Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gender Theory as a Tool of Totalitarianism? A view from Paris.

By our new correspondent: Iphigénie (to see the original in French click here)

Is the gay marriage movement - many times exposed as a tiny minority - hiding an agenda that goes way beyond LGBT rights?

The frenzy that the French government is in to forcefully pass this law, against all odds, seems highly suspicious.  In a climate of economic austerity and crisis that should be the real emergency, why try so hard to pass a law "that would affect only a minority"? Why do it without real parliamentary debate, with a defiance of the opposition and of the people in a manner never seen under the Fifth Republic? On February 15th, a petition signed by 700,000 citizens addressed to the Economic, Social and Environmental Committee (EESC) to seek an advisory opinion, in full respect of democratic institutions, was ordered by the president to be trashed. Why not consult a politically neutral body on such a sensitive subject? Why stand in the way of the workings of democracy? Why engage in a delusional match of arm wrestling with popular opposition that is not disarming?

Are the stakes higher than the simple ideology that the Socialist Party and the centrist so called “soft” fringe of the UMP are accused of, even by the opposition? Is all of this just a question of progressivism which, if not constantly fed by new social experiments, loses its raison d'être?

Sweden, a model of social-democratic paradise?

For decades, Sweden has been very involved in promoting gender equality in the world. Through the UN and the Cairo Programme of Action started in 1999, it seeks to export its sex education model for youth and its fight against homophobia across the planet.
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Najat Belkacem-Vallaud, Minister of Women's Rights, doesn’t hide how much she likes the Swedish model. In her last official visit to Sweden, "she showed interest in the Swedish experience on topical French issues, such as equality in employment, child care, legislation on prostitution and the human rights of LGBT people (...) She also made several field visits, including the Kristallen preschool in Nacka, where staff presented her with the educational work done on gender."  More on this here.  

Let it be known that in Sweden, the application of the law on marriage between persons of the same sex, together with the so-called "gender" doctrine, allowed the legal termination of filiation. Article after article in the legal code, biological parenthood has been gutted of its meaning in favor of a "social parenthood" that the state can claim - the same biological parenthood that the Taubira law is now targeting.

Clearly, the Swedish social services can legally remove children from their parents, under any pretext. The courts have their hands tied: nothing in the legal arsenal allows them to protect parents and children against an increasingly predatory state.

Totalitarianism begins at school

Any dictator knows that to ensure a subjected population, indoctrination begins with children.
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Swedish parents are expected to send their children to day care at the age of one "so the mother can return to work" and especially to "promote gender equality among younger people." A refusal to comply is socially frowned upon, and if one decides to be a stay-at-home mom she is labeled as "lazy" and "sexist".
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And this is done even though Swedish studies show that children subjected daily to long hours in childcare and early indoctrination develop psychological disorders.
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Until 2010, home schooling - the ultimate bastion of resistance to unique thinking - was allowed in Sweden. Authorized, but high-risk: some families had their children taken away on the grounds of abuse, without any evidence, and sometimes without warning.
Let’s take a symptomatic case of government control over children in Sweden, that of Dominic Johansson.

In 2009, Dominic Johansson, the son of an Indian woman and her Swedish husband, was eight years old.  While awaiting a move to India he was home-schooled. On the plane, just before take off, the authorities came to take Dominic away from his parents. The child, in perfect health, enjoyed a good level of education and an excellent psychological balance ... which was not enough to clear the Johanssons’ charges of abuse used by the Swedish social services, who went as far as invoking "dental cavities" to sequester the child. Upon his arrival at the shelter, Dominic was told that he would never see his parents again.

After three years of a bitter legal battle that has tossed them from complaints to appeals, the Johanssons ended up being deprived of their parental rights, without a shred of evidence of abuse, just because the Johanssons, as good parents, wished their child to be a free spirit.
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Clip of a surreal conversation between a social worker and Christer Johansson, the father of Dominic.
The social worker: "He is not socialized. In class, he laughs, he raises his hands, he kisses his classmates on the cheeks and give them hugs. And the older he gets, the more deviant he’ll become. "
Christer Johansson: "You mean, his friendly behavior? "
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Today, the Swedish situation has worsened: because of a "necessary struggle" against private religious education, home schooling and private school were banned in 2010, a year after the beginning of the Johanssons’ calvary.
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Those who want to shield their children from government indoctrination have only one solution: leave.
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The gender theory explained to children - a real danger for them?

By presenting adult sexual behavior to children, gender theory is disrupting their psycho development. In sex education, any psychologist is able to lay down a basic rule: do not go faster than the natural curiosity of children.

When a child wants to know how "babies are made," he asks. The usual advice given by childcare professionals to parents is to answer as briefly and schematically possible. If the curiosity of the child is not satisfied, he will ask the next question. Wait until he does. 
Answering their questions about sexuality before they ask them is equivalent to sexual abuse which, however small in appearance as it is, can cause adjustment disorders, hyperactivity, depression, etc., and in the longer term, persistent psychological imbalances. The system in Sweden is aggravated by lack of action against the aggressors, in this case teachers duly authorized by the State and supported by the country's legislation.

In addition, the gender theory attacks the child precisely when he is establishing the sexual base of his subsequent psychological development. By preventing him from freely finding female or male references, it triggers sexual identity disorders whose repercussions will affect him for a lifetime.

And by the authorities' own admission, Sweden suffers from a collective mental breakdown. The average level of mental health of young Swedes has fallen by 80% in 17 years. Even if one takes into account the heavy social conformism restricting the Swedish definition of normality and leads people to easily declare some individuals as "non-standard", the fact remains that the rate of people going on disability pension has passed the danger level in less than thirty years. The institutionalization of gender equality education from childhood dates back to precisely a little more than thirty years in Sweden. How can one not make the connection?

And the country's future gets cloudy again.
Today, one Swedish teenager (between the ages of 16-18) in four suffers from mental disorders.
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To make things better Sweden, which is a prisoner of its ideology and its image as a world leader of progressivism, is strengthening its suicidal policy of gender equality!

France, inventory

Besides the Taubira law, which is importing the Swedish "model" in one chunk, Vincent Peillon is hampering home schooling. Is it a first step towards its abolition?
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 ...  and the teaching of gender theory will soon be compulsory from age 6 in schools.
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Everything will be done to ensure that no child is left behind in France.
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The theory of gender attack on all fronts

A quick survey of the foreign media shows that the pro-gender attack is unfolding throughout the Western world and it brings together, as in France, politicians of all stripes. In the U.S., Barack Obama is trying to bypass the opposition of states imposing gay marriage at the federal level through the Supreme Court, with the support of many conservative politicians and multinational corporations such as Apple, Microsoft and Goldman Sachs, among many others. Some U.S. companies even threaten to cut their subsidies to NGOs and associations that do not align themselves under the banner of gay marriage.

Sex education usually starts around age 10 on American soil, but in Chicago the LGBT lobby secured that, for the sake of early prevention against homophobia, it is introduced in kindergarten. It is guaranteed that they will not stop there and other cities and other states will quickly follow suit.
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In Spain, Zapatero's socialist government forced the passage of the law on marriage between persons of the same sex and in the same breath the adoption of gender theory. His rightist successor, Mariano Rajoy, never went back to abrogate any of these "societal advances." Today, gender theory taught in Spanish schools has provoked an outcry from distraught parents.  A cascade of complaints to the ECHR, 70 associations of conscientious objection and 55,000 families have begun 2300 legal proceedings against the state.
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In Germany, the opposing parents do jail time.  More on this here.

In the UK, David Cameron wants to copy the impeccably calibrated Swedish model for early indoctrination in daycare centers.
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And also there, gender “indifferentiation” is taught, some 4 year olds are labeled as "transgendered, and we are learning to lie to children. Courses offered to British early childhood professionals explain how to tell the children of lesbians born from medically assisted pregnancies that they "have no dad."
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In each country, the Swedish scheme is implemented: same-sex marriage together with early gender theory learning. For countries that implement this sex education policy, is it really the fight against sexism and homophobia? Impossible. Harald Eia’s documentary very aptly titled Brainwash that dethroned the gender ideology in Norway should have been enough to put an end to a global social experiment that has amply demonstrated its futility.

Why don’t other countries follow the Danish example? Why do they hold on to this nonsense that is so dangerous to collective mental health?
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In France, it is not, as we might imagine, the wealthy and influential members of the LGBT lobby who influence political groups that support same-sex marriage, but the reverse. For years, successive governments have granted generous subsidies to the LGBT lobby and brought some of the most rowdy representatives to the pinnacle of media attention
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And what if government fodder was used to manipulate the LGBT lobby and ask from it what power dictates? And what about these claims that are presented as so progressive and fair that they do not allow any debate and are used to establish a complete control over the consciences?

Totalitarianism. What is its use? For a tiny elite group to take power over the emasculated and mindless masses.

Even if they have to rule on a pile of rubble.