Sunday, March 9, 2014

Remember the nasty posts about me on ThinkProgress last summer? If so, then read this...

If you were reading this blog last summer, you may remember that all of a sudden, on cue, I got hit by a swarm of viciously nasty press coverage on gay-friendly outlets like ThinkProgress, Equality Matters, Good as You, Towle Road, GLAAD, the Human Rights Campaign, and a bunch of other places. Call me a conspiracy theorist but it was way too coordinated and timed to be random.

ThinkProgress was particularly nasty, going after me by dumping all these hit pieces calling me "anti-equality' and "anti-gay" and all that usual claptrap. It's published by the Center for American Progress and apparently, according to this exposé from a former blogger, takes its marching orders straight from the Obama White House.

Read this revealing post:


I feel bad for the writer for this post because he still doesn't get it. He says that the people at ThinkProgress still do great work, but they shouldn't have to be restricted by political pressure. Um no, my friend. ThinkProgress is ideological bubblegum. They're vicious and, as I learned, they have no regard for truth or anything progressive. Look at how they immediately smeared me when I tried to speak up for the right of kids to have a mom and dad. Many of the points I raised last summer that prompted ThinkProgress's hit pieces have actually been vindicated -- see how the adoption industry is being thoroughly exposed, surrogacy is coming under harsher criticism even from feminists, and the sperm donor-conceived movement found new impetus from Delivery Man. My point last summer was that gay parenting depended on all these thoroughly compromised and problematic arrangements that were being criticized in the heterosexual context anyway. But in July 2013, this valid point couldn't be made -- it threatened people's agendas at the very top of the food chain.

Barack Obama calls the shots at ThinkProgress.

And the Human Rights Campaign calls the shots for Barack Obama. Obama's been in hock to the gay lobby for years; why this is so, we don't know, but we know it is so.

I can't say that ThinkProgress does good work. It's a publication that fires on perceived enemies quickly. Their readers get semi-processed thought spam. This writer who left should probably be glad he isn't part of that machine anymore. I am glad he left and wrote what he wrote.