Friday, June 15, 2018



It's a painful truth but I will have to break it to you: women like money. You need money to date women.

Long gone are those days in the gay world where nobody asked you point-blank what was in your savings account, you could take turns picking up the check at dinner, and the only thing that mattered was how cute you looked in a tank top.

No more! You are nearing the end of Phase 3 and about to meet Girls! Girls! Girls! Yes, Phase 4 approaches. And in Phase 4, you are going live on the dating market. Quickly you will find that everything requires money. And as I explain in this video, you may find situations in which you need a chunk of big money to close the deal because your dream girl has arrived sooner than you thought.

(Another scenario, which we will discuss in next week's spotlight on Phase 4, is you are dating a girl you really like and you haven't gotten her to go exclusive with you yet, so you have to find a way to get rid of your male rivals who are dating her. Often a great thing to do is to surprise her with tickets and take her on a trip, which comes with big price tages.)

This is unpleasant business but it's important to go over.

To get out of Phase 3, you should have between $1000 and $3000 in the bank.

The low end, $1000, is for guys who are younger and/or in entry-level jobs. Women are not going to expect you to be rich but they want to see you are a hard worker and they will love it if you don't have debt. They'll think it's cute if you handpick wildflowers in the city park and make a bouquet out of them. The higher ranges are for guys above the age of 28, or who have professional jobs. Women will know if you make decent money (they notice stuff like that in ways you can't predict) and they will find it troubling if you can't put savings away despite how much you earn.

Watch this video for more: