Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another video from Lyon

This video comes from Lyons and conveys the basis for the manifestants objections to the proposed gay-marriage law:

Unfortunately I'm not able to embed it.

The protesters have covered their mouths with black gags in order to show that their concerns about the effect of gay marriage on children has been stifled by the dominance of pro-gay-marriage activists in Paris. The effigy of Francois Hollande drives home the protesters' sense that people who wish to leave the 1793 definition of marriage in place have not had a chance to speak, except for those who are religious. But the man with the bullhorn shouts that many who oppose gay marriage worry about children, rather than worry about religious matters.

The protestors hold placards with Hollande's face, asking, "M. Prime Minister, when will the Republic allow us a full debate?"

The large banner on the top says, "Marriage and adoption for all -- who will start the debate?"

Only one person can open a true debate -- [the effigy of Hollande enters the scene]

The speaker with the bullhorn says:
Francois Hollande, you have stifled your Republic. This is a matter of grave importance, with bearing on the rights of children. We must have dialogue, not polemics or insults. It's not enough to give us a phony simulation of republican debate. Christine Taubira herself said, this is a huge change, to civilization itself, on November 7, 2012. We've had phony discussion and hearings that are absolutely partial. Only 1/3 of the time allotted for hearings was allotted for those opposed to the law. Of these most were clergy. As if only clergy were against the law. No! Citizens of all backgrounds, and in ever greater numbers, oppose this law. Mr. President, in the name of our Republic, in the name of the rights of man, in the name of general interest, let all of society have its say. Do not deny us the guaranty of a full-fledged serious debate by branding us as homophobes if we oppose this. Let's have a true debate where a full half of time is given to the other side. You cannot only question systematically the clergy, as if this is a confessional affair. It is scandalous and unprofessional, unconscionable, that you have welcomed radical LGBT activists to the Elysee and you have not received anybody opposed to this law. Hundreds of thousands of French people say now, we must open the debate! For real!
At this point the guy with the Hollande mask wields a huge key, symbolizing the need to open the debate.