Friday, November 29, 2013

A quick summary of who edits English Manif

I am going to appear on Irish radio, and the producers asked me to submit a few points about myself.

I realized that new readers to English Manif may have never gotten this quick bullet-point memo summarizing who I am, with this blog is for, and what our positions are. So here we go:

*I edit English Manif, which is a blog devoted to all children's rights issues, with three main interest areas: (1) all children have a right to be born free not bought or sold (2) all children have a right to a mom and dad, and (3) all children have a right to connect with their origins.

*I am a professor of English and Classics in Los Angeles. My first book was Colorful Conservative: American Conversations with the Ancients from Wheatley to Whitman. 

*I do not endorse the use of social science data to answer questions about the ethics of new family structures. My position is that such research demeans children of same-sex couples by making us passive objects of study.

*I oppose all forms of same-sex parenting except temporary foster care when no other parent is available, and cases where a widow or widower comes out as gay after losing their partner to death. The other means of founding a same-sex parenting household -- divorce, commercialized adoption (I support ethical adoption, which I explain in various posts on this blog), sperm banking, and gestational surrogacy -- violate essential human rights and unjustly sever a bond between a child and his or her maternal and paternal lineage.

*I have always supported civil unions for homosexual couples with the stipulation that no legal "right to children" is implied by such arrangements. Due to the fact that every jurisdiction that has endorsed same-sex marriage has also encouraged same-sex parenting arrangements to which I object, I oppose same-sex marriage but it is not my primary area of interest.

*I speak English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese to varying levels of proficiency, which has allowed me to build an international coalition.

*I am currently founding the International Children's Rights Institute.