Saturday, July 28, 2018



I will make a video a little later tonight after the kiddos are asleep. For now, I just want to speak from the heart a little.

The Revoice conference generated a bigger backlash than anything LGBT-related I've seen, in the church. This is good in one sense because evangelicals have woken up. For years Christians have assumed, without reason, that the LGBT tidal wave would never reach them. That they see the wave pounding against their attic windows means they are at least not blind.

At the same time, many people's feelings were hurt. I do not mind if powerful people like Karen Prior or Russell Moore must deal with some criticism, since these brethren in Christ are in shepherding positions of one kind or another, and they know they must contend with tough standards. I am glad, at least, that the pressure from believers has led to badly needed clarifying statements from leaders in the SBC. We need follow-through, certainly.

Other people, such as Eve Tushnet, pose somewhat more of a dilemma. Some Revoice participants really have a struggle that they wanted to find common ground about. Many of them do want to follow Christian chastity even if, from what I can gather, they are confused about what that must look like for them. But the fact that the LGBT groups in St. Louis rose up and denounced Revoice must give me a little pause. I want people who have a gay history to make the difficult but possible journey to being straight--as I have done and many others have done. I want them to avoid the pitfalls of the false argument for so-called spiritual friendship or gay celibate holiness.

Still, I pray that the backlash against Revoice does not end up sweeping up people like me. I run this blog as sincerely as I can, to help men go from gay to straight. I am sure that things I post discomfort people on my right and left. But I hope people can continue to support what I do out of my deeply felt Christian convictions. And I want to leave the door open to conversation with the Revoice people. I must close the door, though, on the Revoice philosophy, which I see as a stealth intrusion of what it will eventually lead to, total LGBT infiltration of the church and expulsion of people like me deemed anti-gay.

Let's move forward. Revoice was a hill to die on, but there are other hills the survivors of the Revoice wars will have to die on as well. Next up, ex-gay counseling. A battle that may get nuclear. Let's get ready and put Revoice behind us.