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The Robin Williams Caveat: Killing Yourself Is A High Crime When You Have Children

This piece in LA Weekly says it all:

Rollins points out that when you have children, you "waive your right" to live only for yourself -- and die only for yourself. Your children have a right to have you there. If someone kills you, that's a whole different issue. To kill yourself is to rob your child of half of themselves. It is a high crime. That's why I hope to be sensitive to mental health issues but I can never go soft on the issue of suicide. People who kill themselves should not be honored or praised in any way. As a culture, ritually, we should draw from the real value of shaming. I know shaming is a dirty word, but there is value in understanding what is shameful and what is not. Killing yourself is worthy of shame; your name should never be uttered with the dignity we show toward people who suffer their torments in life for the sake of people who need them and love them. I hear some say that mental illness is too powerful to make such a harsh statement. It is painful to hear it. But suicide is such a contemptible act, it is impossible to say that honoring those who have committed it is compassionate -- to honor their act is cruel to those whom they aggrieved by their selfish act. I have loved ones in my life who were suicidal, largely because of depression or mood disorder; but they always arranged for some way for others to intervene. Even in the depths of their despair, they left a note or scattered clues so someone could find them and save them. I don't consider such "outs" cowardly -- if anything, it shows that something inside such people still kept a light of honor. Those who kill themselves methodically, making sure nobody can stop them, are the true cowards.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Scenes from the modern slave trade in Bangkok

I hesitate to beat up on Thailand too much, considering that the United States is a hotbed of surrogacy, much of it little better than the black-market slavery we see in this piece:

But this is stunning -- 21 babies found in another baby factory in Thailand.

Guardian piece explaining what next for Thai surrogacy

The good news is, the Thai government has technically banned commercial surrogacy.

The bad news is, the traffic in babies is going to move somewhere else unless gay couples and infertile heterosexuals learn to envision a life without being exclusive parents of someone else's child. 

It is the need to have a child and "own" the child's love that will cause the chess pieces to move from country to country, state to state, legal loophole to legal loophole. Nature is cruel. Many people who have their own biological children --myself included--probably need to be less obnoxious when we talk about our kids. We need to stop bragging about our children and throwing them in other people's faces. Society has to de-emphasize parenthood as a mythical, utopian ticket to happiness. 

There is much that can be done to diminish the demand side of baby trafficking.

But people have to do some work on themselves as well. Infertility does not have to be a death sentence. There are still many children that need foster homes or, in some cases, adoptive homes. For a couple that wants to love a child but cannot conceive the child sexually, there are many ways to arrange forms of helping other families care for their children. Cooperative forms. Think of the 400,000 kids in foster care. 

If you allow yourself to be consumed by a dream of parenthood that's impossible, if you let the Gay Lobby's endless pro-parenting propaganda or the fertility industry's marketing offensives brainwash you, you will lose a part of yourself in the quest to have a child. 

Thai surrogacy -- ugliness compounded

This piece details in even more brutal detail the link between surrogacy in Thailand and loan sharks, extortionists, and black market mafiosi.

Anyone who argues that this is somehow "women exercising a choice" or "building families for loving homes" needs to have their heads examined.

Dear gay men: Pull up stakes on surrogacy. Do it now. There is no value in besmirching our community's good name by going down in history as a community of slavers and human traffickers and abusers of women. Do you want gay men to be the villains in hundreds of novels by future Margaret Atwoods?

Think about it!

Dear gay men: Be good uncles to your nephews and nieces. Coach Little League or volunteer for a community theater and direct plays starring little kids who dream of becoming thespians. Sponsor a child through Save the Children. Babysit. Offer your home as a foster haven for a teen runaway on the outs with his parents.

There are a million things you can do to share your love with children. You do not need to have you and your partner both considered "Dads" and exclude a Mom to leave behind a legacy with children.

Think about it!

Trafficking in organs -- like trafficking in children?

This piece ran in the NY Times deconstructing the problem of organ trafficking as it has been entangled with indignity and colonialism:

The big question now is whether people will start to connect the dots -- especially the Left -- and begin to understand that purchasing a child is even more, not less, problematic.

The Oppressive Nature of Cuteness

This piece ran in MercatorNet deconstructing the complex web of issues tied to surrogacy, especially as we saw in the Baby Gammy case:

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mr. President, do not make homosexuality a free pass to amnesty for undocumented immigrants

This ran in the Washington Times:

It's outrageous. While tens of thousands of children are in limbo, gay activists demand that homosexuals be exempted from deportation. Their putative rationale is that it's so hard to be gay in Guatemala and El Salvador that they need to be treated like asylum cases.

Gay activist groups are now scrambling for new things to work on, since they seem to have their domestic agenda sewn up. Gay marriage is sailing to easy victories in the federal courts and President Obama has been the captive of gay special interests; his Justice Department is sure not to prosecute groups like the Human Rights Campaign for blatant corruption and invasion of privacy, while the president has been constantly willing to issue executive orders that give special, unheard-of rights to gays and even transgenders.

Worried about not having enough alarmism to provoke new funding streams from gullible constituents, these groups are now milking donors like Paul Singer for millions and setting their sights internationally, where people have been standing up to the ligbitists. The high court of Europe recently blocked gay marriage, saying it is not a human right. The United Nations recently elected a Ugandan to be president of the general assembly in an obvious show of solidarity with Africans resisting Obama's attempts to use foreign aid as a cudgel and to force them to accept homosexual marriage. (Uganda seems to have rescinded its extremist law against sodomy, which means African nations may be striking a more reasonable middle ground that will make it harder for Obama's allies to accuse them of rank and irrational homophobia.) Both Vatican City and the UN Human Rights Council appear ready to affirm a child's right to a mother and father, which is sure to block gay parenting in many parts of the globe (and rightfully so).

But this latest move to demand that people be allowed amnesty in exchange for saying, "I'm gay" is ill-conceived and smacks of desperation. There is no grounds for it, first of all, considering that homosexuality is not particularly repressed in Central America and other migrants have far more pressing claims of a need to immigrate to the United States, including family reunification.

Second of all, the fallout from carving out this special exemption is particularly pernicious. People will obviously claim to be gay in order to get a green card. Abuse and corruption will be rampant.

Mr. President, you have given the gay lobby everything it has asked for up until now. Here is where you have to draw the line.

Will GLAAD issue me an apology? It turns out surrogacy IS linked to slavery, and I am NOT the only person to say this!

Readers of this blog may recall that Jeremy Hooper and several other people over at GLAAD/HRC (people go back and forth between these two organizations so they are not easy to distinguish) have long kept me on blacklists because, in their estimation, I "compared gay parents to slave owners" and/or "equated gay marriage to slavery."

As is usually the case with Jeremy Hooper and his darling allies in the Gay Crusades, they used the quote unfairly. I argued multiple times that the claims by gay marriage advocates about their "right to have a child," in combination with their enthusiastic championing of gestational surrogacy, mirrored the same pattern that predated the rise of African slavery in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries; I also stated that the problem would start out seemingly innocuous and quickly become a horrible slave trade. See American Thinker, 27 January 2013, where I state that we are witnessing "the dawn of a new slave trade." In my many articles explaining this legal danger, I explained that the reasoning behind the African slave trade was rather similar to what we are seeing now: the slave owners were people who felt aggrieved in their own European countries, they wanted to "build an estate" the way we hear of people "building families" today, and people were convinced that the slaves were happy. In fact, back then, all people had to do was ask slaves if they loved their masters, and the answer was almost always yes. Because if the answer was no, the slave would be sold to someone worse.

Note that nowhere have I said that I approve of straight people buying human beings. I have repeatedly stated that I deplore treatment of humans like livestock or chattel whether people doing it are gay or otherwise.

I do not have to repeat the litany of denunciations I've endured from Jeremy Hooper and his blogging army about how I'm the wicked evil person who compared gay dads wanting to have a kid with slave owners.

Well, lookey here, at what ran on a non-partisan bioethics site, authored by Chris White:

More and more people are now using the terminology that was common in France -- surrogacy is a "modern means of slavery." As proof, Chris White points out that a recent case involved a Japanese businessman who purchased nine babies by surrogacy with the hope that they would take over his business. He considers his business family. Much like slavery in the US!


If anyone has any doubts that surrogacy has created a market for the buying and selling of children, a new case in Thailand should put any skepticism to rest. The Brisbane Times is reporting that the Bangkok police have raided a surrogacy business where nine, six-month-old babies born via surrogacy were found. While the story is still fresh, it appears these children were all going to be turned over to a Japanese businessman who had arranged for their conception in hopes that one day these children would take over his business. Whether they bear any biological connection to him remains unclear. 

Okay, I won't hold my breath waiting for GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign to apologize to me for condemning me for stating what other people have stated without the massive backlash. They are corrupt organizations that lack any integrity so why expect more from them?

I do expect more from homosexuals, though, because I am part of the queer community. I spoke out against gays buying children because I do not want queers to be one of the prime drivers of a slave market. For expecting the best from a community that I consider human and capable of goodness, I got punished. That's sad.

From Jeanne Smits: The latest scoop on the parents of Baby Gammy

Jeanne Smits is a blogger in France who often writes on children's rights. She recently published this piece about the widely vilified Australian couple that pre-ordered a child using a Thai surrogate mother, then rejected one of the resulting twins because he had Downs syndrome.

Translation below by ROL:

12 août, 2014

The "Buyers of Baby Gammy" Would Have Preferred an Abortion of the Baby

The Australian couple accused of having abandoned Gammy, their child with trisomy, who was carried to term by a Thai woman according to an agreement of "gestational surrogacy," confessed over the weekend that it would have been better in their eyes had the child been aborted. 
David Farnell declared over the course of the couple's first public interview, given to the Australian version of 60 Minutes: « If it had been possible to have the embryo safely "disposed", we would have probably "terminated" it.» I choose, consciously, to use the English term, which is violent but accurate, of "terminate," rather than writing "abort," even if the latter word is technically more exact. I do this because we are speaking here of a very violent end, not an "interruption." 

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Getting back in the saddle

Dear Readers,

Family matters and emergencies pulled me away from blogging for several weeks but I have a torrent of new material to cover. I will be back soon.

--Bobby L.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

This is Absolutely Ridiculous!

Fired for teaching about homophones!  And as the first comment states:  "He is a registered pedagogue!" . . .

A social media specialist for a Utah language school that teaches English to non-native speakers says he was fired for writing a blog post about homophones—words that sound the same, but carry different meanings—because his boss was afraid readers would think it was about "gay sex."

more here:

Movie Time!

Sit down on the couch, brew yourself a nice mug of coffee, get a box of Kleenex ready and enjoy:

Monday, August 4, 2014

Obama's Crusade: LGBT Agenda for Africa

La croisade d'Obama: la cause LGBT pour toute l'Afrique!
Lisez l'article complet ici

C’était déjà solennellement décliné, depuis deux déjà, dans le site officiel de la Maison Blanche ( par le biais d’une publication, toujours en ligne, intitulée «Us leadership to advance equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people abroad». Sous la plume autorisée de la Conseillère spéciale du président Barack Obama, Samantha Power, l’Oncle Sam y évoque les grandes lignes de sa stratégie pour répandre le plus largement possible sa vision du monde. Mme Samantha Power y proclame textuellement ceci : «I described how advancing the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (Lgbt) people around the world is central to, not separate from, our comprehensive human rights agenda».

It was already solemnly announced from on the official website of the White House ( through a publication, still online, entitled "Us leadership to advance equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people abroad. "Authorized under the pen of the Special Adviser of President Barack Obama, Samantha Power, Uncle Sam outline its strategy to spread as widely as possible his vision of the world. Ms. Samantha Power proclaims this verbatim: "I ​​described how Advancing the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people around the world is central to, not separate from, our comprehensive human rights agenda."

In other words: "Promoting the cause of the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) people around the world is a central concern, inseparable from the American perception of human rights and (their) political agenda ". It is indeed an ostensibly politico-philosophical doctrine 
put forward by the White House, which allows us to understand why the 


leader of the Executive, during his trips around the world, is not embarrassed to make indecent proposals to his counterparts from countries that have not legalized gay unions in 

their land

 (the like of that which earned him a spanking on June 27 last year in Dakar from Senegal's president Macky Sall. It turns out that this inveterate defender of the LGBTs has not said his last word, half way through his last term. He is far from having let go, and has even come back charging. Big time!

Indeed, he invited 51 African heads of state to the White House, on 5 and 6 August - with the notable exception of Zimbabwe, Eritrea and Sudan (the "naughty 
rebels!") - For among other things, he wants to exercise pressure on countries that are still dragging their feet to try changing their customs regarding unions that go against nature. This is SHAMEFUL STATE BLACKMAIL if you listen to the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Linda Thomas-Greenfield. During a videoconference, July 10, with several state media on the continent, she did not hesitate to declare that the United States "now intend to take sanctions against recalcitrant countries." That has at least the merit of being clear! 

Needless to say it again: Senegal is an independent and sovereign country. Therefore it does not belong to any individual, even the president of the greatest financial, technological and military power in the world, doesn't have the right to dictate any course of action in relation to its customs! 

In view of this last hurray of the American president, l’Organisation islamique Jamra & l’Observatoire de Veille et de Défense des Valeurs Culturelles et Religieuses "Mbañ Gacce"invite all sectors of Senegalese society, beyond their various creed, to block - at least THIS QUESTION (accuracy seems important) - and rally around their President of the Republic Mr Macky Sall, so that those who stubbornly continue to put pressure on him definitely know that the Senegalese Head of State is not alone in his refusal (with particular reference to François Bozizé of the Central syndrome). But it is the Senegalese people, the overwhelming majority of 98% of believers (Muslims and Christians alike) who strongly reject these unions against nature. 

Jamra & mBan Gacce ask all families and religious leaders of all places of worship in the country to accompany the delegation for their prayers; and Imams and preachers to devote their sermons on Friday (August 1) before the departure of the Head of State in Washington, to denounce this latest attempt to corrupt our morals, whose multiple recurrences appear as a cultural contempt that does not say his name!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Surrogacy gone wrong, way wrong!

from one of our young blogger LifeWarrior:

After learning that one twin would have Down's syndrome, an Australian couple pressured the surrogate mother in Thailand to have an abortion. When she did not abort, the couple took the baby's healthy twin sister but abandoned the boy, leaving the Thai woman to cover his very high medical costs. 

There are so many things wrong with surrogacy… In addition to the surrogate mothers being exploited, this is just another example of people turning children into items, objects to be bought and sold, outsourced to other countries in order to cut costs, and returned if not in perfect condition. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Do they Have Executive Orders in Italy?

Italian gvmt investigating Catholic school after it removed lesbian teacher
In a case that is rapidly gaining national attention, the Italian government’s education ministry has threatened a “severe” response to a Catholic school in northern Italy that sacked a teacher believed to be a lesbian.

Education Minister Stefania Giannini told La Repubblica that her office has started an investigation into the decision of the school’s headmistress not to renew the contract of a female teacher out of a need to protect the “moral ethics” of “the school’s environment.”

Mother Eugenia Libratore, a religious sister of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the headmistress of Sacro Cuore school in Trent, said the teacher, who has not been named in the press, was “adequate and professional.” She added, however, that the school is Catholic and must consider moral conduct in assessing staff.

From LifeSiteNews.  More here

NY Giants Tackle Homofascism

I'm not a fan of the New York Giants. They ruined a perfect season for the New England Patriots in 2008, and stopped the Pats again in the 2012 Super Bowl. And I was made aware this morning that the team hired the Giants player who made their 2008 victory possible, David Tyree, as their new Director of Player Development.

So yeah. Not exactly a fan of the Giants. But after the other thing I read this morning, that might have to change.

From LifeSiteNews.  More here

Le droit des enfants de recevoir l'éducation que leur parents désirent

Établissement privé non confessionnel, l'EHC Gardoise mise sur une pédagogie traditionnelle. Projet.
Engloutir les économies d'une vie dans la création d'une école privée hors contrat : cette aventure peu commune, Claire et John Bengtsson, gérant d'une entreprise de produits bios à Anduze, n'ont pas hésité à la vivre, poussés par des certitudes mûries des années durant. "Lorsque j'étais étudiante en médecine, je faisais du soutien scolaire afin de financer mes études", explique la jeune femme, ancienne élève de l'institut d'Alzon.

En lire plus ici

Réaction d’un archevêque argentin à la profanation de sa cathédrale

La cathédrale de La Plata, en Argentine, a servi de cadre au tournage blasphématoire d’un clip où un activiste homosexualiste travesti et une chanteuse habillée de manière provocatrice dansent dans les ailes du transept, parodient le sacrement de la confession, et détourne les paroles de certaines prières, notamment sur l’eucharistie. L’archevêque, Mgr Hector Aguer, a dénoncé ces agissements, de toute évidence commis à l’insu de tous, qu’il a qualifié d’abominables. L’université catholique de la ville a apporté son soutien à l’archevêque en le remerciant pour son courage devant la profanation de la cathédrale.

Article de:

GPA au conseil national.

Après avoir déposé une proposition de loi sur la pénalisation des pratiques de la gestation pour autrui, Jean Leonetti souhaite connaître l'avis du gouvernement. Cela fait suite à une tribune publiée dans Libération et cosignée par de nombreuses personnalités comme Jacques Delors et Lionel Jospin qui font également cette proposition.

Everyone needs to keep their political agendas off the kids at the border

Dear readers, I am horrified. Disgusted. Utterly depressed.

We have over 50,000 children who have been intercepted at the US-Mexico border who are innocent victims of everyone's political gamesmanship. Here is a series of American Thinker broadsides that summarize the emotion and outrage circulating among conservatives over what to do with these children:

If you read through these four articles, you'll see that conservatives are torn up about this. Some want to be charitable but are maybe not thinking through all the details. Some are exploiting the crisis to score political points, either as stalwart opponents of amnesty or as above-it-all bridge-building "common ground" types. I am on Evans's side in the above debate, but I feel a sense of urgency about these children. The Obama Administration is acting as though a few Baptists and Catholics will take care of this problem for him and he doesn't need to issue any executive orders the way he does when it's about making sure transgender federal contractors have unisex bathrooms.

Mr. President, Get Moving! We Need Leadership!

Obama's Executive Order: Some Responses

Obama’s LGBT Executive Order Undermines Pluralism and Religious Liberty

by Ryan Anderson

Obama Issues Order Forcing Church Agencies to Hire Homosexuals or Give Up Federal Funding

from Aleteia


by Sarah Posner

USCCB Chairmen Respond To ‘Unprecedented and Extreme’ Executive Order

by US Catholic Bishops

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Does Glenn Beck have histrionic personality disorder?

In one of my earliest pieces for American Thinker, I wrote about the role of histrionic personality disorder in the waylaid goals of the gay rights movement. Gay rights began as a noble endeavor but a certain personality type took over the movement and made it a self-destructive totalitarian exercise that is now threatening children's rights everywhere. But that's not the news today, we know the Gay Lobby has major problems.

I am wondering now about Glenn Beck, who is making a massive fuss about his well publicized trip to the US-Mexico border to help the refugee children who are in limbo there. As I reported a few posts ago, my deepest fears about the border crisis are coming to pass: The US government is channeling these children into foster care, which is a surefire way to complicate everyone's lives. Many, I am sure, will end up being legally adopted and receiving citizenship that way; then, as soon as they have been adopted, I will bet that one of two things will happen [1] many of them will run away from their adoptive parents to reunite with their families, whom they meant to live with all along, or [2] many of these adoptive homes are going to get a knock on their door, and it will be the non-orphans' parents coming to get them.

Who loses by doing this?

1. The children, who are used once again as pawns and kept in an unstable, liminal state, even if they have citizenship. Their parents and kin are not by and large citizens. So they will have Moses-like torn loyalties (do I side with the Hebrews, or with Pharaoh?) Whatever they choose to do they will be burdened with guilt and will end up disappointing someone who sincerely loves them -- either the foster homes who will feel jilted when they leave, or the original parents who will feel jilted if they bond with the foster parents and never reunite.

2. The original parents and kin network. These folks seem to have created the problem by sending their children to the border, probably with the goal of getting them through the door and then playing the system to find a loophole so the whole family could reunite on US soil. These actions are not excusable; the parents who agreed to this are not good parents. But they are still the parents and no doubt love their children. The best way to remedy their mistake is to undo it -- transport the kids back to Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala; set up a triage facility with the help of the UN, not here but in those three countries; get the kids back with their kin network with a strong message that these shenanigans will not work and must never be attempted again. But if we are swayed by emotion in the short term and rush to make life more livable -- here -- for the children themselves, then we are going to be cultivating emotional bonds between children and American foster families that will have to be broken. The more we prolong it, the more we entangle everyone, waste precious resources, and feed the problem. And the kin networks will end up losing their children. Partly through their own mistakes, yes, but we in the US, following the urgings of people like Glenn Beck, will have made it much worse.

3. The humanitarians on the US side. People who are rushing to care for these children must understand that they are going to form attachments to the children, and vice versa. Creating attachments over a period of years, then breaking the attachments, is worse than forcing the children to live uncomfortably for months. I know it is gut wrenching to see children barracked in group living situations, but those are really the safest and most efficient means of sheltering them for an expedited return to their home countries. They absolutely cannot stay in the United States. Love can be a hurtful force and can cloud people's judgment, even though love is usually a good thing. People who house the children and act as surrogate parents to them will not be able to resist loving them, which means they will not want to let them return to their original parents where they have to belong.

Who wins?

1. One political party -- the Democrats. Enhancing their voting base on the backs of children, families in Central America, and families here, the people who want more fresh bodies to make it to the voting booths in 2016, 2018, and 2020 will not refrain from shamelessly sowing chaos. It is amazing that they would hurt, confuse, and aggrieve so many people just to ensure a lock on the electorate, but that is what the Democrats are doing. By placing the kids in foster care -- and paying American families handsomely to house them -- the Democrats are engaging in social engineering. They know that the foster parents will form loving bonds with the kids and then will fight like Hell to keep them in the country. They know many of those families will rush to adopt, and I can bet the government will put in place speedy measures for low-cost legal adoptions--a measure that will ensure that the kids become citizens and loyal Democratic voters. This is how sick and twisted emotional manipulation can get.

What do we learn from all this?

Histrionics are not the grounds for public policy. Glenn Beck needs to calm down and take a break from his messianism. We have to be grounded, deliberate, humane, and realistic. Period.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Risk of Pedophilia

"You can’t support homosexual marriage without supporting homosexual adoption. You can’t support homosexual adoption without supporting the activities of folks like Robert Revay: . . ."

Read the rest here.

Gay Domestic Violence: A Blog Post

I’m halfway through The Talented Miss Highsmith: The Secret Life and Serious Art of Patricia Highsmith by Joan Schenkar – a disturbing read.

For the record, I’m a big fan of Pat’s psychological thrillers, but her personal life was the ultimate psychological thriller.

In one disturbing passage, for example, Pat picks a fight with some “late girl callers” and comes off second best with a chest so thoroughly bruised she needs an X-ray.

Read here

La Joie de Vivre 4:3: The University Elites

Ever wonder why all these affronts to children's rights go unchecked? It's because the elites that run our universities have mastered the arts of oppressing people while masking the oppression as being sympathetic to subaltern classes -- aging professional women who want to be mothers in their forties, homosexual couples who aspire to be parents, Hollywood benefactors who want cute babies from orphanages in Mali or Myanmar or Bulgaria -- that aren't really subaltern at all.

To understand how third-party reproduction, divorce, and same-sex parenting got so rampant, you must understand the dynamics of the "scholars" who have fed the press with dishonest research and covered for limousine liberal child abusers for decades.

To help you to grasp all this, I present to you a blast from the past -- an article I wrote at the end of 2011, called "The Top Ten Let Them Eat Cake Moments." Enjoy.

US Foster Kids Thrown Under the Bus b/c of the Border Crisis

This piece in American Thinker is chilling:

In California, foster homes will receive higher remuneration for taking in an undocumented minor from the border refugee crisis (even though most of these are not orphans), than they would receive if they fostered American citizens. Read the piece to see the math. It's shocking.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Court of Refuses to Force Gay ‘Marriage’ on Governments

The European Court of Human Rights, sitting as a Grand Chamber, in the case of Hämäläinen v. Finland, Application no. 37359/09, 16 July 2014 reaffirmed:

Regarding article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights:

“71. The Court reiterates its case-law according to which Article 8 of the Convention cannot be interpreted as imposing an obligation on Contracting States to grant same-sex couples access to marriage (see Schalk and Kopf v. Austria, no. 30141/04, § 101, ECHR 2010).”

More here

Macedonia Moves to Ban Gay Marriage

SKOPJE, Macedonia (AP) — Macedonia's parliament has agreed to consider proposed constitutional amendments to effectively ban gay marriage and impose limits on public debt.

Lawmakers agreed Wednesday to begin the amendment process proposed by the governing conservatives, who with their political allies already have the two-thirds majority of seats needed to approve the changes after winning a landslide election victory in April.

More here

When Gay "Families" Break Down

This from gay sources:

What happens next?  I acquired my kid through contract with my gay partner, who's the legal owner?  After being torn away from one of his parents now he is about to be town away from another significant adult in his/her life.

SIngapore Attempts to Resist Gay Propaganda to Infiltrate Public Libraries

Singapore’s National Library Board (NLB) has banned and destroyed copies of three children’s books that deal with same-sex couples and adoption after it received a complaint that the books are not “pro-family.”
NLB removed the books And Tango Makes ThreeWho’s In Your Family, and The White Swan Express from the children’s section after a visitor questioned the appropriateness of including the three books in the library. The chief librarian at the NLB quickly responded by assuring the complainant that “NLB takes a strong pro-family stand in selecting books.”
More here