Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Higher Education Inches Toward Its Reckoning

I have realized that I must republish Wackos Thugs & Perverts in 2019, with better formatting and some updating. When I wrote the book and published it with Mass Resistance in 2017, so much had not yet happened. The events of the intervening two years have affirmed many of the predictions I presented there. 

I also need to gather a lot of what I have written into a companion volume to follow Wackos Thugs & Perverts. I am working with the title  Whiners, Creeps & Pantywaists: The Conservatives Who Helped Destroy Western Civilization. In conferring with friends and associates, I have realized that while I am nobody important, I happen to have wandered into some significant scrapes. I cannot claim to have insider knowledge on exciting stuff like the stock market. But when it comes to the far-flung web of knotted groups fighting for so-called "family values," gosh, I know a lot of stuff. The left is absolutely horrible, as I detailed in Wackos Thugs & Perverts. But everyone kind of knows that. I think more people need to know about the extent to which the faces of the organized "conservative" movement were so often complicit or even ascendant in the backdoor deals to subvert Western civilization.

Higher education remains the last bastion for the unchallenged Deep State. We need a lot of frank and blistering coverage of how bad both left and right have mismanaged the issue of colleges and universities. Forget looking for good guys in the story of the three decades since Bloom's Closing of the American Mind. The conservatives were just as bad as the liberals.

As a teaser, take a look at this essay from 2018 about the mental health problems of people in grad school. I was not joking when I argued in Wackos Thugs & Perverts that academia structures itself based on mental abuse and torture: