Tuesday, June 12, 2018



Two awful things happened today, one in Dallas and one in Sacramento.

In Dallas, the Southern Baptist Convention held its annual meeting, including today's sessions devoted to considering resolutions. The messengers on the floor voted on 16 resolutions. The resolution "On Ministry and Counseling to Lead People from Homosexuality to Heterosexuality" was not among the 16. I authored "On Ministry and Counseling."

The resolutions committee issued a brief disposition indicating that they declined the resolution because it went beyond what the committee could deal with, at this meeting. People in the SBC cautioned me that the arrival of Mike Pence scheduled for Wednesday probably played a role. Vice President Pence would avoid speaking publicly before a group that was currently considering a resolution on ex-gay therapy. He has to avoid the wrath of the gay lobby. 

So my resolution died in order for the SBC to have a speech by Mike Pence. My resolution was the only one submitted to the resolutions committee, that engaged the ongoing controversy of the pro-LGBT bills banning ex-gay therapy in multiple states. Since this resolution died in committee (and then died again on the floor -- long story), the SBC has issued no convention-wide statement pledging support to Baptist churches in states that have passed laws banning gay-to-straight counseling. 

Meanwhile, on the same day, in Sacramento, California, the state legislature moved an Assembly Bill out of the judiciary committee with a vote of 4-2. What bill is this? The most sweeping ban on ex-gay therapy in the whole country. 

So it is illegal in California now to advise or counsel people to change from homosexuality to heterosexuality. And the largest Protestant denomination in the United States, the SBC, has declined to consider a resolution that would disagree with California's logic in passing the law. California believes people cannot change from gay to straight. The SBC refuses to say that people can change from gay to straight.

In addition, two separate entities tied to the SBC have issued problematic statements about homosexuality. They present an incoherent Christian philosophy that says the following:

1) Homosexuality is a sin and we should help "same-sex-attracted" people be delivered of it

2) Heterosexuality is no better than homosexuality

3) The purpose is to go from homosexuality to holiness, which would mean celibacy or a Biblical marriage to the opposite sex

Items 1-3 above sound good but they are the road to Hell. First of all, it's utterly inconsistent and also against what the Bible says. The Bible states (as I have elaborated in other posts) that God created male and female to form a pair and become one flesh. Jesus Christ speaks of eunuchs and Paul speaks of people gifted with non-desire, who can be celibate. Both of these references allude to people who, through divine intervention, do not struggle with sexual lust or "burning." Paul makes clear in his letter to the Corinthians, however, that it is "better to marry than to burn." So if someone cannot avoid burning lusts, then the person must acknowledge that these are God-given and meant to find expression through a married bond with a member of the opposite sex.

In a nutshell, God made us to be heterosexual. There is no way to get out of homosexuality and resolve burning lust in a godly manner without turning to heterosexuality. The vague reference to "holiness" is a lot of empty pointless pettifoggery, meant to sell books that offer almost no practical guidance to the average person who struggles with homosexuality in a church. 

I phrased the SBC resolution explicitly to embrace heterosexuality as a defining phrase precisely to eliminate the unclearness and confusion of the "Homosexuality to Holiness" gimmick. But the resistance to heterosexuality plagues much of Christianity, not only in their misguided advice about homosexuality, but also in their hysteria about protecting women as MeToo comes to church culture. Now as MeToo turns into a mantra of Christian reform, heterosexual men are cast as sinners for experiencing normal heterosexual desires for women. This worsens the confusion over how to minister to homosexuals, because the church cannot counsel homosexual men to become heterosexual men when heterosexual men are cast as lustful criminals just as bad as homosexuals if not worse.

The answer then is the glossy but empty phrase about going from homosexuality to holiness. While Christians objected to being caricatured by gay activists as "pray the gay away," the actual answer they hope to give to people trying to escape homosexuality is, in fact, to pray the gay away. They are worse than the caricature because they say gay men should pray the gay away, and then not expect to get any play with women ever. Church leaders will hold out the possibility of gay men praying away the gay and then getting into marriages with women, but I foresee no feasible route to finding a woman to marry if you do not first adopt a heterosexual identity and go on the dating market with a specific goal of finding a woman.

The church has refused to provide any actionable guidance to gay men who want to build straight lives. Increasingly the church sends signals that its leaders do not believe change from gay to straight is possible, for the best one can expect is a magical process of becoming "holy." (The homosexuality-to-holiness journey is not based on Biblical principles but those who spread this strange vocabulary insist they are basing it on the gospel.)

The events of June 12, 2018, leave me with no option, other than to continue blogging and to function as an underground radio station like Radio Free Europe. As I explain in the video below, I cannot refer you to churches and the government is going to hunt you down. You can still go from gay to straight and I will provide as much ongoing content as I can to help you do so. But this is a battle. Gird your loins.