Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Melissa Harris-Perry uses a surrogate to conceive?

This is absolutely nauseating:


Harris-Perry already had one child. But she just felt like going and getting another kid with a surrogate. Sure, why not? Why not just buy a kid and treat another woman like a breeding animal?

And this comes from the woman who reacted to criticism by saying, "in this country, my ancestors' children were taken from their mothers and given to white men for profit..." I guess it's okay if it's a black woman buying the child and reducing another woman to chattel.

What an inglorious hypocrite. And to think, she has a PhD in African American Studies. I guess she focused more on the twentieth century and didn't think much about the forced breeding and sale of children that went along with the whole slavery thing. In the 1840s, a female infant cost about $1,100, especially because one could count on the female growing up and being a "breeder."

Today, a surrogacy contract for one child in the United States runs about $100,000--somewhere in the ballpark of what $1,100 would have been in 1845 dollars. Fascinating, isn't it?