Saturday, June 23, 2018



Today I made this video discussing the problem of LGBT politics and the "hirelings" mentioned in John 10:12--hirelings who gain leadership over the flock and appear to defend Biblical sexuality while they are actually delivering the flock to the "wolf" that will scatter the sheep.

Two secular texts to consider are the film Manchurian Candidate and the novel Scarlet Letter. In both these secular narratives, a character who claims most loudly to oppose an evil force in society is actually the guiltiest of spreading that evil. Hence the "Manchurian candidate" claims to be anti-Communist while actually spreading Communism. And the Puritan who rails against the scarlet-letter adulteress is actually the one who fathered her illegitimate child.

This week in the Christian world we saw the war between hirelings and shepherds explode. Most specifically, J.D. Greear, the recently elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention, came under attack for 2014 comments that sound like concessions to the LGBT movement. In a speech at an event organized by Russell Moore's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Greear stated that Christians should apologize to LGBTs and become "advocates" against discrimination or abuse of LGBTs. Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association expressed alarm that these comments and others point to the likelihood that J.D. Greear will surrender ground to the LGBT movement at the precise moment that the church is under siege from that movement.

Defenders of J.D. Greear struck swiftly on Twitter, attacking Fischer and accusing him of slandering Greear. See this thread. Many of these defenders on Twitter defend Greear by stating that he has been strong on LGBT issues. This defense is half-true but half-false, and in a way, more dangerous than someone who might outright endorse gay-affirming politics. Greear, like many others in the Christian world has gone on the record defending Biblical sexuality in part, by defining marriage as only between one man and one woman, and by stating that homosexuality is a sin that people should not engage in.

But we must be clear: at this point in time it is not enough to defend the definition of marriage or to state that homosexuality is a sin. As I explain in the video below, both of these statements can be phrased in a Manchurian Candidate fashion, such that they convince followers that the person making the statement is defending against homosexuality when actually the person is helping homosexuality spread. Here is how this works:

Marriage has already been decided by the Supreme Court 3 years ago, in Obergefell v. Hodges. The gay movement knows it stands little chance of losing marriage rights in the near future. So Christians who defend the definition of marriage are engaging in a theoretical exercise--lip service--that they kn0w, and the gay lobby knows, will have no impact on anyone. If people try to cite their own public position against gay marriage as proof that they are "strong" on LGBT issues, it can be highly misleading, depending on what else they say. If they are not defending the following ideas strongly in the public square, then they are failing to defend the flock against the wolf of LGBT activism:

1. God made people heterosexual.
2. Heterosexuality is God's design.
3. God never made anyone homosexual.
4. Christians can and should repent of homosexuality and turn to God's design, which is heterosexuality.
5. While heterosexuals can commit other sins, heterosexuality is itself not a sin but God's design, a blessing, and a gift. 
6. Homosexuality must be rooted out from one's mind, heart, soul, and strength (body), and replaced in all these places with a God-given heterosexual mindset.

The six points above represent the strong Christian viewpoint at this stage, since these points stand for the thing that the LGBT lobby is fighting against. The LGBT lobby's main efforts now focus on forcing people to remain stuck in homosexuality by convincing the country homosexuals cannot become heterosexual, they were born that way, God loves them as they are, and it would do more harm to try to make them change when they cannot change anyway.

My resolution to the Southern Baptist Convention sought to gain denominational support for the points above. It got killed in committee. J.D. Greear, as president of the SBC, will have to declare the points above if he is going to be a true shepherd rather than a hireling. 

I pray that Greear realizes that the old platitudes that may have been helpful in past years are no longer the statements of a true shepherd. He must defend God's design for heterosexuality, and he must repudiate the LGBT community for attempting to force people in our churches to stay in their community's state of depravity. Asking Christians to apologize to the LGBTs and advocate for them, in context, is horrible. And at the conference Greear attended in 2014, Russell Moore denounced reparative therapy. 

See my video for more detail: