Thursday, May 17, 2018


Okay, the stats have jumped a little here on English Manif, which could mean anything, I have no idea. For those of you who may have just joined the whole concept here, let me explain:

--This is a blog I started in 2013 when I was fighting for traditional marriage.
--English Manif had its ups and downs a while. A few months ago, I revived it to deal with ex-gay issues, especially because of the California law banning ex-gay therapy. I turned English Manif into a webspace to impart practical tips for men to convert from gay to straight identity, living, and knowledge. 
--This blog is intended for reading by men who want to be straight and do not want to be gay. Increasingly this includes straight men who have never been gay and just want to think about their struggles as straight men in a society that hates heterosexuality, masculinity, and men. No writing on this website is designed to be appropriate for readers outside these descriptions.
--Robert Oscar Lopez has been described as bisexual, gay, ex-gay, a former homosexual, a self-hating bigot, an immoral man, a hater, a scumbag, a raging misogynist, and many other things. Currently he is straight and chaste. He has been with his wife for 19 years and has two children. He firmly supports chastity and opposes fornication and adultery, though he has been a sinner and has had to repent of many sins of the flesh. Once upon a time, he was gay.
--English Manif is opposed to all forms of pornography, sexual abuse, and prostitution. Many articles on English Manif discuss the importance of reducing masturbation to near abstinence. If this subject matter bothers you, you may not want to read this blog.
--Anybody reading this blog does so voluntarily. I cannot promise anybody anything about this blog and must avoid moles and saboteurs, so I am difficult to find. Nobody is allowed to pay me anything for this blog and I have no way of guaranteeing you any results from reading it. 
--These are all "tips." Take them or leave them. 
--The goal of this blog is neither acceptance of gay identity, nor acceptance of homosexuality as a political issue, nor celibacy, nor bisexuality. The goal of this blog is to help men who are currently identified as gay and who want to be straight, get into a chaste marriage with a woman, and have a healthy exclusive sex life with her.
--For what it is worth, most men in this orbit tend to be guys who have been labeled gay and who have fallen into a gay behavioral pattern, but who feel they really are meant to be straight and be with a woman.
--English Manif rejects the notion of sexual orientation as it is usually understood and believes all men are equal, but their identities, living, and knowledge differ among each other and over time.

--Earlier in 2018, I published five articles that were five "phases" on the journey from gay to straight:

1. First, learn about heterosexuality and figure out if that is what you want.
2. Second, leave the gay lifestyle and migrate to straight life.
3. Third, rebuild yourself in a state of abstinence until you complete a list of self-work and are "cleared" for dating.
4. Date women and find a wife.
5. Make love to your bride and embark on your life as a straight man.

These five articles were taken down so that they can be better edited, since they were intended for a much smaller audience than they ended up getting. They will be back up soon.

I hope this gives some context in case you are wondering what is going on!

English Manif will keep politics to a minimum and will not be primarily focused on fighting the LGBT agenda. Not everything posted on this site is written by R.O. Lopez. Things written by R.O. Lopez reflect the opinion of English Manif contributors and not his employer or any employer.

If you are experiencing an emotional crisis or have mental health needs, please consult a professional counselor or therapist. This website is not meant to replace therapy.

Also see this link about the importance of having a checkup with a physician no later than the beginning of Phase 2.

If you are curious about who the intended readership for this blog is, I have been able to ascertain that roughly 110-130 men in this situation read me regularly from around the world. In much of the writing and video messaging, I am speaking deliberately to them. They represent a broad age range and are on all continents.

Blessings to you!