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Katy Faust shakes up Australia


Notice how viciously pro-gay people call children of gays worthless haters and throw them out if they deviate from the Kids are Alright script. This is what the community does -- it promises the world to raise happy children, then it destroys the children who don't play by their oppressive rules.

I was right -- gay black men are given a big advantage over men of color who sleep with women

Read this article, which is fascinating:

Gay black men are more likely to be offered salaries en par with white men, opposed to black men who are not gay, who tend to be offered salaries far below average.

I have been saying this is true for a long time. Rich whites hate men of color who sleep with women, since we scare them with the possibility of breeding more people of color, competing with them for available females, and possibly sleeping with their daughters!

The gay man of color is a special kind of trophy in the LGBT world, a figure of both charm and status for aging wealthy white men. If you're black or Latino, come out as gay and you will find a sugar daddy very soon -- then comes the assimilationist adaptations to white social behaviors, greater access to white institutions, and an increasingly feminized (and usually whiter) affect, which puts white people at ease and makes them more comfortable having you around in the office.

If you are a man of color and you start sleeping with women, a few things happen:

1. You get women pregnant and have to start dealing with crying babies and kid problems, plus a mother's demands and arguments. This means less time at the office, social club, or cocktail parties where you get to meet wealthy white gays with high positions in corporate America.

2. White America realizes you have the capacity to sleep with women, and they become wary and distrustful. Your jokes aren't delightful anymore -- they are threatening and uncouth.

3. You start gaining straight-man dad weight, with love handles and if you are really unlucky, a double chin. Wealthy gay men not only see that you are not available on the LGBT dating market, but also you are no longer attractive according to gay male standards. So you lose your in with the people in the corporate circles who might give you a heads up, if you're gay.

4. You start having to be the protector and provider for women and children, so you become increasingly, even unwittingly, manly in your behavior. There's a fighter instinct triggered in you. This comes across as someone who can't be manipulated or easily cowed. Powerful people in the power structure start looking around for a gay man of color they can mold and control.

If you think I'm crazy, remember -- I am bisexual. This is one topic I am DEFINITELY an expert on.

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Le texte de mon discours sur la GPA


ICRI's 2nd Annual Conference -- Paris -- "Children of Divorce: The Great Taboo?"

Children of Divorce : The Greatest Taboo?
A conference in Paris, France -- Oct. 10, 2015

The International Children's Rights Institute and Famille et Liberté will be partnering to present a colloquium devoted to the topic of children's rights and divorce. In the swirling debates about abortion, fetal tissue trafficking, gay marriage, and third-party reproduction, there has been ample discussion of the transformation of children into objects rather than subjects. This recent piece by Robert Oscar Lopez in Public Discourse (see here) drew some connections on this front.

But lost in many of these discussions is the broad historical change that set the stage, in many ways, for the treatment of children like chattel. That change was divorce. Famille et Liberté and ICRI are proud to bring together experts from three countries to examine the lasting impact on children's rights, when divorce becomes banal, common, and "no-fault."

Below are the details! Information about registration will be posted here very soon!

A Bilingual (French & English Conference)

2:00 -- General assembly meeting of Famille et Liberté

2:30 -- Colloquium begins

2:45 -- Introductory remarks from Claire de Gatellier, president of Famille et Liberté

2:55 -- Introductory remarks from Robert Oscar Lopez, president of ICRI

3:05-3:25 -- Jennifer Johnson, Ruth Institute

"The State of Children in Blended Families"

3:30-3:50 -- Aude Mirkovic, Attorney and Scholar, Juristes pour L'Enfance

"The Children of Divorce: What Legal Protection?"

3:55-4:15 -- Lisa Nolland, Convenor of Sex, Marriage, and Culture for Anglican Mainstream

"From couples to throuples and quadruples... and troubles for kids"

4:20-4:40 Jerôme Brunet, spokesman for Appels des Professionels de l'Enfance

"The consequences of divorce on the child and society"

4:45: Debate

5:45: Adjournment & Reception

7:00: Closing of Colloquium

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Moira Greyland, daughter of a lesbian mom and a gay man, exposes her harrowing life story on AsktheBigot

This is an absolute must-read:

Moira Greyland's mother was Marion Zimmer Bradley, the acclaimed author of Mists of Avalon, a lesbian cult classic that I remember lying around my house when I was growing up. (There were lesbian undercurrents and overtures but it wasn't overt, though the book earned Zimmer-Bradley a loyal lesbian fan base in the 1980s.) It was a hit with both my mother and one of my siblings growing up.

Behind the mists of Zimmer-Bradley's fame was a frightened daughter overwhelmed by the secret dysfunctions in both lesbian and gay male subcultures. The opening disclaimer is always pertinent here -- not all lesbians and gay men are child abusers -- but just as pertinent is the reality that mental health issues and personal traumas are rampant in the LGBT community, and the children of gays often have to deal with these crises as punishment for having gay parents.

I had the honor of meeting Moira in recent months and am proud that she has the courage to go public with her story now. I hope that the post-Obergefell landscape is more hospitable for COGs who come forward with their own stories. Let's pray so.

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From Baghdad Burning to Buying Babies -- What little Difference Ten Years Make! (Obergefell and "Mission Accomplished" Banners)

via Telegraph
This post was originally published on April 11, 2013. I am reposting it now because it is very timely again.

On April 10, 2003, after a seemingly painless rout in Iraq, Baghdad fell to the coalition forces led by the United States.

Back then, I was an antiwar activist who held firm against a seeming opinion cascade that appeared, in the United States, like mass "consensus" about the necessity of invading Iraq. In spring 2003, Gallup found that 64% of Americans supported invading Iraq.

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Attorney David Boyle's Assessment of the Obergefell Decision

I ask everyone to refrain from re-litigating gay marriage arguments. Let's move on! The sun is out and July 4th is coming. But this post-decision analysis is very good:

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Let's all go on vacation for a few weeks, and come back and debate everything else.

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Weep for Ireland, by Sam Johnson

Weep for Ireland

Sodom has managed what the English failed to achieve over nearly a thousand years of intense effort. The Same Sex Marriage referendum has extinguished Ireland's Catholic identity.

From the date of Henry II's invasion of Ireland, a lengthy campaign lasting three years from 1169 A.D. till 1171 A.D. when he finally had to come in person and with formidable force, the English state has directed every effort to disrupting the Emerald Isle's umbilical links with Rome. It always failed.

Henry II had a mandate from the Pope to rein in the ancient Irish Church, which he exploited fully, setting the stage for centuries of English interference in Ireland’s religious affairs. Even after the 'Reformation' and Henry VIII's schism with Rome over marriage, all these English efforts were ultimately useless. The 1560 Act for "Uniformity of Common Prayer" intensified measures against Catholicism. The Act meant attendance at Protestant services was enforced on pain of a 12d (penny) fine. At first, the rowdy Irish forced into Protestant communion services made sure they made so much noise the vicar couldn't hear his own sermon, let alone the choir. And they still went to their own Mass on the same day. This phase was crushed, but Catholicism prevailed, in Irish hearts at least.

Here is Lord Chichester's contemporary account: "I know not how this attachment to the Catholic Church is so deeply rooted in the hearts of the Irish, unless it be that the very soil is infected, and the air tainted with Popery; for they obstinately prefer it to all things else, to allegiance to their king, to respect for his ministers, to the care of their own posterity, and to all their hopes and prospects."

For Brady, the Protestant Bishop imposed on Co. Meath, home to Tara, citadel of the first Irish Kings, the priests of Meath were "a sort of dumb dogs, the living enemies of the truth and of the setters forth thereof."

The invaders were not passive. According to Rev. Cogan's heart breaking history of Meath “We have seen how the monasteries and convents were all plundered and dissolved in the reigns of Henry VIII. and Edward VI; their inmates expelled; the gold and silver ornaments of their churches, chalices, ciboriums, crucifixes, images, vestments, jewels, altar-plate, and altar-linen, were sacrilegiously robbed; and that their estates, the bequests of the faithful for pious and charitable objects, were confiscated to the Crown, were sold to fill the coffers of a profligate king, or were distributed as bribes to stimulate the zeal and activity of the agents of the Reformation. We have seen how even the hospitals, alms-houses, parochial churches, chantries, crosses, and shrines, were not spared; how the votive offerings of the faithful were carried off; how all the monuments of the faith and piety of our forefathers were subjected to indignity, robbery, and defilement; how the Catholic feelings of the people were recklessly outraged, and how, as if a horde of Goths or Vandals swept over the land, nothing remained but dismal ruin and desolation to mark the progress of the Reformation. Amongst the many objects of popular veneration at this time in the diocese, were the images or statues of the Blessed Virgin in the Abbeys of Navan and Trim, and the image of Christ crucified, in the Abbey of Ballybogan. Pilgrims, rich and poor, from all parts of the island, periodically resorted to these places of devotion. Miracles were performed here century after century, as our annalists testify; and great, assuredly, must have been the horror and indignation of the people when such cherished objects of reverence, hallowed by so many sacred memories, were ruthlessly subjected to insult and destruction.” Henry’s ‘Reformation’ was wholesale theft, and much the same happened in England. But in England the Bishops surrendered meekly, to their personal benefit. Not so in Ireland.
In 1544 Sydney found 245 churches in Meath, 'no parson or vicar resident upon any of them .... no one house standing for any of them [Catholic Priests] to dwell in. In many places the very walls of the churches down, very few chancels covered, windows and doors ruined or spoiled ..... if this be the estate of the churches in the best peopled diocese, and best covered country of this your realm (as in troth it is), easy it is for your Majesty to conjecture in what case the rest is, where little or no reformation, either of religion or manners, hath yet been planted and continued among them." In Dublin too, Catholics were forcibly prevented from using or preserving their churches, and the Catholic tithes were annexed by the Queen and her favourites after paying a miserable wage to a few Protestant curates each covering several deaneries. The tiny approved Protestant congregations had barely any priests because there were so few adherents. By contrast, outlawed Catholic priests and friars, still supported by their impoverished faithful, said Mass in crowded barns or the manor houses of gentry or nobility.

The English Civil Wars brought Catholic Ireland more colonisation, massacre and general horror. They were sealed by William of Orange, who agreed in 1691 at the Treaty of Limerick - after several vicious battles - to guarantee religious freedom for Irish Roman Catholics. The same treaty forced the brilliant Irish military leader Sarsfield and all his troops to enter foreign service. On their departure the Protestants declared no faith should be kept with these, now undefended, "heretics" and in 1692 Catholic MPs were forced to subscribe to a Declaration against Transubstantiation. All Catholics now excluded from the colonial Parliament in Dublin, it refused to confirm the Treaty of Limerick.

A century of persecution followed. The penal laws drove Catholics from public life, excluded them from learned professions and all civil and military offices, deprived them of education, uprooted their religion by banning bishops and clergy, reducing them to the same position as the slaves in England's West Indian plantations.

From 1703 to 1709 ferocious laws were enacted. No Catholic could teach anyone anywhere in Ireland, on pain of transportation into penal servitude in the Indies, Virginia or Carolinas. A Catholic child sent abroad for education lost all rights in property, and was an outlaw in respect of all civil rights. The Charity and Charter School movements from 1705 to 1831 sought to execute a watered down version of Cromwell's 1657 plan for the 'poorer sorte of Irish, as well as the riche' who 'do abound in children; and the said children would, noe doubte, prove of excellent use if they might att the age of ten years and upwards be taken from their parents and bound apprentices to religious and honest people in England and Ireland'. Dean Swift's and Bishop Berkeley's cheap Charity schools would bind the Irish to Protestant England by debts of gratitude, ensuring their conversion. The policy, imposed by Cromwell's heirs, utterly failed despite the seizure and doubtless perversion of thousands of Irish children.

These Charity schools saw their grants withdrawn in shame at their vileness. And from 1760 the number of Catholic Hedge or Ditch schools increased, teaching Latin, Catholic doctrine, dancing, every child of the poorest family able to read, write, cast accounts. Set up by the Irish themselves, they were recorded with amazement by English travellers who contrasted the Irish thirst for education with the apathy of the English in that direction.

The 1829 Catholic Emancipation Act allowed Catholics back into public life, but it took vast effort to turn this into reality. In 1843 on the Day of Our Lady, August 15th, the great popular leader O'Connell stood on Tara addressing huge crowds; 'on the spot where the monarchs of Ireland were elected, and where the chieftains of Ireland bound themselves by the sacred pledge of honour and the holy tie of religion to stand by their native land...I here protest, in the face of my Creator, against the continuance of the unfounded and unjust Union.'

The Union with Protestant England is long gone now, a freedom bitterly won in 1921. It was all for nothing. What a tragedy that 846 years after Henry II enslaved Ireland, 186 years after Catholic Emancipation, and after only 94 years of hard won independence, Ireland should have allowed itself to be conned by a massive US funded marketing campaign, backed by the EU political machine, to vote itself by a 62% majority back into the humiliation of slavery, and of all things, to Sodom. As the smug young things paraded themselves and their 'Til' or 'Yes' badges in the bars of central Dublin over the weekend, you could hear Cromwell laughing. Ireland is no longer a Roman Catholic country. 

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In honor of Ireland...

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Here's a smattering of silver linings to expect once the nine goons in black frocks make gay marriage a legal thing.

1. A certain vain blogger and countless other jackasses will be out of a job. Gossip diva and gutter lizard you-know-who has gotten by on his blond good looks and unrestrained willingness to engage in character assassination to force gay marriage on people. Soon his mission will be accomplished. Look for him to start pivoting to less gay-focused issues like the 2016 election. The problem is, he's unqualified to talk about anything other than gay stuff. Pretty but dumb gay men are a dime a dozen in Manhattan, and boy, this guy has made a lot of enemies. Ditto for his friends Straight Grandmother, Scott Rose, and countless others--good luck getting your funding renewed after the Big Battle is over. Whoever's paying you is going to have a hard time seeing what purpose you serve now that you've stabbed everyone in the back. And see #2.

2. Gayness will go from hot topic to yesterday's stale bread, at warp speed. The "record levels" of support for gay marriage we're hearing from Gallup et al. are probably going to be revealed as a gigantic fraud, like this one that got retracted. We're not Ireland--we have Cordileone, the state of Utah, and the Southern Baptists. But to the extent that there is a large number of Americans willing to tell nosy pollsters that they want gay marriage to be legalized, this is because everyone wants the debate to be over. This is not because large swaths of America want to hear more stuff about gay people--quite the opposite. Since the consumer is king in the USA and gay marriage will have lost not only its bloom, but its entire raison-d'être, the public will have a shrinking attention span and waning patience with the Gay News 24 Hours a Day media cycle that we've all been sequestered inside for the last few years. So I can write and read about other stuff. See #3.

3. The truly crazy stuff ligbitists are demanding will likely sputter and stall. Up until now, the LGBT lobby has promoted some ridiculous stuff: like the "right" to airlift babies they purchased out of Nepal while leaving the surrogate mothers in the middle of rubble. Like taxpayer-funded cosmetics and breast implants for transgender prisoners in maximum-security prisons. Like forcing the Red Cross to take their blood and transplant it in people without being able to confirm whether or not the gay donors are out of the HIV window period or not. They want to start teaching sadomasochism at Yale, export gay marriage to Gambia and Kenya, and issue birth certificates with two women or two men listed as parents, as if the document is a bill of sale. All of this, the public has kind of held off on laughing at, because there was still the holy grail in the headlights. Everything was about not telling ligbitists how outrageous they sound, lest we jeopardize the passage of gay marriage, something that very reasonable people can decide is just. Well, with gay marriage legalized, there's no more reason to hold back. We can now laugh hysterically when they try to force Common Core to include gay dinosaurs or assign Heather Has Two Mommies to Christian homeschoolers. See #4.

4. There will be no more pretenses that gay people are oppressed or in any way a protected class. With median incomes well over twice the national average and a history of ruthless victory over even the most sympathetic of war victims (think of the aging florist Baronelle Stutzman), and with their faux history of a gay Holocaust (imagine how hard it was to find out that you can't have oral sex in a public park without going to jail!) eventually exposed by scholars who don't live in constant fear of losing their jobs, gays are going to find it harder and harder to ask for special perks and heightened retaliation against people who upset them. They will be, for better or worse, just one of the masses, like everyone else. See #5.

5. Gay people will start talking about their real difficulties. For 25 years, everything has been on hold for gay marriage: the high rates of eating disorders, depression, anxiety, loneliness, domestic violence, sexual assault, venereal diseases, and addictions. All the queers, myself included, had to walk around with our game face on, pretending that gays are just like the Partridge family, only better dressed. The one consolation amidst all this denial of ourselves was the fact that feeling hated and obsessing about "homophobia" allowed us to imagine that everyone was obsessed about us. This made us feel important. Now, going forward, with marriage behind us, we will have to gird up for the far more difficult trial of boredom, irrelevance, and banality. We will confront the crushing reality that nobody really cares about whom we sleep with, and that means the world is a lonely place where we don't matter. We will have to find value in ourselves, by building our inherent dignity from within. That will be hard, but it will be worth it.

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Six Notes on Jephthah's Daughters that Spurred Me to Think

At this link below, you will see posted six notes written over a month and a half by David Alexander, a reader who sent me his thoughts on the book.

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The sacred art of offending people

This is my latest on Public Discourse:

In a nutshell, we need offensive, obnoxious people to keep society from stagnating.

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The wrong direction for adoption -- Ohio

This news just came from Columbus, Ohio:

Couched in the language of sentimentality and empathy, the article is really declaring open season on children and heralding a cash market to buy and sell children.

See here (excerpt):

Led by their faith, the Freas have abandoned fertility treatments in favor of adoption.
Columbus Adoption Attorney Tommy Taneff says the Freas are far from alone.  "There are more people who want to adopt than children available for adoption,” Taneff said.
He says recent changes to Ohio law offer more protection and options for adoptive families.
The changes shorten the amount of time birth fathers have to sign up for the Putative Father Birth Registry from 30 to 15 days.  Adoptions can now be contested only six months after finalization, reduced from the previous one-year period.  The change also creates a pre-birth notice for birth fathers that an adoption is in the works.
"If he fails to do something after that notice, and he doesn't register in those 15 days after the birth, and he doesn't file that parentage action, then the adoption is going to proceed without him.”
The state adoption tax credit has also jumped from $1,500 to $10,000.
Maybe the biggest change to the law is now prospective parents who've been pre-approved will be able to advertise their search for a child.  Taneff predicts we'll soon see ads in papers, on television, and even on billboards.

All together now -- creepy! Creepy!

At least the article's author admits that there is a shortage of babies to adopt, not -- as so many people falsely claimed in recent debates -- hundreds of thousands of desperate babies about to be sent to orphanages.

(The issue of kids in foster care is very different and will be addressed separately.)

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The Jephthah Files -- Jumbo Version!

This is a cross-post from the International Children's Rights Institute, pulling together the massive range of work done by ICRI members in relation to the Supreme Court cases.

The Institute has deliberately sought to avoid being identified as an organization against gay marriage, for several reasons.
First, our board and council members do not have uniform opinions on this policy issue.
Second, it is hard to know what it means to be for or against gay marriage. Is this a legal question about the impact of policy changes? Is this a statement on the moral status of love between men or love between women? Does being for gay marriage mean being against gay civil unions or does being against gay marriage mean being for civil unions? Or is it vice versa -- does support for gay marriage mean support for all legal recognition of same-sex love, or does opposition mean opposition to all legal recognition of same-sex love?
Third, the rhetorical climate is divisive on the issue of gay marriage and those on the Institute's councils who are active in the debate wish to make it clear that concern for children's rights is the group's only stake in the debate.
Having provided all these caveats, it is my pleasure to share some of the work that has been done by members of the ICRI Testimonial Council on gay marriage:
Heather Barwick has recently joined the Institute's Testimonial Council:
David Boyle, Esq.
Rivka Edelman:
Katy Faust:
Robert Oscar Lopez:

Denise Shick:
Dawn Stefanowicz:
David Upham:
Joint statements:

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This piece on religious liberty....

There's a huge debate going on over at Crisis over how much religious liberty should be the focus of the marriage and family movement. My two cents:

Another COG goes off the reservation


Brandi Walton reads the Riot Act. So awesome!

Dear Jeremy Hooper: I had nothing to do with this one so don't even think about tweeting a bunch of "Robert Oscar Lopez Mastermind of Anti-Gay Evil" stuff.

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History has been made!

One week ago (March 27, 2015), three briefs were filed at the Supreme Court in Washington DC. I was there!

Each of the three briefs was authored by a pair of COGs -- or children of gays. Six COGs authored passages in all, though we were also speaking on behalf of the hundreds of gay families whose members we've worked with.

This represents the first time that the Supreme Court will be reading independent, scholarly advisement on marriage policy from COGs writing on their own. Up until now, COGs have been largely controlled by COLAGE, which answers mostly to the demands of aspiring gay parents even though they claim to represent "children of lesbians and gays everywhere." COLAGE has typically not given much depth or extended time to individual COGs, especially COGs who are independent of their gay guardians, able to think critically about same-sex parenting, and stable enough in their education and career to speak openly and survive the backlash from gay parents.

All that's changed now. It took years for us COGs who wanted to speak honestly and independently to hone our voices, find our platforms, and work together even if we don't always agree on topics like civil unions, adoption, and religion. We all agree that kids need someone to look out for them and that hasn't happened up until now.

Read the briefs -- they are, beyond historic, very informative and ranging.

Here is the joint brief filed by Dawn Stefanowicz and Denise Shick:

Here is the joint brief filed by Katy Faust and Heather Barwick:

Here is the joint brief filed by me and B.N. Klein:

It is crucial that the state attorneys know that these briefs are out there and represent the scholarly viewpoints of people who have actual standing in the question of gay marriage. Often during these debates, people who don't stand to lose anything for gay marriage are the ones who always talking--on both sides.

The six of us and the hundreds for whom we speak have a stake in gay marriage. We will bear the brunt of the fallout. We need our voices to be heard.