Friday, September 16, 2011

The Tyranny of Ice Cream Fashion Moves to London

via InStyle
As I reported sadly last week, New York's Fashion Week seemed to be dominated by sorbet and gelato motifs, from the fluffy texture of cream-colored fabrics to the splashes of lemon, lime, coconut, and berry pink.

I thought perhaps this a sinister plot by Dairy Queen or Ben & Jerry's to hijack American shopping money, or the utter bankruptcy of designers, or both.

Well, it isn't just an American phenomenon. London's fashion week has started and it seems to we have lots of the puffy cream-colored fabrics with chocolate-licorice accents, like this ice cream cone women to my left. Though I supposed the confetti is supposed to resemble snow, it looks more to me like coconut flakes slowly drifting down atop a sundae.


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