Wednesday, July 3, 2013

HEARTBREAKING Children's Rights Crises Continue

Clorinda has sent me some additional stories that have me so depressed, I need to take a break to cry.

First, the Native American father is speaking out about the Supreme Court's blatant disregard for the 1978 law barring Indian children from being taken out of their heritage. The Court ruled 5-4 that despite the 1978 federal law, South Carolina will get jurisdiction over the custody of a little girl (who is only a little Cherokee, but still considered part of the tribe), making it likely that a non-Indian couple will be assisted by state force in removing the girl from her father's home, where she has been, to the new adoptive home. Now, the usual arguments are being made here -- the father "can't change his mind" after signing away the girl's custody. This is how cultural genocide happens though; it is why American Indians fought to keep social workers and adoption agencies away from their children. Sometimes parents are struggling but get back on their feet; it is dangerous to seize the kids permanently and take them away from their flesh and blood. - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |

Here is the link to the coverage in the father's native state of Oklahoma:

I am very saddened by the fact that he was in the military and the adoption was rushed through while he was stationed overseas! His tribe and his own family are being ripped apart by the military, the Supreme Court, and the discourse about children as property rights.

[Update] I scrolled through some of the vile comments left on the page with the story from Oklahoma... Some people are such haters. The man who said "I'm a vet and I would have fought for the girl from the beginning," then says the dad is a piece of s*** -- I am horrified that someone would feel the need to go online and lambaste a soldier who did fight for his daughter once he came back home from active duty. Though my military service was brief, I had enough experience to know that when you're on active duty you don't have access to lawyers and consultants, and you're under pressure so you can't think clearly. Anyone who would bash the Cherokee dad this way is himself exactly what they're accusing the dad of being.

The gay community is now entirely allied to the cultural genocide practices once used against blacks and Indians, since they are determined to say that, in the words of Nancy Polikoff, genetics doesn't matter as long as an adoptive couple can sway the powers that be to award them children. It all feels new and shiny to the gay community, because to them it's a way to overcome past inequality. But they are repeating the same genocidal practices of the past.

Then there is the news out of Australia about two lesbians who just had a baby girl through in vitro last year and are now in a seismic struggle over custody.

Some commentary from Clorinda:

My note: And where is the father?  Oh that's right, there is no father.  The other face of 'adoption' via 'artificial insemination' without background checks, home studies and psychological tests.  Loved and wanted - all you need is 'happy talk', 'rights talk' and a checkbook.