Monday, April 1, 2013

Video footage of the last week of protests in France

After the massive protest on March 24, the Manif continued all week in France. The use of tear gas by the French interior police force has only stiffened the resolve of the massive movement against homosexual marriage and adoption in France.

In this video montage, you can see the countrywide protest actions: mobs "greeting" the major players in the pro-gay lobby wherever they go, including Christiane Taubira and Najat Vallaut-Belkacem and of course President François Hollande.

Translated Transcript Below:

0:02-0:10:      Frigide Barjot:  If the president does not move, I want to assure you that we are extremely mobilized, and that so far you have only seen the tip of the iceberg.
0:10-0:23:      Journalist:  Erwann Binet, National Assembly liaison for the “marriage for all bill”, has been interrupted by opponents to this reform, lead by elected officials of the department including Matthieu Colombani, who was in our studio last night.
0:25-0:35:      Journalist:  Christianne Taubira, heckled last night in Lyon by gay “marriage” opponents as she was attending the opening of the first opera written by Robert Badinter.
1:06-1:22:      Wednesday, March 27th Welcoming of Arnaud Montebourg (Minister of Industrial Renewal)
1:24-3:12:      Journalist 1:  We have rarely seen anything like this in front of France Television’s studios.  Very loud demonstrators you can certainly hear them behind me.  Excitement, tension is currently rising.
                        Journalist 2:  At the base of the France Television building, the police force is surrounding the building and the demonstrators are all around, they are very loud . . .  They have not been heard . . .
3:12-3:36:      Thursday, March 28th: Honking Operation – Lyon
3:37-4:27:      Friday, March 29th: Welcoming of  Najat Vallaud-Belkacem – Rennes (Minister of Women’s Rights)
4:27-4:45       Saturday, March 30th: Welcoming of Vincent Peillon, Minister of Education
4:45-4:54       Frigide Barjot:  Therefore we are forced to continue, and we let go of absolutely nothing!