Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year in Progress...

We are off to a strong start for the New Year. Progress is coming along nicely on our book Jephthah's Daughters, which will be out very soon. There are some surprise contributors who are pretty exciting, and quite a bit of new material is going to be included. So definitely keep an eye out for it!

We have finished locating the many videos that provide representative samples of the work that English Manif was doing. Until we have the book out, feel free to browse the videos along the left-hand column of this page. There are some ideas and a lot of information there.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Thanks for coming to English Manif. We have some somber news to share. We will have to change, but it's probably all for the best.

Dear readers,

When Papa Maman and I launched English Manif in January 2013, we had no idea of the reach our work would attain. I do not want to reveal our visitor stats--lately I've come to be guarded about any information regarding this blog -- but they are shockingly high given how young the blog is.

With unforeseen success has come, unfortunately, a lot of challenges for which I was not prepared. Due to some of these challenges, and in the interest of protecting contributors and correspondents, we have had to take down and archive the 2,000 posts that were published here; we have warehoused them somewhere safe but cannot leave them as open-source resources to the reading public anymore.

We will be publishing the most important essays from English Manif as books. Our goal going forward is to ensure that the work we do here is disseminated with proper contextualization and having gone through as careful an editing process as possible.

In a nutshell, English Manif is all grown up now. We have to take our work to the next level, which means collecting essays and publishing them as proper books.

Jephthah's Daughters will be the first book to come out, presenting the fifty most important and representative essays from English Manif. Please check back by the end of January, when we hope to have the full volume edited and ready for sale. The prices will be modest, enough to cover the production cost and extra labor tied to preparing work for adequate publication.

I have received a flood of emails from readers who are frustrated and disappointed that we can no longer leave English Manif as a free and open resource. We -- and by "we," I mean the vast team of people who were behind English Manif -- will be striving to make the resources available for as little cost as possible, but with assurances that the content will be protected.

Please enjoy the holiday season, and accept our deepest blessings.