Friday, May 1, 2015

The Jephthah Files -- Jumbo Version!

This is a cross-post from the International Children's Rights Institute, pulling together the massive range of work done by ICRI members in relation to the Supreme Court cases.

The Institute has deliberately sought to avoid being identified as an organization against gay marriage, for several reasons.
First, our board and council members do not have uniform opinions on this policy issue.
Second, it is hard to know what it means to be for or against gay marriage. Is this a legal question about the impact of policy changes? Is this a statement on the moral status of love between men or love between women? Does being for gay marriage mean being against gay civil unions or does being against gay marriage mean being for civil unions? Or is it vice versa -- does support for gay marriage mean support for all legal recognition of same-sex love, or does opposition mean opposition to all legal recognition of same-sex love?
Third, the rhetorical climate is divisive on the issue of gay marriage and those on the Institute's councils who are active in the debate wish to make it clear that concern for children's rights is the group's only stake in the debate.
Having provided all these caveats, it is my pleasure to share some of the work that has been done by members of the ICRI Testimonial Council on gay marriage:
Heather Barwick has recently joined the Institute's Testimonial Council:
David Boyle, Esq.
Rivka Edelman:
Katy Faust:
Robert Oscar Lopez:

Denise Shick:
Dawn Stefanowicz:
David Upham:
Joint statements: