Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kathy Griffin drives young gays to suicide. Period.

Warning, this is a rant. A very loud but extremely logical rant.

Read this:

Kathy Griffin is trying, trying, trying to blame Republicans and conservative Christians for the suicide of Tyler Clementi:

Kathy has also just released this video where she repeats her claim that “trickle down homophobia” from political and religious leaders is to blame for making gays feel inferior and for the bullying that has led to the suicides.

“All you anti-gay public figures, and you know who you are, you have the blood of these dead teens in your hands,” she says.

I blogged about this until my fingers were bleeding. So I will TRY to be brief. Oh crap, I can't be brief.

Kathy Griffin outed Clay Aitken and many other people she insinuated were gay, many of whom either were not necessarily gay or didn't want people to know.

Like many unscrupulous guttersnipes, Kathy's popularity has grown to the extent that she can affirm people's crude need to mock and dehumanize other people. She does this by pretending she's a D-List victim while she makes an A-List salary. She's not a gay man, but by acting like she's one of the gays, she gets to say mean things about people she thinks are closeted.

In other words, she's a bully.

The teens who killed themselves were, I REPEAT:

(1) not necessarily gay. Just because they were called sissy or kissed a boy once, doesn't mean they were gay. The handful of cases that have been highlighted involved bullying--which is not the same thing as being gay. Hello! Why do we assume that anyone who gets bullied and called a sissy is attracted to the same sex? This is pathological.

(2) not necessarily killing themselves because they were driven to suicide by society's homophobia. It could be that other issues were going. If they were actually gay, it could be that they didn't like the gay community and didn't want to enter adulthood doomed to spend their time in a community they didn't like. It might be that they didn't like the gay community because they don't like being harrassed, and Kathy Griffin, Perez Hilton, and Dan Savage have popularized a way of talking about closeted people that feels like harrassment.

(3) in one prominent case, outed. OUTED. The way Clay Aitken was OUTED by Kathy Griffin, the bully.

So the fact that conservatives do not endorse same-sex marriage is remote from the triggers that caused the few suicides we seem to be discussing so much. We can safely say that these suicides were caused by bullying, harrassment, and outing -- all of which Kathy Griffin and other liberals do.We can hypothesize that some of them might simply dislike what the gay community seems like -- in other words, like Kathy Griffin the harrassing, outing bully.

None of this is attributable to conservatives. It's all attributable to Kathy Griffin. So she needs to shut up.



Sorry about the caps, but this woman has been given a platform and support from the gay community for far too long. She has been extorting cash from gays through this sick co-dependency, in which she simultaneously makes gays think of themselves as vulgar, chattering, gossiping misfits, thereby giving gays low self-esteem, then "cheering them up" with more vulgar jokes, giving the illusion that she's on our side, when really, she's just making gays look and feel like jerks, so she can make money.

This woman has absolutely no right to weigh in on the controversy of gay teens. This is part of a ridiculous October surprise, concocted by people in a weird clique at General Electric, which owns Bravo as well as MSNBC (ring a bell, Keith and Rachel?), and Time Warner-Turner, which owns Time and CNN, all of whom are tied in one way or another to the Democrat Party and are freaking out about the fact that the Democrats might lose control of Congress. This is why Kathy's on CNN's Larry King, and Dan Savage is featured in Time -- which went to press about "It Gets Better" miraculously days before there was a supposedly spontaneous rash of gay teens killing themselves.

There is no crisis of gay teen suicide. There are over 40,000 suicides in the US each year.

Here's what is a crisis for gays: The DEMOCRATS led by BARACK OBAMA have, in the past several weeks, tried to block a lawsuit by the Log Cabin REPUBLICANS to get Don't Ask Don't Tell thrown out. And moreover, the DEMOCRATS led by BARACK OBAMA are actively trying to stop legal challenges to the DEFENSE OF MARRIAGE ACT, which forbids same-sex marriage on the federal level.

Add to all this the fact that Homocon got positive attention in Politico, Ken Mehlman came out of the closet, the leader of the traditional-marriage movement recently came out and said Bush and Rove did not get involved in the 2004 anti-gay-marriage ballot initiatives in order to win Ohio and therefore the presidency, George Bush funded AIDs at record-high levels, and Laura Bush and Dick Cheney have both supported gay marriage recently, and do you see what's happening?

The Democrats are scared of losing one of their favorite canards: "Vote for us because the Republicans hate gays." That's the canard that worked for the Democrats in 2006.  That's the canard that has allowed the Democrats to say the 2004 election was illegitimate even though Bush won the popular and electoral vote (they claim the Repubs simply won by using gays as a wedge issue, which has no bearing on reality at all.)