Monday, November 10, 2014

Alana Newman's article on the Rights of Children

Great article! And by the way, my conference and I are mentioned!

Hee hee.

Pro-life should not be a synonym for supporting the commodification of children

This news coming out of Ohio is very, very disturbing:

One of the recurring dilemmas of children's rights is that many people use the pro-life banner to push uncritical expansion of adoption. There are lots of games with doublespeak and codewords. Right and left are equally guilty of romanticizing adoption to please their respective constituencies -- evangelical adopters and gay and lesbian "families.

This law, as D'Arcy points out, is being proposed as a way to make adoption more "protected" but this really means that it's more coercive and people with money are given more powerful. Read the whole post.

We have to work out ways that we can be pro-life and still respect the child's bond to a mother and father. Adoptions are necessary sometimes but we cannot encourage a system that promotes separation of family bonds to suit consumer demand.

Governor of Texas asked questions by liberals about peepees, poopyholes, and butt pirates

Dartmouth goes down the cesspool funnel. Amazing.

A sitting governor of the nation's second most populous state comes to give a lecture about politics, and oh-so-liberal students barrage him with questions about gayness.

It's so embarrassing. And I think it's going to backfire--it already has. People are growing tired of gays being brought up as a red herring all the time. I hope a lot of gays feel used and exploited with these wedge issue games. And I hope they stand up and tell people to stop pulling shenanigans in their names.

The Gay Slave Trade: Open for Business!

This ghoulish story keeps doing the rounds. It is so gross I have not wanted to click on the links to see what the story is about. When I finally did click, it was worse than I thought. See this from the UK:

So this gay couple, Luke Harris and Daryl Lee, have commissioned three children for themselves by three surrogate mothers simultaneously.

Conspicuous consumption? That would be putting it mildly. Three human incubators have been contracted to gestate three obedient, "loving" human slaves. These children are property. If it was all about love, then these surrogacy deals would not require a maze of contracts and legal riders guaranteeing the non-biologically related gay partner authoritative rights over the resulting children.

Okay, NOW will GLAAD apologize to me? I was attacked for comparing gay parenting to certain aspects of the slave trade, and I ask you -- was I not right?

Huffpo's Story of a Latina Growing up in the Lesbian 1970s

This was a great piece by Vanessa Martir:

I am glad that Huffington Post is running more stories told from the child's point of view when it comes to same-sex parenting. Maybe they'll actually run some stories that are critical, too. This is a good start.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Time magazine runs shameless gay male f-you to everyone else

This piece is breathtaking in its arrogance:

Stephen Friess here claims that other groups like women, the poor, and people of color have to "earn" the support of the LGBT movement. I guess he expects groveling and the firstborn.

Read the article from start to finish. It's a textbook case of what not to do when you have the temptation to be overconfident. The truth is, the public support for gay activism did not actually go very deep. I have long been saying that the high numbers of people who say to pollsters that they want to legalize gay marriage must include a large number of people who are tired of the debate and want gay activists to shut up and leave them alone.

Not all, but many of those polled, when they say, "yes, legalize gay marriage," are really saying, "promise me I don't have to hear from gay activists complaining all the time anymore."

In a classic case of misreading, gay activists heard, "the public is behind us, they want to hear MORE MORE MORE from us!" So they rewarded the public for supporting gay marriage by doing exactly what the public wanted them not to do: They kept talking and talking and hogging all the attention in the public square.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Gregoria's latest chant -- Make it all stop!

This is why all these arrangements MUST be stopped. Screw just going after commercial surrogacy. It's all bad, all the time!

The state must stand up and say to parents, "Grow the fuck up. Now you can play house with anyone you want to - we can't control that. But what's real is real. Mom and Dad - and we have ways of finding out who they are - please cooperate raising your kid - or we'll take him away."

Oh my God, what are we going to do with all this power?

I am starting to think it's looking more likely that a Republican will become President in 2016.

If that happens, oh gosh, this is like too much power for conservatives to handle. But really, check this out. Now, some will say that libertarians are the future of the GOP and I continue to argue that's hogwash.

I wrote this little piece about how libertarians are the right wing as Carrie is to the high school beauty contest in the classic Carrie. Here:

Overall, it was the heart and soul of the Republican Party -- God-fearing, traditional family types -- who really seem to be gaining ground within the tribe. The RINOS and Karl Roves are being phased out. That's good. We don't need to be yoked to the economic message of the GOP, one that is off-putting to people who don't own their own businesses, and then severed from the social message of the GOP, of protecting life and family, which even poor Americans can relate to.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Yep, the 6th district court of appeals joined the right side of history ---

---and put gay marriage back on the drawing board, away from kids and Christian wedding chapels. We are safe for a while.

Remember -- history is on the side of traditional marriage. We are right. We have been right all along. (We being the ones who opposed gay marriage from the start.)

PS. I received an email from a friend telling me I ought not to be so modest, and I should make clear to folks:

I submitted an amicus curiae brief in the Michigan "DeBoer v. Snyder" case, which was one of the key cases that led to this decision by Sutton of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. 

So I was part of this victory. And I am GLAD that finally there were federal judges who listened to the many voices of children raised by same-sex couples, whom I excerpted in the brief. 

Apologies are an insult to our intelligence

You all may have seen, yesterday, the reports that actress Rose McGowan criticized gay men for being misogynistic. She was doing an interview with Brett Easton Ellis.

Gay man, misogynistic. This is like saying winter is cold, the sun is hot, or Buffalo is a dump. We know it's so, saying so is just stating the obvious. Gay male culture has a lot of problems with women.

Not as many problems, mind you, as fascist lesbian culture of the kind practiced by the homosexual feminists obsessed with shutting down the trans movement, has with men. Lesbofascists hate men in a purely hostile way, unlike the gay male tendency to romanticize femininity while simultaneously disdaining the females who go along with such constructs.

But regardless, gay men are not bisexual men. The latter group loves men and loves women. Gay men love men and do not love women. See the difference? What sets gay men apart is not their attraction to men but their repulsion toward women.

So, yeah, where lots of these characters gather, there are likely to be some negative feelings toward women. That condenses into misogyny. I can't believe anybody would ask someone to apologize for noticing as much.

But now it appears Rose McGowan has apologized. That's a pity. I want to give a guidebook to anyone who sets out to criticize things going on with the LGBT movement.

Three rules -- make sure you're right, time your criticism strategically, and DON'T APOLOGIZE.

Snarky gay bloggers are to apologies like barracudas to blood in the water. Say sorry once and they'll never leave you alone. YOU NEVER APOLOGIZE! Offer nuances if you feel you misspoke. Propose a third option, an alternative angle, a way to change the subject. But don't get stuck in sorting through what you said, word by word, or you'll be involved in a five-year stichomythia with snarky gay bloggers.

You said this [insert blockquote]

No, I meant this, and I also said this, which you didn't notice.

Oooooh, ooooh, I am offended. Are you saying gay people can't read?

Let's talk about something new.

No, not until I tell everyone that you said this 15 months ago, and get you to apologize.

If I say sorry, will you get the heck out of my life? 

I'm offended. Are you saying you don't like gay people? I mean, you're saying you don't want to talk to me.

No, I'm saying you keep rehashing old crap and I don't have time to go over this with you line by line for 9 hours a day. Let's move on.

So you don't care that what you had up on your blog in a footnote on a 1300-word post for ninety minutes before you took it down, which I captured for the convenience of all the gay blogging community in a screen shot that I've posted on my blog and forwarded to GLAAD to preserve until the end of time, might have seemed less than positive about all the wonderful things that we LGBTQIA do on a daily basis so helpless bullied teens like I was don't go kill themselves.

Okay, I don't care. I don't even know what the heck you're talking about.

Bam! I just got another screen shot. You don't care about gay men! I'm forwarding it everywhere! You'll be sorry. Homophobe!

Do you find exchanges like this helpful? I'm betting no. This is what happens when you start apologizing to people who threaten to blacklist you. They take up all your oxygen. The people that will listen to their blacklists are the people you don't want in your life anyway and people who won't be won over by apologies.

The only thing that you get be apologizing, is the disappointment of allies who would have been much more supportive of you had you showed more courage.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Just remember, those of you who support traditional families -- YOU ARE THE PEOPLE -- the other side is the fringe.

And don't you flippin' forget it!!!!!!!!

Clorinda Chronicle....


Let's be honest, since honesty is important. What's missing from this narrative (ie. 'script') from the 'donor' conceived perspective? The intentional disconnect (lack of love, support, belonging, pride etc) from their biological father (their legal parent's sperm 'donor' who often times out right sells his gametes with the full intention of creating his own biological children forever disconnected from any meaningful relationship with him and his children's bio-family), siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, ancestry, heritage, roots etc. Father's matter. Let's be honest please.
Disenfranchised grief.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Is this really happening? We actually had a GOOD night at the polls?

Oh my God, the party of Lincoln is up to 52 seats. I haven't been this happy since... gee, I don't know.

I can't say the GOP is perfect, but what is? It's awesome to see conservatives winning something. We may bicker and be rivals but hey, we're not Democrats.

Democrats are LOSERS!!!!! Schadenfreude has its privileges.

Now let's make sure the Republicans don't sell the social cons down river to pick up the elusive non-existent "emerging libertarian generation."

We are Republican.

We are conservative.

We protect the family. We protect life. We protect faith.



WOO HOO!!!!!!

La Joie de Vivre 4:8 -- The New Generation of Roy Cohens

Guest Writer, Rivka Edelman

“Have you now or have you ever been the daughter of a lesbian? Please just answer the question.” 

I began the discussion in Public Discourse with the observation that the LBGT movement is predominantly a men’s rights movement and is dangerous and destructive to women and children. I suggest that despite the rhetoric it has little to do with “equality” and everything to with wider scale social and economic subjugation of women. 

They have used blogs such as “Good As You” run by Jeremy Hooper as platforms to exchange information and brainstorm. In my case they have contacted family members to get them to come forward and publically denounce my written accounts. 

Are we surprised? Not really. They spent years in the falsification racket manufacturing narratives of false oppression and persecution. Pages torn out of the Leni Riefenstahl playbook.  This has been going on for two decades. They also painted Matthew Shepard as purely the victim of a hate crime. Their martyr was just the end result of meth, unsavory escapades, and money. A fabrication of a hero serves to curry pity and give legitimacy to the fiction of victimhood.

"Bonds that Matter" resumé de la coférence inaugurale de l'ICRI

L'original est ici

Qu'est-ce que la PMA,  la GPA, le divorce et l'adoption ont en commun? Selon l'Institut International des droits de l'enfance récemment créé (ICRI), ce sont toutes les pratiques qui violent les droits des enfants à naître libre, d'être élevé par ses parents biologiques autant que possible, et d'avoir une connaissance de leur patrimoine  biologique. Sa conference inaugurale intitulée "Liens qui comptent"  mettant l'accent sur ces questions de début de vie, a recueilli à Simi Valley, en Californie, vendredi dernier, des chercheurs, des militants et des étudiants de partout dans le pays afin de discuter les différentes façons dont ces quatre pratiques violent les droits de l'enfant.

Premiere à prendre la parole était Alana Newman, fondateur d'Anonymous Us et conférenciere au nom des nombreux enfants et adultes conçus par donneur qui, comme elle, croient que leurs vies ont été affectées de façon permanente pour le pire en ayant été coupé d'au moins un parent biologique. En commençant par son propre témoignage, Newman a raconté les problèmes de comportement qu'elle a pu rencontrer après avoir réalisé que son père biologique a été payé pour sa promesse de rester en dehors de sa vie. Newman a souligné que non seulement de nombreux adultes conçus par donneur souffrent de sentiments d'inutilité, de chagrin et de honte, mais tous ont aucune information sur la moitié ou la totalité de leur patrimoine génétique.

Le HRC: la terreur et la haine

L'original ici

Le dernier rapport de Human Rights Campaign, "l'exportation de la haine", contient des descriptions d'un réseau de chrétiens conservateurs qu'ils appellent "extrémistes". (HRC) 
Les images sont sombres et inquiétantes, les attaques font froid dans le dos: "Il existe un réseau d'extrémistes ... [qui] crachent leur rhétorique venimeuse, leurs théories extravagantes, et leur science discréditée." 

Qui sont ces gens mauvais, et que font-ils? 

Selon la Human Rights Campaign, la plus grande organisation gay-activiste du monde, ce "réseau" est constitué d'Amérique, les dirigeants chrétiens conservateurs »qui travaillent sans relâche à une sous-cotation des personnes LGBT à travers le monde à chaque tour." 

Je suis sur ​​cette liste-malheureusement, seulement avec une "mention déshonorante" - ajoutant à mon CV déjà impressionnant d'être marqué par des groupes comme GLAAD, qui vise à censurer les points de vue opposés par son Projet Commentator Accountability Project (qui est la raison pour laquelle je l'ai renommé ce groupe l'Alliance contre le désaccord), et le SPLC, qui non seulement cherche à calomnier les chrétiens conservateurs, mais a aussi du sang sur les mains. 

Pour ne pas être surpassé, le dernier rapport du HRC, intitulé «L'exportation de la haine», contient des descriptions écrites de ce présumé réseau d'extrémistes ainsi que des croquis en noir et blanc (ou blanc de croquis en noir), nous montrant avec des images inexactes  et effrayantes. 

Interview avec Jennifer Lahl

L'original ici

Attachements qui comptent 
Ce mois-ci l'Institut international de droits de l'enfant a accueilli sa première conférence en Californie intitulée: Attachements qui comptent. Nous nous sommes assis avec la conférenciere et fréquente contributeur, Jennifer Lahl, pour savoir comment l'ICRI espère étendre la conversation culturelle sur les droits de l'enfant. 
9 octobre 2014 
par Jennifer Lahl 
tothesource: Quelle est la mission principale de l'Institut des droits de l'International Children? 

Jennifer Lahl: L'accent d'ICRI est résumé dans ses cinq croyances fondamentales: 

1. Tout enfant a un droit naturel à être né libre, ni acheté ni vendu. (Cela inclut le droit de l'enfant de naître.) 

2. Tout enfant a le droit à un père et une mère, chaque fois que cela est possible. 

3. Tout enfant a le droit de se lier avec l'héritage de ses parents biologiques autant que possible, à moins que des circonstances urgentes exigent qu'il soit placé dans un autre arrangement. 

4. Chaque enfant a droit à un niveau de vie qui répond à ses besoins de développement physiques, émotionnels, sociaux et psychologiques. Cela inclut des conditions économiques stables. 

5. Chaque enfant a le droit d'être protégé contre les abus et l'exploitation sexuelle. Ceci inclut le droit à la modestie et à la protection de sujets trop adultes. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

La Joie de Vivre 4:7 -- Rights and Divorce


The downstream effects of gay marriage are numerous - but here is one that's with us, right now, as we speak. I keep hearing, "how does my same-sex marriage affect your straight one?" I will show you.

A California law makes more than two parent families legal:

Before it was passed in 2013, The NY Times ran this article:

"And while many of the third-parent adoption cases have involved same-sex couples, heterosexual couples have also sought legal recognition for third parents."

Read this and note the missing party: the biological father of the children referred to at the end of the article was not consulted, or perhaps did not want to speak on the record. The vast majority of children affected by these rulings will be products of broken heterosexual marriages. Let's use our imaginations and project forward.

Les droits de l'enfant -- Version française

Il est intéressant de noter que, une fois un enfant est né, les principes du droit de la famille semblent se résumer au «bien-être de l'enfant». Au moins en théorie, il l'emporte sur presque tout ce qui pourrait être un facteur dans un litige. Pourtant, avant la naissance, dans la conception des enfants, et à faire face aux relations effectives qui s'ecroulent a cause des adultes qui ne peuvent pas supporter de rester à la maison familiale pour un certain nombre de raisons, la société semble placer beaucoup plus de poids sur le «droit» de l'adulte à cet enfant à tout prix ou «droit» d'être heureux que sur le bien-être de l'enfant et de sonbesoin naturel d'avoir une famille stable sur laquelles il peut se rabattre.

La liberté académique contre le Gay Lobby -- Version française

Sur RedState Bulletin je donnais une brève déclaration sur le progressisme et la projection. La thèse principale de cette diatribe était simple: La gauche est célèbre pour l'utilisation de toute attaque nécessaire pour clore le débat, alors que dans le même temps prétendant être celles sensibles dans la chambre et accusant le droit de le faire à la place. En aucun argument est-ce plus visible que les efforts du lobby homosexuel pour clore le débat et tenter leur possible pour normaliser leurs modes de vie. 

"Cette fille de lesbiennes dit, ça suffit!" -- Version française

Version française -- Article #1

Je m'appèle Rivka Edelman, moi je me suis élevée dans un foyer homoparental.

Recemment j'ai publié un essai chez Public Discourse sur la misogynie terrible qui est très commune dans la culture LGBT. J'ai souligné que cette culture peut et va faire souffrir les femmes et les enfants sans résistance. Lors, dans la culture narcissiste américaine, les LGBTS seront célébrés en tant que héros courageux.

Human Rights Campaign ranks 103 in political slush funds

Dirty money, dirty money:

Check out who's up there at #103 next to multi-billion dollar banks, unions, and defense firms!

The surrogacy expo is taking place in a Jewish comment center?

What???? Rivka's head may explode. News from NY:

 I note that the surrogacy expo is being held at a Jewish Community Center in Manhattan. This is a very glitzy place that is very non-Orthodox. Non-Orthodox Jews have a very low birthrate. In one generation, the Jewish community in New York (and the country?) will be ultra-Orthodox. They have an exploding birth rate. And it ain't done by technology.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The op-ed that Salt Lake City Tribune refused to run

This is a piece I wrote to defend Mary Summerhays in the wake of a lot of demonization from gay rainbow family advocates in September. It is the latest in a string of strange interactions with Salt Lake City media -- often they say they are looking for a view on same-sex adoption but they dance around and avoid me, hoping rather to find one of the usual cheerleaders for same-sex parenting.


Dear Mr. Fitzpatrick,

I am writing to submit an opinion editorial relevant to recent controversy surrounding photographs of same-sex couples with children. Please see below and kindly consider this for publication.


Robert Oscar Lopez

(if you decide to run this piece, please refrain from identifying my workplace since I am not speaking as a representative of California State University.)


"If you don't like propaganda, don't use other people's kids as human shields"

by Robert Oscar Lopez

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Did I read this correctly? Second poll in a row shows declining support for gay marriage

This came from Fox News.

Now, before we jump and say that it's just a conservative news poll, keep in mind a few things:

--Pew is not conservative at all, and they also found a palpable drop in support for gay marriage last month. It just didn't go as low as this one.

--Fox is conservative on financial matters but has been pushing gay marriage a lot. People who think Fox is an anti-gay network need to stop and watch the channel for a while. For those of you who don't know, Fox News will not entertain input from people like me or others who have children's-rights arguments against same-sex marriage. Why? Like a lot of conservative outlets that have to placate the mass audience but still want gay marriage to be legalized, Fox favors religious-freedom arguments (people who opposed same-sex marriage out of faith). This is quite tactical and strategic -- by focusing on people who have to bake cakes against their faith for gay couples, Fox pleases its religious heartland audience but also knows the argument will not move the courts or legislatures against gay marriage.

What's going on? Well, I do think it was inevitable that a backlash would develop. So many people, like me, have felt the oppressiveness of the gay lobby in our personal lives, eventually people not only jump to defend those who are attacked for opposing gay marriage, they also start to oppose gay marriage themselves.


I've been getting lots of great, but scary, updates from my informant in the donor-conceived community, Clorinda. Here it is: the good, the bad, the ugly. Read all of it. Thanks, Clorinda!

New York State:
Astorino on birth-certificate plan: 'Fathers matter. Dads matter.'

"Republican gubernatorial hopeful Rob Astorino on Wednesday expanded on his plan to require fathers' names are listed on birth certificates, acknowledging that there may be some cases that require an exception....."

"Astorino was also asked about how the requirement would apply to children of same-sex couples.

"The father is the father," Astorino said. "Whoever the father is should be responsible."

And the child of a sperm donor?

"These are some of the legal issues that we're going to have to work through, clearly," Astorino said. "But instead of talking about the minute percentage, let's talk about the overwhelming percentage of births in this state where you have a father who is responsible or should be responsible, and that's where our target should be.""

Read more:

(Birth certificate or parenting certificate?)

Quotables from Gregoria

"Egg donation is generally very safe with no long-term risks.  Society in general, would not permit a young healthy woman to donate her eggs if the procedure was dangerous.  There, however, are some short-term risks associated with egg donation.   Knowing the warning signs and being educated about them will drastically help reduce these risks."

:The long-term health effects of egg donation have never actually been studied, in large part because the high cost of studies doesn't "seem justified in terms of what the possible risks [of the procedure] might be," according to Sean Tipton, spokesman for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).",8599,1888459,00.html

Doesn't seem justified. Wow.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Liberals Gone Illiberal

Here is an interesting commentary on the Coeur d'Alene's Hitching Post Wedding Chapel controversy:

After writing about the secular inquisition that is intent on forcing the proprietors of the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, to perform gay marriages in violation of their religious beliefs, I have been assured by some commenters that this is not a real case. The city of Coeur D’Alene, they tell me, was never really going to throw the book at the Hitching Post, and it’s all a fake controversy.
Except that the city’s intentions have since been confirmed by the city’s attorney. Furthermore, those who dismiss this as a fake controversy would be a lot more convincing if they didn’t go on to tell me that if it were a real case—which it is—they’d be for it.
More Here