Thursday, January 10, 2013

69% of French citizens in polls want vote on gay marriage

As I've gotten through more and more of the coverage about the manif for all, I have realized that a major demand of the protesters is that Hollande delay the January 29 vote on same-sex marriage, in favor of a popular referendum. This is similar to how the debate has played out in the US, too.

According to the article published on BFM TV here, 69% of French respondents in polls agree with the protesters, to the extent that they'd rather vote on it instead of see the French parliament impose the change on the 1793 Code Civil from above. Translation here, between bold lines of original French. This piece came out on January 3, 2013, without an author.

 Homosexual marriage: A majority of French people want a referendum

A majority of French people wish for a referendum on the bill opening marriage and adoption rights for homosexuals, according to a poll by Ifop for Valeurs actuelles published Thursday.

 For 69% of people polled, the French "should be called on to decide by referendum" regarding the bill authorizing homosexual marriage with the right to adopt children. Among this group, 42% feel absolute about this; while 27% lean toward a referendum.

 This is favoreed by left and right alike.

 If this opinion is largely shared by right-wing people (86% of Sarkozy;s UMP and 84% of those of the Front National of LePen), this opinion is still also the majority for the left (55% of those sympathetic to the left)

 Age is not a factor. 70% of those under 35 want a referendum as do 69% of those over 35.

This poll was conducted by Internet December 18-20 2012 using a sample of 1,007 people over the age of 18 in France.