

If colleges can transform from Christian cloisters of study to corrupted, foolish institutions of fruitless pontification (so eloquently mocked by Voltaire in Candide), then what will become of churches as people seek to liberalize churches in the same way they did the colleges?

In one hundred years, churches might be community centers: buildings scattered around in neighborhoods, where people have voting booths in November, a multipurpose room for community meetings and dating banquets, weekly lectures that vaguely reference Christianity as an interesting source of ethical suggestions, and no Holy Spirit to speak of. Just as people drive past Brown University and have no idea that it was once a Baptist college, one day people may drive past First Baptist Anywhere, and see nothing but a building where people get together and exchange recipes or form hobby clubs. They might say, "once, long ago, that building had something to do with God."

I have spoken with the leaders of Mass Resistance and after much prayer, we have decided I should resign as director of Mass Resistance Texas and focus on Mass Resistance TV.

So I will be the director of Mass Resistance TV and the host of Save Our Churches, but I resign cheerfully as director of Mass Resistance Texas. Arthur Schaper, the organizational director of Mass Resistance, will be leading groups in various Texas cities. He can be contacted if you have questions. I know great things will come about.

And I am excited to see what's next for me in a new role in Mass Resistance TV. Blessings to all!

In Christ,

Robert O. Lopez