Saturday, February 8, 2014

Woody Allen, child abuse, sexuality

This piece from Vanity Fair serves as a wise reminder that children's rights is not merely a matter for gay adults who want to be parents:

There is plenty to gnash our teeth about with the heterosexual train wreck going on in the Allen-Farrow clan. What is important here is that we understand the peculiar dangers that plague unstable families where children are expected to juggle multiple parental figures. From the atrocious seduction of his adopted daughter from South Korea to these bombshell charges regarding Mia Farrow's daughter, Woody Allen exemplifies why we cannot rely upon the popularity or public affection toward a figure as an indicator of whether the parenting arrangements championed by that person are good for kids.

Woody Allen is one of the most acclaimed and celebrated filmmakers of our time. The children under his care have had to suffer knowing that the vast public supports their abusers. We must learn this lesson generally as we are being asked to silence our doubts about same-sex parenting when famous people champion it. Note in this Vanity Fair article that a panel of "experts" from Yale New Haven Hospital "exonerated" Woody Allen -- yet as the author notes, those "experts" have many credibility problems.

We may like Neil Patrick Harris, Elton John, Ricky Martin, and Perez Hilton, but they are promoting, rather obnoxiously, homes without mothers in them, and then asking us to assume that their kids are going to benefit from such an arrangement. Learn the lessons of the Woody Allen case -- be skeptical, ask tough questions, do not abide by experts or people with awards under their belt.