Friday, September 30, 2011

Our newest export to France -- the sick destructive obsession with gay suicide

Sadly, this piece in Paris Match confirms that the United States is now exporting its obsessive narratives about gay suicide and bullying:

via Paris Match
Rendering in French the basic story produced by the New York Times, the Paris Match piece gives us a tour through all the grisly exhibits of the Official Gay Story. The only difference here is that the young boy is bisexual rather than gay.

I repeat, for all who read this, the unpopular stance I have expressed before:

Suicide is a hideous sin. Do not romanticize or pity people who kill themselves. Do not use them for your adult agendas. I doubt this kid even knew what his sexuality was. He probably seized on the queer identity to put a name to other, deeper problems he was facing. At the age of 14, nobody can know for certain what their future holds. Sadly, he even videorecorded his own version of "It Gets Better" and put it on YouTube--which shows you how effective Dan Savage's vaunted campaign is. (If anything, it probably makes things worse because it focuses so much attention on the narrative of gay suffering and self-immolation.)

This goes far beyond gay people killing themselves though. Suicide is the bigger issue. Life is going to be hard and you will always come across people who antagonize you. In my case, most people who have abused and mistreated me were gay. In some people's cases, the abusers will be straight. You can't expect life to get better and then punish the world for not improving your life by killing yourself.

Suicide is a sin, evidence of a disgustingly unethical and selfish character. I don't care if the kid is 14 or 44; you cannot commit such cruelty to your loved ones simply to get revenge for people who don't matter.

I hold the bullies responsible, as well as Dan Savage for continuing to foster this sick, perverted cult of death alongside Lady Gaga and Kathy Griffin. They are killing gay people with their gothic neuroses and morbid obsessions.

But ultimately responsibility falls on this 14-year-old boy. By fourteen years of age, men used to have responsibilities like helping to pay for the family's rent, care for sick elders, even court and propose marriage to future spouses. Now we expect fourteen-year-olds to be mature enough to define their sexuality and yet not mature enough to be held responsible for committing such a disgusting and self-centered act as suicide.

Do not glorify him. Do not pity him. What he did was wrong.