Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My statement on CSUN communications

This is the auto-reply for my CSUN digital accounts:

Dear Email Sender,

This is the email account I have used in conjunction with my work at CSU Northridge. Please be advised that I have resigned from my position at Northridge and will only be responding to emails from this account, in the following circumstances:

--The email comes from a student who is/was enrolled in English 473, English 311, or English 306 for 2016, and pertains to an academic matter that needs to be resolved.

--The email comes from someone who may have, for various reasons, established communication with me through this email but is not contacting me in conjunction with my having worked at CSU Northridge.

--The email deals with pending matters at CSU Northridge of which my union representative is aware, and my union representative is copied on the communication.

Unfortunately I cannot respond to any of the following from this account:

--Emails that come from students who studied with me at CSUN prior to summer 2016, and who have no remaining business to conclude with me.

--Emails from CSUN employees other than the few administrators and union representatives who are necessarily in contact with me.

--Emails from members of the public or media outlets requesting statements, interviews, or information about my work with CSUN.

--Emails from people whom I do not know, who found me by locating my CSUN email address.

If you need to contact me, please use other means of reaching me, especially my personal email accounts not tied to CSUN. 

I would like to thank the students of CSUN, the California Faculty Association, and the Los Angeles community for the good experiences I had while serving as a CSUN faculty member. Going forward I hope to emphasize positive memories and the hope for growth and transformation in higher education, in Los Angeles and elsewhere.

Thank you,

Robert O. Lopez, PhD
Author, Colorful Conservative and Jephthah's Daughters