Friday, June 1, 2018



In recent posts, I have dealt with the super-awkward topics of porn and masturbation. I know this is not easy stuff to read. But I suspect some people might benefit from hearing just a heart-to-heart description of what it feels like when you actually do cut porn and masturbation out of your life. Here goes:

Basically, the effects of cutting out porn and masturbation set in gradually but they eventually change you in dramatic ways. Think of "horniness" or sexual tension as a kind of electricity running through your body. God created you so each day the voltage would get higher and higher. Porn and masturbation were ways of just flicking the switch to off. But sex with a woman is a way of combining your electricity with hers until there's so much heat and energy that the whole thing blows up in a neutron bomb of ecstasy.

If you have gotten used to using the on and off switch, at first you just hate the discomfort of feeling the rise in voltage inside you. But then gradually as the voltage rises higher and higher, and you are not allowing yourself to flick the off switch, you start feeling sparks with things around you--but you didn't pre-schedule or pre-arrange the sparks. You start feeling zaps you can't predict or control.

Eventually, a lot of you are going to feel less gay and more straight. This is because the electricity inside you is going to spark reactions based on things other than the specific sex of someone. So you will gradually start seeing guys in the gym, for instance, with big muscles, and be able to admire and emulate his workout routine without immediately wanting to have sex with him. Because you're starving your gay sex faculties, the memories of gay sex are fading in the past, your body memory of gay sex is fading too, and you are now just reacting to people without the immediate short-circuit link to familiar thoughts of gay sex.

Your body is gradually getting used to dealing with the high voltage. So you can see a handsome man and your body isn't afraid of dealing with whatever arousal it causes you; you have trained yourself not to run home and flick the off switch. You can deal with it and move on.

But you are now in a position to be aroused by things that are unfamiliar to you, based on your past. Notably, you find yourself in situations where women do things that make you curious, feel particularly comfortable at ease, cause you to giggle, intrigue you. And you will feel sparks, even though it is a girl. The voltage is running so high in your body that you don't even care that she's a girl, you feel the jolt of arousal, and you can just enjoy it as a small taste of what's in store for you as you go straight.

If you get some of these "sparks" from women as you get through this, do not run home and use porn or masturbation to try to set it in stone in your mind. Your goal is to let the voltage keep building up and up in you. So you don't want to flick the off switch. You want to have more and more authentic, natural responses to females you come across.

Because soon you will be in Phase 4 dating, and you want the electricity to be running high in your system, and the body memory and thoughts of gay sex to feel like distant irrelevant memories. You want to see which girls set off sparks and which ones don't. That's dating! But hold off on dating until Phase 4, in a couple of weeks. We still have to finish Phase 2.