Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Raphael, new Homovox video

Here's the latest from Homovox:

I am Raphael, I am 38 years old, and I am homosexual. I have worked in the past in restoration but I have been out of work for 10 years, because I am ill.

What's your take?

I did not seek to be a homosexual. I didn't choose it. For a long time, I wanted out of it (?). Fifteen years I had to work this all out. It's daily suffering. I knew of incest, I was abused. Therefore, truly, there are deep wounds involved. I am absolutely certain that this proposed law will do nothing to close my psychological wounds.

Then what do you think about gay marriage?

This law tries to make homosexual couples equivalent to heterosexual couples. This is a mockery of us. It's true that there are 10s of thousands of children now being cared for by people who aren't their legal parents and who do not have legal rights to them. That's a situation we must no longer tolerate. We have to fix the law to prevent it [not encourage it] tomorrow. This law will not fix life for these tens of thousands. It will add tens of thousands more to the tens of thousands already there.


Who is out there, coming from a broken branch of his family tree, who will not one day go back to find where the branch was broken? It's our genetic and hereditary code to make who we are. Our richness is our parents, our grandparents, our ancestors. How can we cultivate our treasures of heritage if we don't even know what they are composed of? There are rights. But there is no right to do everything. It's important for the child to have the presence of a mother and a father, period.