Monday, March 10, 2014

Breitbart discovers the Yancey paper slamming the Southern Poverty Law Center

I had blogged a bit ago about the paper by Texas professor George Yancey, who documented the inconsistencies in the Southern Poverty Law Center's list of "hate groups." Yancey also criticizes the academy for wasting so much furor "investigating" the Tea Party in search of gloom and doom, while never actually investigating the Southern Poverty Law Center, led my Mark Potok, with its hundreds of millions of dollars in assets and its completely indefensible definitions of "hate groups."

Here is the link:

Note that Austin Ruse, the author, also includes a PDF of the full article by Yancey. Some highlights that really caught my attention:

For instance, SPLC dinged Family Research Council for supporting the notion that the best parenting situation for a child is with his own biological mother and father and that anything less, including same-sex parenting, can be detrimental to the child. To SPLC this is a hateful idea and one they say science demonstrates is false. Yancey points to recent research by Professor Mark Regnerus from the University of Texas which shows that “same-sex parenting may be connected to social dysfunctions in children,” all to show that the social science question is hardly as closed as SPLC says. SPLC also accused FRC of peddling deliberately false information about the higher incidence of child molestation by gay men. FRC cites two peer-reviewed studies to back up the claim. SPLC prefers a counter statement by the American Psychological Association and a meta-analysis by Gregory Herek, a psychology professor at the University of California, Davis, both of which say there is no higher incidence of child abuse among gays. When pressed by journalist Charlotte Allen of the Weekly Standard that the science on molestation was clearly not as settled as SPLC insists, Mark Potok of SPLC didn’t even try to argue the science. He sent an email doubling down: “The FRC and some of the other anti-LGBT groups portray gay people as sick, evil, perverted, incestuous and a danger to the nation.” However, that is one thing you discover when you read SPLC’s dossiers on Christian groups it doesn't like. The reports read very much like direct mail pieces, the kind that get liberals to dig deep into their pockets to fill groups' like SPLC already bulging coffers. In fact, Yancey concludes the reason SPLC cannot or will not change its criteria or at least begin including left-wing groups on its hate lists is that it cannot go against its progressive donors who are sending in such sizable sums – $38.5 million a year, with $256 million in assets feeding $300,000+ salaries.

Here is why SPLC is completely in the wrong for claiming people are "haters" if they criticize same-sex parenting: The result is that children who are raised by same-sex couples are targeted for censorhip. Think about it. If you begin with the diktat that there are no disadvantages posed to kids raised by gay couples, then those kids are deemed "haters" if they DO experience disadvantages and speak only about it. Notice how I am on GLAAD's list of people who shouldn't be brought to speak publicly?