Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hollywood: Surrogacy Heaven

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Translation PapaMaman & Wally 

"La Révolution des Jonquilles” is a Savoyard group that considers it necessary to resist the liberal / libertine culture that has been imposed by much of the media, political and business world for 30 years. This group is recognized in the charter and the manifesto of the Printemps français and promotes the defense of the weak, primarily children, the elderly, any the those weakened by the loss of reference points. For there is no greater poverty than losing one's sense of family, because a family that consists of father, mother, and child is and should remain the bedrock of society. "

There was a time when the lifestyle of actors was merely tolerated by society. Today, cajoled and paid excessively, they convey success and they are an example for young people of Star Academy and they all talk about love.

On this theme, with state-of-the-art technology, artists convey a new fashion: that of the surrogate baby.

Yes, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Ricky Martin, and Elton John have used surrogates for one or more babies. For Sarah Jessica Parker (it was 2009), the heroine of Sex and the City was then 44 years old, she had a 6-year-old son, and admitted in the tabloids that she was not able to carry out a pregnancy to term. She got twins. According to the Daily Mail, the surrogate mother's name was Michelle Ross, 26, and had a tattoo of a blue and pink triangle on her wrist to show her bisexuality. She received approximately 30,000 euros for her services and the California agency Growing Generations, specializing in the trade, would have received a commission of around 80,000 euros.

In 2011, it was Nicole Kidman who used a surrogate mother, she was then 43 years old. This was her fourth child.   She already had a two-year-old daughter and two teenagers adopted with Tom Cruise who do not speak to her anymore. According to the Herald Sun, about 110,000 euros changed hands, with 20% for the surrogate mother. Karen Synesiou from the Center for Surrogate Parenting , an organization in charge of the service, had indicated that there was no cash bonus for surrogate mothers who gave birth to children of stars.

On Christmas Day 2010, Elton John, 63, and his partner David Furnish, 48, had scheduled the birth of "their" son Zachary. Elton John had then said that he did not know who the father was because the two men had given their seeds for them to be mixed with an anonymous egg. Two years later, the same surrogate mother gave birth to "their" second son, Elijah.

Ricky Martin revealed his homosexuality in 2010. In 2008, at age 36, he turned to a surrogate mother who gave birth to two boys made with his sperm and an egg from an anonymous donor. At the time, Ricky Martin was single. The singer said to Oprah Winfrey that he was already thinking about what he would say to the boys about their biological mother: "I wanted you so badly in my life that with God's help everything is possible. I think a family is based on love. I love you and you love me and that's the most important thing." Since then, he met a friend who accepts his children very well.

Overseas, the practice is commonplace and the list of stars in show biz who use surrogacy is growing every day: Elizabeth Banks, Chris Daughtry, Neil Patrick Harris, etc... Of course, all of these stars are thrilled and say everything is for the best in the best of all worlds because we love each other, but what kind of filial love can the daughter of Robert De Niro develop when she was born from a surrogate mother ago two years, while the actor has just celebrated his 70th birthday?

The commodification of the human being is no longer a taboo:  and children are contracted and women are rewarded for renting out their wombs. All these objectified children can only bear it, and none of them will ever know the warmth of the maternal bosom: lest they attach, they are separated from the surrogate mother at birth. However, from this comes the unwavering relationship between the child and the mother. Early last century, Aldous Huxley described a new emancipated world of natural reproduction. In this wonderful world, the human was destructured in vitro, in order to have no more emotions. Let’s hope that psychopathologies will not be the new harm of the century that all the advocates of progress are preparing for us.