Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Benoit, new Homovox video

This testimonial comes from Benoit:

Hello, I am Benoit, I am 43 years old. I am a business owner and have been coupled with a guy for 8 years.

Let me start by saying, you understand nothing about homosexuality unless you understand that it's not a choice. All the same, heterosexuality is not a choice. It's imposed on you, and the choice is how best to live with this. It's not always easy. But today it's sure.

What do you think of gay marriage?

I am, absolutely, against the bill for gay marriage as it has been presented. Not on the basis that it's about giving rights to people and letting them marry -- that's noble of course. But rather, I oppose it because it's a lie, built on an error, a farce. It's like looking for a magic spell to say gay and straight unions are the same thing. There's so much evidence that they are, in fact, different. Let's face it, two women or two men cannot produce life together, and that's very important. It would be so much more appropriate to give it another name. I could suggest, for example, "civil alliance." That would be a well chosen word for a specific reality.

Few people know this: In the name of making everyone fit under marriage, to adopt this text, we must suppress all references in the Civil Code to references either to mothers or fathers. These are founding reference points for the family, for life, and for society.


Well, we all know the slogan marriage for all is really a dupe. It's so that everything accepted for heteros will be passed on to homos. For any child, however, this poses problems. Whether it's adoption or medically assisted procreation, personally, I have to question all this. I will continue to take pause. I think in the highest consideration for the children, we have to distance ourselves from present-day debates and political movements. We have to make the wisest decision for children. There are some who think, well, all homosexuals, you know, you must all think the same way. Nope. It's not our sexuality that programs our brains, thankfully. The best we gays can do is accept that we are diverse, we have many ideas apart from each other, and not fall for cliches that enclose us in narrow mindsets.