Friday, June 15, 2018



I am the world's least reliable expert on dealing with being too skinny. I think I was skinny for a few days in 1975. But that was probably just a Kodak glitch. I've always struggled with weight gain. I've spent a lot of my life fat, obese, or morbidly obese. 

 So I am probably the world's most reliable expert on how to lose weight. I've done three huge weight drops at roughly age 29, 37, and 46. Even with a history of being fat, I managed to get through basic infantry training with 18-year-olds when I was 39-40 years of age. It can be done!

So I have made this video message just to give some help to the guys in Phase 3 who need to lose weight to get cleared for dating.

Remember, to get out of Phase 3 and start dating (Phase 4), you should be no more than 30-35 pounds above your ideal weight according to the BMI charts. That's not exactly impossible! I give guys more latitude at the high range because women seem to respond to chubby guys better than they respond to skinny guys, especially if the chubby guys have some strength to them.

Nobody promised you that Phase 3 was going to be short! If you have to lose 90 pounds, Phase 3 might be 2 years, but you need to do it any way.

And the thing is, you want to have the best chances for success when you start asking girls out on dates. If you are fat, you are increasing the chance that your first impression will cause most girls to say no when you ask them out. Also, if you are so fat that a girl keeps noticing your body shape on your first date, you will have a high chance of being told there will be no second date.

Also, next week as we start talking about Phase 4, we will talk about physical intimacy (I'll get into this in baby steps.) If you're very fat, you may find that girls will not enjoy the four approved forms of intimacy for Phase 4: kissing, caressing, footsie, and cuddling. Some girls are chubby chasers but most don't want you to be huge. (I would even encourage hyper-muscular bodybuilders to lose some weight.) If you're fat you may have excessive sweating and/0r heavy breathing, which will turn her off. Lastly, as things move along with a girl in the dating phase, she has to keep her shirt on but you can take your shirt off. The "torso reveal" moment can be a clincher for getting a girl to want to invest in you long term. And it's okay if you are chubby but a fat build will ruin that moment.

Given that you are starting with a disadvantage already, you want to minimize the risk of disappointment burnout, which will possibly cause you to give up and go back to being gay.

You may see a lot of straight guys who are walking around with tons of fat, but they're happily married. Good for them and their wives! But that's not where you are. You are trying to make yourself marriageable and going up against stiff competition on a tough dating market. You absolutely cannot let yourself go until, at the earliest, after you've already made it to Phase 5.

Listen to my quick tip on weight loss: