Saturday, January 5, 2019

Mitt Romney, King of Disappointment

One of the most painful things I had to do during my years as a conservative was vote for Mitt Romney in 2012. I liked John McCain and really liked Sarah Palin a lot. But in 2012? Mitt came across as a rich jerk and his running mate, Paul Ryan, didn't exactly give me many reasons to get enthusiastic about him.

One thing I recall about the 2012 election was that I disagreed with Ann Coulter a lot back then, something that rarely happens. She loved Mitt and that he was a phenomenal candidate, then she expressed puzzlement when he lost miserably.

Well, Mitt Romney left the public eye for a while and then reappeared to run for the Senate as a replacement for Orrin Hatch. None of these people instill much enthusiasm in me. As a social conservative I heard them talk the talk about abortion and marriage for years and then miraculously, every time the Republicans had the government, Planned Parenthood kept getting funded and the LGBT movement continued its Bataan Death March. 

Anyhow, now Romney is authoring op-eds in the Washington Post calling into question Trump's fitness for the presidency. This serves zero purpose other than to primp for some future stage rush or revenge over some petty grievance in the past. Pushback came and then Romney started backtracking. Whatever!