Monday, August 12, 2013

Homofascism rears its head

The news about Donnie McClurkin's being ousted from the concert in honor of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was disconcerting and depressing.

I have not been posting much on English Manif for a few reasons, one of which is practical. Papa Maman is still enjoying his family time for the summer and Iphigénie has been unreachable, so I haven't had the help of my two most precious allies. A lot has been going on, and expect a torrent of updates in about a week.

Another reason that I haven't been posting as much on English Manif is simply the enormity of the homofascists. I use the term "homofascist" freely now, because the tactics of the gay lobby have crossed the line this year into serious repression. The gay lobby has been complicit with a police state in Europe, banning of certain kinds of speech in Britain and Canada, and a gag order imposed on therapists in California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts -- with more to come soon.

Worst of all, at a concert in honor of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Donnie McClurkin, a musician who was sexually abused as a boy and as an adult overcame homosexual behavior, was forced not to perform because of pressure placed on the Washington DC mayor's office by gay activists.

It is in Washington DC, by the way, that the gay lobby is pushing to legalize and expand surrogacy arrangements in which women sell their babies. If the law is signed by the mayor (a similar bill was vetoed in Louisiana by Bobby Jindal), then the nation's capital will witness the return of chattel slavery. There is no other term to describe the sale of a human baby into the control of a couple that pays cash in exchange for control of a person.

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. fought against the forces of segregation. The gay lobby is pushing segregation and a new kind of Jim Crow. It is pushing segregation under the guise of gay marriage, which segregates homes into male/male and female/female domestic spaces, and empowers these segregated couples to purchase children to populate their estates. The opposite-sex parent (sperm donor or surrogate mother) becomes the equivalent of a black domestic servant who comes over to the white home in a segregated neighborhood, does cleaning, and then goes back to the other side of town.

Given what the gay lobby is fighting for, they should not be involved in any celebrations of Rev. King at all.

What happened with Donnie McClurkin is far worse, however. Gay activists say they want people to be out of the closet, but they also avoid talking in stark terms about what homosexual activity is. Many young men are introduced into homosexual activity through rape or coercion, as attested by the high percentage of men who report being molested as children.

The gay community is itself a social network that contends with serious problems, which could prove fatal for vulnerable people who stumble into the lifestyle. There are higher rates of depression, domestic violence, addiction, sexually transmitted diseases, eating disorders, sexual assault, and suicide. A small amount of this comes from prejudice, but a great amount comes from the intractable behaviors of gay people toward one another. Gays do not treat each other as well as they should. That won't change any time soon, especially because the gay lobby is more interested in making gay people look good to the outside world rather than making gay people treat one another better.

If there is someone like Donnie McClurkin who got involved in all of what I've described above, because he was molested and hurt, and wants to live a healthier, happier life, why shouldn't he?

Who the heck is the gay lobby to tell him what he should do with the rest of our life?

If he wants to describe the gay male experience for what it was, for him, and for people like me, why should he not be able to use words that are honest, open, frank, and uncensored? That's what gay liberation was all about.

And gay activists want to get angry at Russia over banning propaganda about homosexuality to minors? I'm sorry to say this, but we have a plank in our eye far larger than they mote in Putin's.

To Pastor McClurkin, I stand with you. On behalf of the gay community, I apologize and say you deserve much better. God bless you.