Monday, June 18, 2018



Remember the Clearance List that allows you to get past Phase 3! It is important not to jump into dating too soon. So this hiding period in Phase 3 is not to be taken lightly! Here is your checklist to be "cleared for dating":

1. Is your living arrangement safe and well-kept?

Check this off if you have a good living arrangement as discussed in this post

2. Are you off social media?

Check this off if you have followed the guidelines about social media in this post.

3. Are your physique and grooming right for dating women?

Check this off if you are no more than 5-10 pounds below your ideal body mass or you are no more than 30-35 pounds above your ideal body mass. To check this off you should also have gone through your grooming standards as discussed in this post.

4. Is your job stable?

Check this off if you have held down a job, course of study, charitable pursuit, or creative art for at least two years straight. Consult this post.

5. Are you ready to become a father if you and a woman you are dating lose your caution and move too fast?

Check this off if you have prayed or meditated on accidental fatherhood as discussed in this post

6. How is your concentration? Are you able to pay attention to what people say and listen without your mind drifting off?

Check this off if you have passed two bimonthly checks on listening in a row, as discussed in this post.

7. Do you have a track record of sticking with your game plan for life?

Check this off if you have at least $1000 in the bank as discussed in this post and you can honestly say you have not had much backsliding during Phase 3.

8. How is your overall confidence and ability to handle rejection or hostility?

Check this off if you can say you feel confident and you are able to deal with rejection. The video below provides one self-testing exercise, which involves purposefully submitting applications for things and forcing yourself to read rejection letters, etc. 

9. Is your car in good shape?

Check this off if you have a car and it looks decent. Watch the video below for more details!

10. Have you been able to go without watching any porn and with near-abstinence of masturbation (at least 90-180 days between times you masturbate) for a healthy period of time?

If you have made it through the last 180 days masturbating no more than twice and you have not watched any pornography at all, you can check this off.

If you can check off all ten, then congratulations, scout! You are cleared for dating. Tune in this week as we embark on Phase 4, DATING!