Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lessons form History: Soviet Russia and Marriage.

History 101:  Why study history?  Not to repeat the same mistakes committed in the past.  Thanks to one of our readers, the following articles expose what the Soviets did with the institution of marriage in their attempt to destroy the family.  Eye opening!

"I wanted to share with you some news clippings that I have found regarding the history of marriage in the Soviet Union. It turns out that the Soviet Union had toyed with marriage with devastating results. I believe that this is the reason why they are so against gay marriage now. By studying what the Soviets did, maybe we can avoid repeating their mistakes. It saddens me that this piece of history has not been brought into the debate. I guess history gets lost easily."

Russian Effort to Abolish Marriage (1926)

New Marriage in Soviet Russia (1929)

Soviet War on Religion

Marriage gets a new look (1960)

Yahoo answer (not a reliable source but has a nice summary)