Wednesday, May 16, 2018

If the recent posts have upset you... please read this.

Hello all. A good friend of mine in the pro-family movement asked that I post explaining the recent shift in tone on my blog. The references to sex and general casual nature of discussion have unsettled some of my colleagues, although I have avoided any use of profanity.

Let me start by saying that I care about the pro-family cause. But I have felt less motivated to battle the LGBT movement lately. Sometimes I feel that I've said everything I can say about the LGBT movement. I know there are many people who are not political who are caught in the crossfire of this cultural war. A few personal experiences lately have made it evident to me that I am not the only person who had the experience of being stuck in a sexual world that went counter to who I really was. There are other men who have become identified as gay and are not gay. Like I felt 20 years ago, they do not want pity, grants, a political champion, or elaborate advisement.

They just need a couple blogs to let them know they've got a fighting chance. It seems to me they don't follow court cases or state laws. They do not read political columns. But believe it or not, they read English Manif.

From what I can calculate, there seem to be roughly 125-150 ex-gay men around the world who are reading English Manif. That may seem like a small demographic to many of you. It may seem almost laughable that I would put so much time into crafting content for them.

But I did not start this blog for money or fame. I never wanted a huge audience or massive influence. I just wanted to do what God gave to me as a task. If I can give a hundred people who were in a situation like mine some support and encouragement so they do not give up, that is okay for me.

Guys who are essentially straight but caught in the gay world do not have many people who want to listen to them, let alone help them. A combination of tragedies and mistakes, many out of their control, often led them to the situation of desiring women but being burdened by extensive habits with men. I believe that speaking to them in hopeful language about heterosexuality is good. it is also good to speak in everyday language without a lot of the academic flairs.

To those readers who feel I am letting them down, I want to express my deepest goodwill. I know that as legislative and legal battles heat up over the next few years, others can take a strong leadership position against the LGBT lobby. I will do my small part. I just feel right now like there's a handful of people who need me. And I can't let them down.