Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Homovox Video -- Hervé Jordan

This new video was just posted on Homovox:

Here is the English transcript:

I am Hervé Jordain, yes, from Marseilles.

Why are you giving your testimony?

Here is what's regrettable. The mainstream media, by which I mean the newspapers and the major TV stations, be they national or local, what have you, they always want to interview/question people who are for marriage. Go, once in a while, and interview people who are against it. You will find many more people who are against it than for it. It's easy to say , "hey, let's give rights to homosexuals." But no. There are enormous amounts of people -- many more today, who are opposed to this. Homosexuals are a minority in France, only 2-3%. Then within this 2-3%, there is another minority still who asks for marriage.

[I had a hard time getting this one.--ROL] These are generally people tied to some associations, which I do not wish to cite (?).

Let's say there are two men or two women, what have you, who are passionate about living together. All the better, yes, but if they want to, they still cannot create a family. A family is made up of children with a man and a woman as parents. Two women, two men; that's impossible.

Other arguments?

For me, a child must develop/grow within a familial structure composed of a man and a woman. There are those who object: "But wait! There are single women raising children."

"Yes," [I say,] "but there is/was a father. The child can look up who its father was, and find him. There you have it. That's something two men can't do for their child.

And adoption?

For me, I am totally opposed to this. It is utterly abnormal to uphold someone's right to have a child. The child... There is no right to a child. The child is not a cute little baby that you can go out and buy on December 15. For a child to arrive within a family, the child must be the product of love. It's made as a product of lovemaking, and it must stay that way.