Thursday, January 24, 2013

Latest news report on turmoil in France

This just in, regarding the Parliament's protest over the gay marriage bill:

TV announcer: So now, regarding marriage for all, we see many elected officials gathering to fight against the bill. We will speak of this with Damien Floreau. He's at the National Assembly for BFM Today. Damien, tens of local elected officials had a meeting there?

Damien: Yes, here close to us, there are actually about forty. There they are, in front of the gates, facing the National Assembly. We have elected officials, mayors, vice mayors, even some senators and MPs. We see, notably, Laurent Wauquiez, Patrick Balconnie [and others]. So here they are gathered, hoping to be met by Francois Hollande. They wish to be heard regarding their feelings on the bill for gay marriage. They want the President to call for a referendum. They have come to find the door closed. The chief of state has not foreseen a meeting with them. The delegation here will nonetheless deliver a letter, all very official. And Francois Hollande has confirmed that Friday evening he will meet with three spokespeople, from the March for All. That will be Friday at 6pm.

--------break in video -----------------

TV announcer: Marriage for all, more coverage of the gathering of elected officials, who oppose the bill. They are local and national politicians. They have gathered before and they are now chanting for our cameras the national anthem of France. They will march in a few minutes to the Elysee to protest against the gay marriage bill and demand a referendum.

Laurent Wauquiez: We ask for openness. We must give the say back to the people of France on this subject. It's not good enough to have a little meeting in his chambers and explain to people why he's right and won't change anything. It's insulting, pure and simple, before even the meeting takes place. Before the people being received at the Elysee have had the chance to speak, the president has already said, "I am meeting with them for no apparent reason. I won't heed them and won't change my mind. It's all a farce. It makes a mockery of dialogue and collaboration.

TV announcer: So there you have it, national and local officials who have set up a meeting by the Elysee to protest against gay marriage. The President has said that he will meet with representatives from March for All, including Frigide Barjot.

Frigide Barjot: Yes, it's good that he will meet with us. But I say, one demand men is good. Two, better still. I am relying on the support of readers, and on the good faith conscience of the MPs who will take stock of the seriousness and long-term effects of this change to civilization, as Mme. Taubira called it. They must loosen their tyrannical hold on the process and give the say back to the people.

TV announcer: The debate on gay marriage goes on. National and local politicians will deliver a letter in person to Francois Hollande.

Damien: Well, there was a procession of MPs, about twenty, along with others who were mayors and functionaries from the capital, who went to the Elysee to demand a referendum on gay marriage. They numbered 200 from around the Republic. For several weeks they've asked to meet with Francois Hollande. They marched holding the letter. The cabinet spokesperson for Hollande has said that the chief of state will respond within 48 hours as to whether he will receive the gathering of elected officials.

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