Thursday, January 10, 2013

Interview with Xavier Bongibault, head of gay group opposed to gay marriage

This interview was conducted on RTL in November, two weeks before the grand mobilization of people opposed to gay marriage on November 17, 2012.

Good day, Xavier Bongibault.

Good day.

Thank you for joining us. So let's get right to it: Do you think life will be gayer without marriage for homosexuals?

For homosexuals, I can't say. I think so. There is not a majority of homosexuals who want to be vindicated by marriage. The majority of homosexuals mock the minority who are pushing this law.

Alright, please explain to us, being homosexual yourself, why you find it necessary to criticize the government's role in calling the homosexual marriage law "marriage for all"?

Marriage for all exists already in France. We speak of equality before the law. That's equality between individuals, not equality between groups. There is equality in the sense that anyone can get in a male-female couple. There is not equality between couples, but there is equality for individuals.

Let's not get caught in the weeds here. There is the matter of PACS; we might be getting ahead of ourselves. Let's focus -- what bothers you about the bill before us now?

What bugs me is the destructuring and dismantling of society. The first echelon of society is the familial echelon. That's where society is built. A child needs to evolve within a familial balance. This bill would suppress that need. A child has a right to a mother and a father. The structuring of society is placed in a bad way.

One must speak of adoption momentarily. Let me stay on the topic of marriage for now. There are some Catholic nations like Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands, which had extended marriage to homosexuals. These aren't decadent nations. Their society hasn't been overturned. Well, life is as good in those places as it is here.

You want to speak of adoption later, but wait. There are some specifics here. France is one of the only places in the world that links childrearing legally to marriage. In France, marriage is not designed to protect the love between two people. French marriage is specifically designed to provide children with families. So when we speak of the text of the civil code [of 1793], it says that marriage is based on children and families.

Is the religious aspect important to you? Is this really a struggle over religious convictions for you?

Absolutely not. I am atheist. But all religions have their place. This weekend I spent time with Monsignor 23 and I think religions have an enduring place in society, they are part of society. There are those who say that believers do not have the right to speak out, based on their religious convictions, because somehow that's backward.  This may shock you, that I'm atheist but fighting for representations of religions, because yes, they have their place in the debate.

Atheist? You are using the same argument as Monsignor 23.

Naturally, Friday morning I had the chance to meet with Monsigner Barbaran and there was no problem. I defended him on the subject of the one we were talking about before--I agreed with him totally. I think we have to collaborate with everyone opposed to this law. It's important.

I have to pose this question to you: Do you militate for homosexuals, as much as you do for UMP (the conservative Sarkozy party)?

Militate, insofar as, here I am a homosexual and it's scandalous -- how could you think that? I militate in this way: The LGBT Associations I found deeply homophobic; here's why -- The idea that a homosexual must be for homosexual marriage because he's homosexual, this ideology is an ideology forming a straight line from a [may have missed the exact year he said--ROL] well known German who wrote in 1963, that a homosexual cannot reflect politically, except through sexual instinct.

Okay, so let's get to adoption. Is it the format for the child that worries you?

Yes, I have seen a study, a very serious one -- the most serious study done so far. It was done by Mark Regnerus, a sociologist. He studied the effects of homosexuality at the University of Texas. It demonstrates quite clearly that a child has trouble being raised by gay parents.

I must interject here. Everyone has their own specialists with contradictory findings. That doesn't measure things in a final way yet. People speak about the balance of the child, I have something even further to ask. Are you afraid of sexual abuse?

In no way do I have that type of fear, trust me.

You hear this: There ought not to be gay marriage in France, because there's imbalance in gay marriages, and then there's sexual abuse.

No, no, no. I have no homophobic logic like that. I don't know if you are trying to get me into a fight here...

So are you opposed to contraception, abortion, or divorce?

Divorce, no. Absolutely not. You cannot force a child to live in a deteriorating family situation. [There's some mumbling I can't catch -- ROL]

Okay, well, with the text going up to the minister, do you have anything else planned?

Yes, we have the mobilization on November 17. We're calling it the Manif For All, and the head spokespeople are me, Frigide Barjot, and Laurence Tcheng of the Left.

Thank you Xavier, you will be able to see this on video.... I see you are wearing a sweatshirt with a mom, a dad, and two kids. How nice. We think you've made your message quite clear.