Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Disney pushes lesbian parenting

This came in from a Tea Party site:


Apparently for 2014 Disney has planned a special episode featuring two perfectly "normal" lesbian mothers.

This is egregious. It is egregious because the true goal of this episode is to anesthetize us to cruelty, in order to make it culturally acceptable for more women to go to sperm banks and then raise children in lesbian households. Whether neighbors think the household is normal or not, the children have to live with the loss of their father and much of their identity. In many cases, they will be protective of their mothers well into their twenties, largely because their mothers will demand that they defend them from "homophobia" (this is abusive, an inversion of the parent-child relationship in which a vulnerable child is expected to protect a powerful parent, rather than the other way around.) Some may feel fine with this for the rest of their lives. Many, I know, will eventually contend with feelings of anger and resentment at the two women who deprived them of a father, an authentic heritage, and a male authority figure--all for their own satisfaction, the child's welfare be damned.

Does it help to make the children in these households know that everyone in their community sides with their mothers and approves of their state of deprivation? No. That forced acceptance benefits the mothers but robs their children of an important thing called "recognition." The children are forced to sublimate and remain silent about the emotional violence of being severed from fathers.