Friday, April 18, 2014

The Bryan Singer Pederasty Story is an Elephant in the Room

Here's the Daily Mail's latest post on the ongoing story of Bryan Singer's alleged molestation of teenage boys in the late 1990s, and the resulting lawsuits:

[*This article provides useful hyperlinks to independent peer-reviewed studies:]

I have received a number of emails from people asking me to weigh in on the story, because I have written commentary on the gay community's pederasty problem in the past.

Because these are still allegations at this point and nothing is proved, I would like respectfully to refrain from saying much about it. If Bryan Singer is actually innocent, I would not want to be remembered as someone who condemned a guiltless man.

Having said that, the charges made by Singer's accuser sound much like scenes to which I was exposed as a late teen and early twentysomething as well. I have made it clear, even in the face of tremendous backlash, that the gay male community has a real problem with predators and a dangerous erotic fascination with boys who are teenagers and look like teenagers. One part of this problem that bothers me is the fetishizing of unequal power relations; part of the allure of young-looking males is the turn-on for many older gay men to exploit their typical awkwardness, need for approval, restlessness, and vulnerability.

Pamela Geller is latest to call out the spineless Right

Wow, on American Thinker there have been multiple articles this week taking names and calling out the lame-o rightists who keep unloading "toxic" people like myself in favor of milquetoast cloying brown-nosers who will compromise everything with the left so long as they get their little regular appearances on TV and radio. The latest comes from Pamela Geller, who says NRO is the epitome of the "spineless" Right. Wow.

Harsh, harsh, but so delicious to read.

Disgusted over divorce, high judge in the UK resigns as protest

One of my goals moving forward with English Manif is to tackle divorce. I am partly inspired by the work of the Ruth Institute, including my heroic colleagues Jennifer Roback Morse and Jennifer Thieme.

While the same-sex parenting movement poses the most urgent juridical threat to children's rights, this is because said movement wants to enshrine the de jure principle that children do not have a right to mother and father. The same-sex parenting movement is pushing for sweeping legal changes that would shatter a child's self-evident right to his own identity and heritage, and this points toward an ugly future of eugenics, cultural genocide, slavery, and general human misery.

BUT -- and this is a big "but" -- in the de facto realm, the most prevalent assault on children's rights comes in the form of divorce. It is through divorce proceedings that children are often batted back and forth between their parents, treated like spoils to be divided, and subjugated to the selfish whims of adults.

Sex trafficking in Nigeria doesn't worry the US State Department -- as long as John Kerry can push homosexuality on poor countries

Wendy Wright makes a fantastic point in this piece for Turtle Bay:

She points out that the US State Department, and increasingly other international bodies like the UN, remain utterly obsessed with promoting gayness while not caring about the explosion in human trafficking and massacres of religious minorities.

I'll take a step further, just looking at the case of Nigeria -- I think the US State Department is actually okay with some of these trafficking networks because they will ensure a supply chain of surrogates for the growing baby farming market. And which demographic has a lot of money and an insatiable need for baby farming? Just saying.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

For what it's worth, the paper on queer theory I was supposed to present in Lille, France on March 21, 2013

While I'm nothing close to a public figure, there might be a few readers who know me, primarily, as the American guy who talked about being raised by lesbians in France. Yes, it's true, that is one of the hats I wear. Here's a funny piece of trivia, though, for the five people out there who might find it interesting. The whole reason that I was in France on March 24, 2013, to deliver that speech in front of 1.4 million people, had to do with my work in queer theory. So before I was the dude who got tear-gassed just below the Arc de Triomphe, I was the American queer theorist coming to Europe to present a research paper on homoerotic relationships during wartime.

Yes, you read right. I am a queer theorist and my work in queer theory was what caused me to be in France that day. You see, in October 2011, I had gotten accepted a paper on the discourse surrounding war and love between men, to be presented in Lille, France, on March 21, 2013, for a queer studies conference called "Writing and Dramatising the body : Violence, Discordance and Reconfiguration." [I enclose the full paper here!]

In October 2011 I had no idea that there was ever going to be a Manif pour Tous, or that the bizarre fact that I spoke French and was raised by lesbians would ever be known except to about eight people in my immediate family. To be precise in October 2011, The Colorful Conservative: American Conversations with the Ancients from Wheatley to Whitman had just been published, a literary critical work based on the theories of none other than ... Michel Foucault. At that point I was still in the Army Reserves but Don't Ask Don't Tell had just been repealed, freeing me to speak openly about my work in queer theory, as an out bisexual. At that time, which seems like an eternity ago, I was mostly excited to wave the rainbow flag and be able to talk about queerness without fearing that I would be brought up on charges.

Well, my period of being an out and proud military queer didn't last very long, because I soon found myself on the queer activist community's enemy list. It just so happens that a year after the paper was accepted, some drastic things had happened. I had gotten honorably discharged from the military because of my brain injury (July 2012), which freed me up, like never before, to engage in the debate on homosexual parenting, an issue where I'd always wanted to challenge the gay elite consensus. And in France, the Manif pour Tous had formed to resist President François Hollande's push to legalize homosexual adoption.

Because I knew that I was going to be in France on March 21, 2013, I recorded a YouTube video challenging France's minister of women's rights, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, to a debate on same-sex parenting. Unsurprisingly, she ignored this challenge outright, but somehow the video got noticed by Eric Martin at Nouvelles de France. Martin posted the video and it suddenly got over 50,000 hits, prompting the leaders of the Manif pour Tous to invite me to speak at a rally they were planning on March 24. Nobody had any clue that the march was going to end up being so enormous and making international headlines due to the tear-gassing and riot police.

The ultimate irony, however, was that the queer studies work that had been the original reason for my trip to France never got presented. Two days before I was supposed to present in Lille, I was caught on camera beside Frigide Barjot, being attacked by a group of Belgian LGBT activists. Suddenly I was a controversial figure, and administrators at Lille, fearing violence on their campus, blocked me from going to the conference or presenting my paper.

So the forgotten queer studies paper lives on only below....


The Gay War as Epic Absence

More pro-gay fascism, this time from a straight guy married to a bisexual woman


Read this article to see a chronicle of the fascist ideology infesting the gay movement. In this case, a boycotted store owner made the fatal error of apologizing and donating money to a local gay charity. Of course, that just makes you look weak in the eyes of the fascists, and then they go in for the kill.

The statements from the bisexual woman whose husband spearheaded this boycott are truly chilling. She says that her husband was standing up for her and her community -- by putting someone out of business for something posted on Facebook.

We have to stand up to this crap.

The Voice of the Grieving Adoptee

This piece "Dear Phantom Birthmother" illustrates why it's never a small detail to transfer a child to the care of people who aren't its biological parents. Of course it's necessary in some instances, but it is never something that should be done for reasons less than extraordinary:

The author of this piece speaks to the "phantom" mother who gave a child up for adoption. I defy people to read the letter and then say that it's perfectly fine to engage in adoption transfers merely to satisfy adult desires for kids.

Jennifer Lahl asks -- why bother with pregnancy nowadays?

Let's take a break from criticizing the gay parenting community for a sec, and ask:

What the heck is going on with straight women? WTF? You hire a surrogate mother because you don't want to gain weight and can't take time off from work?

With straight people this crazy and entitled, this frivolous and spoiled, how can we honestly look the gay lobby in the eyes and tell them they're wrong to commodify children? They're just following in the footsteps of a hetero world that's gone off the rails.

Re: Tag Romney, I won't hide my feelings -- I am glad that he is not the son of a US President. Imagine how much harder it would be to fight for children's rights if we had a POTUS whose beloved son went out and bought three kids by surrogates, just 'cuz.

"Social surrogacy"? A new crop of women turn to surrogate carriers, just cuz they don't have time to get pregnant

This is truly chilling:

Next, of course, we will hear that women in LA don't want to get fat or stretch marks, so they'll hire Guatemalan maids to gestate babies for them in between doing the dishes and hanging the laundry out to dry.

An epic review of the gay lobby's imperialist and global fascist aims

This was posted in BarbWire:

It's very good and deserves a thorough read.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I was on the air with one of Rachel Maddow's bogeymen today

Bryan Fischer has been cast as an incorrigible monster, but I found him a pretty nice guy to be interviewed by. My part starts at 28:00 --

Finland has now enshrined the term "homo-fascism" .... as a good thing?

This really took me by surprise in Breitbart:

For those of you who didn't do gay male subculture in the 1980s, Tom of Finland was a pencil artist who made lots of money by engraving images of hypermasculine, Aryan men engaging in various forms of dominance and submission. Inspired in part by his nation's violent subjugation by Soviet totalitarians, and awed by the beauty of Nazi men, Tom of Finland embraced the brutal hierarchies and rough trade of gay subculture at the time.

Awesome takedown of gay adoption by Daphne Caruana Galizia

I love it! I love it!

Whoever this writer is, I want to buy her a cocktail!

Hanne Anderson's wonderful piece on surrogacy

Please read this:

Hanne Anderson lays out clearly the heinous nature of surrogacy. We must not let this filthy business continue.

An excerpt:

The only conclusion that one can draw is that surrogates will suffer psychological damage, regardless of the fact that they are receiving payment for renting out their wombs. We also know through the studies and the oral history of adopted children and sperm donors, that they too have suffered from psychological damage. Disorders in these children such as Reactive Attachment Disorder and Identity Disorders and Anxiety Disorders are prevalent. Have these women considered this? Are they being made aware of these issues that could affect themselves and the baby they are bringing into the world for the rest of their lives? Have they considered how this may effect the children they are currently raising? Will the children internalize the detachment from the surrogate baby and think that she might get rid of them too? Many are not provided independent legal advice and made aware of their human and legal rights. Many are illiterate and do not understand the documents they are signing and many have never experienced pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. Are they even being made aware that in many cases the baby they produce may be stateless?

Just a reminder when gay parenting advocates throw out the adoption card -- Adoption activists oppose the idea of a "right to adopt" for gays OR ANYONE

Adoption can be good and necessary -- when it is done to find a home for a child who doesn't have a home.

Remember that foster care and adoption differ in their end goals. Both foster and adoptive parents can build lifelong bonds to the children they care for, but foster parents do not replace and essentially erase the child's ties to their birth kin network. Adoptions legally sever, permanently, the child's links to their birth kin network. In a foster care situation the ultimate goal is to return the child to the original kin network.

Let's clarify that adoption has to be based on the child's right to a mother and father. Any discussion of adult "rights to adopt" is an egregious perversion of adoption and leading the way to human trafficking or at worst, cultural genocide and slavery. This link from Americans for Open Records, an adoption activist groups, clarifies this very nicely:

Pope Francis affirms children's rights to a mother and father -- rejects outright social experimentation with children as fascist

Remember that in the Pope's native Argentina, forced adoptions were part of fascist eugenics and political persecution:

This writeup from the Iona Institute gives the essence of what Pope Francis said in Italian.

Notice how the Western press has failed to notice this at all. In Italy, the Huffington Post ran a smug mockery of the Pope's statements, including more citations by gay lobbyists of the bogus social-science consensus.

It's time to fight! Fight for kids' rights! And I am so glad the Pope didn't hold back from connecting the dots between "alternative" parenting schemes and 20th-century dictatorships.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Thank You, Pope Francis

At last the Pope came out with it in Italy:

"Children must have a mom and dad."

I hope and pray this settles the matter and the international press will stop fishing for signs that the Catholic Church is going to bless same-sex parenting.

Thanks for the tip, Gattoparda!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Let's be clear -- legalizing gay marriage DOES lead directly to slavery

See this article out of New York:,-Court-Determines?slreturn=20140311114659

In New York State, surrogacy contracts are illegal because they were, in the words of legislators in the 1990s, "equivalent to buying and selling children."

Buying and selling human beings, and engaging in contracts that expect the state to enforce power over the human beings as a result of the sale, are by definition slavery.

Remember that the 13th Amendment is worded to distinguish slavery from involuntary servitude. The drafters of that amendment  clearly referred to slavery as something distinct from being forced to work against one's will. Slavery referred generally to the treatment of people as chattel for sale and exchange.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gay Marriage and Child Abuse

A great argument put forward by Alan Craig in the UK:


Surrogacy User Manual

The UK has just legalized Gay marriage.  Now some instructions are de rigueur for gay men not to get heartbroken in this new minefield.  Note how the article highlights the importance of the genetic connection between the child and "one of" the fathers.  Ironic.  Read here.

Lesbian Mothers' Stunt to Undermind the Church

In Argentina, lesbian mothers will go on a tour to talk about their experience having their baby baptized in the Catholic Church.  The godmother is Argentina's president, a big promoter of marriage equality.
Read more here.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Back in the Saddle Soon -- I Promise

Readers may have noticed that I all but disappeared for a while.

I'm back, I promise! I was on a mission to London, Brussels, Milan, South Bend, and Palo Alto, which is all finished up now. I've been busy catching up on my students' grades but I will be up and writing more posts before you know it!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Update on the Indian Child Welfare Act

Apparently the birth mother has changed her mind and is not joining suit to overturn the Indian Child Welfare Act in a class action suit:

I was on Sandy Rios's show this morning

I did this interview a while back but it played today: