Monday, May 21, 2018


I had a great conversation with a young woman today who is currently studying 2 Samuel. We talked about King David. I found myself confessing that I feel conflicted over David. I know that God loved him with a special love. But King David made so many terrible mistakes.

Every part of the Bible is there for a reason. Ex-gay men need to look no further than David for inspiration. Yes, David let his own passions get the better of him and made awful mistakes, including one I hope none of you all will commit in your own lives -- he caused a man to die on the battlefield just so his wife Bathsheba could be free to become one of David's wives.

But the emotion and heartfelt zeal of the Psalms remains one of the greatest forces in the holy text. And these come from David's heart. God wants men to be like David. He wants us to have a male zeal, an emotional drive to confront challenges and charge ahead. But God knows that we will make mistakes because that drive inside of us is so hard to control and direct responsibly.

Yet what kind of man could come back from being immersed in dysfunctional life, reinvent himself, and make himself a charming and faithful husband to a woman? You have to be a little crazy, a little reckless, a little shameless, a little cocky to pull that off. Grieve for your mistakes as David did. Publicly witness to what you have done wrong. Let the prophets like Nathan call you to the carpet. But love God. Hear God. And don't spend all day long deliberating and listening to experts tell you how to live life.

Go out and live life.