Monday, July 16, 2018


Ten Weak Links in the LGBT Chain
Robert Oscar Lopez

For Christians this year’s events offer mixed signals. On the one hand, the LGBT movement has indicated its plan to infiltrate Christian churches. They have gone “gangbusters” after two of the big ones, the Roman Catholic and Southern Baptist denominations in the United States. The smaller but extremely influential Presbyterian Church of America seems caught in the spider’s web too. And even the Orthodox church, long considered untouchable, has shown some breaches in its defenses.

On the other hand, I can spot at least ten signs that we may have passed the Peak LGBT Moment. Often we hear about abortion and homosexuality as the twin worries facing Christian orthodoxy. Abortion looms as a more visceral atrocity. Homosexuality, on the other hand, poses the greater theological danger. Why? Those who affirm homosexuality typically have to re-interpret the most basic tenets of Christianity to find some justification for their position.

Hope springs eternal, however. For Christians worried about the ongoing damage caused by the LGBT movement, consider these ten “weak links” in the LGBT movement. We have solid reasons for hoping things may turn around soon. I go over all ten reasons in the video below.

1.    Social media seems to have shifted.

2.    People freak out about children.

3.    Too many people have disproved “born this way.”

4.    The theology is breaking down.

5.    Their war against Trump stands as obvious politics.

6.    Their dirty tactics will catch up to them.

7.    MeToo will eventually hit the gay community.

8.    They won cultural power but lost their cultural allure.

9.    They will run out of money.

10. They are making themselves miserable.