Fashion Week continues its rampage of mustard, lime, eggshell

Here's the latest update from New York's Fashion Week:
Christian Siriano is, if I am not mistaken, the scrawny gay kid with overgrown bangs who won Project Runway one season and became famous for calling everything a "hot mess." (Believe it or not, when I was in TRADOC for the US Army, the term "hot mess" had become very popular slang. What a hot mess.)

His styles are now assuming a central place on the runway circuit. And it seems to be the same old Christian, with his bizarre oval-shaped veils and flaring skirts, with everything a jungle of dimmed tropical fruit rind colors: lemony yellow, lime green, coconut white. Etc, etc. I never got the appeal of this designer. But at least this is better than the men's fashion, which seems to be suffering from fop mania.

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