Tuesday, December 17, 2013

File this under "but we already knew this." Despite promises to the contrary, the gay marriage movement results in polygamy and sexual abuse of 12-year-olds, and the ligbitists don't bat an eye

In the 1951 film Royal Wedding, Fred Astaire sings to Jane Powell, "how could you believe me?"

The gist of the song is that Fred Astaire's character is a lout who's always lied, and expects people around him to function based on the presumption that his promises are always false. So when Jane Powell's character takes him to task, Fred sings, "you must've been insane to think I'd tell you the truth."

This is the way things are currently working (at least this week) between the ligbitist lobby and the rest of us who are constantly forced to pick up the messes left by the "gay" agenda, which always seems, on schedule, to cause exactly the ills we predicted it would cause -- and exactly the ills the LGBT lobby promised wouldn't happen.

I've belabored the point on Don't Ask Don't Tell, psychological problems facing an oversexed gay community, sexually transmitted diseases, and persecution of bisexuals and ex-gays -- time is limited, and my grades are due in a bit, so let me just say that those other areas represented massive shattering of the gay community's credibility, because of the dishonesty of the elite helicopter class of ligbitist overseers, the wealthy lobbyists who parachuted into the gay world in order to use us for political gain, but have no incentive to improve our actual lives.

This week, here are two latest tidbits that should shock our conscience, assuming there's any shock left in our systems after having seen the ligbitists betray us so many times. First, remember when people warned about same-sex marriage leading to polygamy, and the left called such warnings paranoid hysteria? As Fay Voshell points out, it's time for a round of "I Told You So."


I can't say I fully understand the Utah polygamy case, and there are conflicting reports from legal experts. This Sunday's Joie de Vivre, I have decided, won't be what I was planning on the history of slavery, but rather, will be a guest piece by some British experts on the meaning of the polygamy case.

The important point for our purposes is that LGBT lobbyists said this wouldn't happen, and it did. A clear trend is breaking.

The second point is far more sinister, in my view:


Apple has authorized a phone app you can download and use to hook up with other homosexuals. Children as young as twelve will be able to use this app.

Remember how many times the ligbitist spokespeople swore that gay people weren't interested in having sex with teenagers? They brought calumny on anyone who pointed to the glaring, obvious fact that actually a very large percentage of homosexual men do like teenage boys, which makes sense, given that for almost all of recorded history, male-male love was a phenomenon of older men indoctrinating pubescent boys in their ways by inserting their penises into them, either up the anus or between the boys' thighs. Whatever causes this biological predisposition toward wanting to ejaculate inside or on the bodies of boys between the ages of 13 and 19, the fact is, it's a powerful urge and the reason that many civilizations developed taboos against homosexuality in general.

Forget the whole fracas with Dustin Lance Black sleeping with a 19-year-old boy twenty years his junior, and all the gay press applauding this because they're "consenting adults."

Thirteen-year-old boys aren't consenting adults. But they are going to be having more sex with older men, thanks to Apple, and thanks to gay activists' hiding the problem of pederasty while implicitly encouraging it by marketing a romanticized vision of gay sex to youth and spreading the false doctrine that people are born gay, ergo, they are old enough to identify that way when they're children.

For the record, I have many gay friends who are on Grindr, a similar app for gay men above the age of 18. They are, as far as I know, very good about not sleeping with boys; all my friends go after men in their mid twenties or older. But even so, it's excruciating trying to have lunch with a gay friend who has Grindr. The phone keeps pinging with alerts of a sexually available man a few hundred feet away. I have friends who will excuse themselves from the lunch table, rush out to find whoever's been picked up on the Grindr radar, have sex in the back seat of a car, and rush back in 20 minutes.

That's not something you should be mixing with the turbulence of adolescence. It is going to become a child abuse, molestation, and teen suicide driver. Don't believe the people who swear what I say isn't true -- they've lied to you again and again, so why would they be telling the truth now?

UPDATE: Case from North Dakota expands polygamy even more

This rolled in off the wire from North Dakota's experience with gay marriage and polygamy as well:


A man who was in a marriage to another man wants to marry a woman in North Dakota. A judge rules he can do so, because North Dakota does not recognize same-sex marriages, and therefore, the man is not violating any laws against polygamy.

The floodgates have opened. We have unleashed sheer anarchy in the world.