Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Proof that gays have no monopoly on surrogacy arrangements

This from ABC News:

Mitt Romney's oldest son Tagg just celebrated the birth of more twins via a surrogate mother. I guess he got a little over-zealous after the birth of his last child born by surrogate mother. As with coverage of gay males and surrogate mothers, there's no mention of the mother's name in this article. Just creepy references to the fact that babies are on the way.

By the way Tagg Romney's case is waaaaay more disturbing than gay male couples doing this. He and his wife had three kids through natural means and never needed to plop down their huge cash for more bambini. This is like parenthood turned into conspicuous consumption. Any Romney rolling in dough who wants to show love to new children should consider opening a tightly run agency for foster children or else take in some foster kids, the way Michele Bachmann did.

This is another item on my "reasons I'm so glad I backed Michele" list.

This is one reason that conservatives are so shy about criticizing the gay marriage movement where it's most crucial. The excesses and abuses with same-sex parenting grew out of straight people making an awful business out of buying and selling babies.

Even though I voted for him, I'm glad Mitt Romney lost! Had he gotten into office, in this matter as in others, he would have been a low-burner version of many of the same policies that Obama is forcing through. At least with Obama in office we can be clear about what our target is on the abortion and children's rights fronts.