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I Wonder if Anyone Has Ever Heard of This Kind of Stuff: Killed for Refusing Gay Advances

It's like, it's like the Matthew Shepard story backwards.   Oh but wait . . . didn't one of Matthew's killer have sex with Matt??  I am confused . . .

Police have managed to solve the mystery of Keraniganj madrasa student Abu Raihan’s killing, confirming that he was killed for his refusal to a homosexual advance from the Madrasa's chef.
Police recovered the slit-throat body of Abu Raihan from the Tahfizul Nurani Hafezi Madrasa's kitchen on Monday.
Raihan was a residential student of the madrasa, situated at Aganagar in South Keraniganj of Dhaka.
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America Besieged by Gay Activists

Gina Miller
Read the whole column here

Or listen to it here

At this point, only the most deceived or grossly uninformed among us do not realize that a devilish enemy regime has taken over our nation. Under Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) we have seen unprecedented lawlessness from the executive branch of the federal government. The laundry list of Obama and company's malfeasance and arguably impeachable offenses continues to grow.

Perhaps the most diabolical advancement of Obama's tyrannical, anti-American agenda is in the area of the radical homosexual movement. From militant homosexual activists, we have seen a full-frontal assault on the rights of Christians and others who oppose the campaign to force on America the acceptance of special "rights" for sexual deviants and the destruction of the definition of marriage. We have seen Obama load his administration with open homosexuals. He has appointed them to federal courts. He has overseen the repeal of the prohibition on homosexuals openly serving in our military. He has used his Justice Department to ignore federal law that correctly defined marriage.

Rome's Mayor Registers Foreign Gay Marriages Despite Italian Law

From Chrétienté

21 octobre 2014

Quand le maire de Rome s’inspire de la circulaire Taubira

Le maire de Rome, Ignazio Marino (gauche), a enregistré samedi seize « mariages » d’hommes et de femmes homosexuels conclus à l’étranger, alors que la loi italienne n’autorise pas le pseudo mariage homosexuel. (AFP)
Rome's mayor Marino  registered Saturday 16 homosexual "marriages" contracted abroad while Italian Law forbids pseudo homosexual "marriage"
« Les couples, accompagnés de leurs familles et parfois de jeunes enfants, sont venus les uns après les autres pour faire transcrire leur union dans les registres des mariages de la ville. M. Marino a qualifié ces enregistrements de simples actes d’état civil.
"Couples accompanied by their families and sometimes their young children came one after the other to transcribe their unions in the city's marriage records.  Mr. Marino has simply qualified these registrations as simple registrar's acts. 
Le préfecture de Rome a aussitôt réagi en appelant à annuler ces enregistrements, qui sont illégaux et non valides selon la loi italienne, le mariage gay n’étant pas reconnu. » …
Rome's prefecture has immediately reacted by asking these registrations to be cancelled since they are illegal and not valid according to Italian law since gay marriage is not recognized."

La circulaire Taubira pour la reconnaissance en France des bébés nés à l’étranger par GPA, alors que la loi l’interdit, a dû donner des idées au maire de Rome, qui a accommodé sauce italienne le contournement de la loi. Après tout, pourquoi se gêner; l’expérience prouve que l’on ne risque rien…
The Taubira Memo (that recognized babies in France who had beed born abroad through surrogacy while the French law forbids the practice) must have given some ideas to Rome's mayor who facilitated this circumvention of the law.  After all why bother, from experience one knows that there is no risk  . . .

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Everybody who gets money from or gives money to GLAAD or the Human Rights Campaign must watch this video and answer these questions

What every LGBT "ally" needs to know from Robert Lopez on Vimeo.

This Lesbian's Daughter Has Had Enough

Our friend and ally has a new piece on American Thinker.

My name is Rivka Edelman, and I am the product of same-sex parenting.

Recently I published an essay on Public Discourse about the ruthless misogyny that pervades LBGT culture. I pointed out it that it can and will victimize women and children with impunity and then, in America’s narcissistic fugue, get hailed as brave and heroic.

. . .

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La Joie de Vivre 4:5 The discussion we need to have, versus the discussion ligbitist activists want us to have

Enough of Food Fights


I wonder how much of America is tiring of the term "anti-gay" being applied to every single person who disagrees with the policy demands of specific organizations like the Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD. I know that I, personally, am constantly labeled anti-gay because I believe children have a right to a mom and a dad. This labeling practice is incredibly insulting to gay people. It presumes that just because you are gay you automatically think surrogacy in all forms is okay, even when it is human trafficking and/or modern slavery. The impact on women's health, the toll this takes on society's collective sense of social justice, and the effect on children who are defined as chattel all has to take a back seat to the narrow interests of people who have appointed themselves the overlord of all gay people. And gay people who question this are dismissed or silenced.

Why do gay people put up with this? Well, some don't. There are gay people who resist the ideological meat grinder and say, "I'm gay and I'm not okay with selling children." But these people will never get on TV. And that's the problem.

I just saw videoclips from Sunday morning talk shows where people were debating same-sex marriage. I am not going to name names -- there is already too much ad hominem in our discourse. I will speak generally about what I saw.

I saw people who say they are for "gay rights" rehashing old and boring talking points in fruitless stunt fights against people who think homosexuality is a mortal sin against Christ.

You know what? That's the discussion people from HRC and GLAAD want to have. They love debating against Christian proselytizers. They love bringing up Leviticus, Westboro Baptist Church, and "God Hates Fag" signs. Their dream is to be able to bring up gay teens who killed themselves after being forced to attend fundamentalist churches.... forever.

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Really great critique of the Cheerios advertisement about adoption

The Cheerios ad about which Frank Ligtvoet wrote a fantastic piece in the Huffington Post continues to spark insightful commentary from people. Aside from the offensiveness of using an adoption story as a way to sell cereal (???), there is the severe problem that the commercial seamlessly indoctrinates the audience to link tolerance for gay people to disdain for poor mothers of color who are separated painfully from their children by social services. Read here:

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Don de sperme qui tourne mal

Immonde : un couple de lesbiennes, qui avait eu recours à une PMA en utilisant la semence vendue par une banque de sperme, a porté plainte contre l’établissement, car la petite fillette née de cette pratique est métisse. Les bébés sur catalogue, c’est maintenant !

Cet affaire révélée par le Chicago Tribune illustre à merveille la folie d’un monde consumériste, où avoir un bébé est devenu un droit élémentaire.

En lire plus ici

Dans les coulisses de la Manif pour tous

Apple and Facebook Offer Egg-Freezing Benefits

Read from NBC here

Two Silicon Valley giants now offer women a game-changing perk: Apple and Facebook will pay for employees to freeze their eggs.

Facebook recently began covering egg freezing, and Apple will start in January, spokespeople for the companies told NBC News. The firms appear to be the first major employers to offer this coverage for non-medical reasons.

“Having a high-powered career and children is still a very hard thing to do,” said Brigitte Adams, an egg-freezing advocate and founder of the patient By offering this benefit, companies are investing in women, she said, and supporting them in carving out the lives they want.

Gay dad Frank Ligtvoet takes on the adoption industry

I am amazed that Frank Ligtvoet is so brave and honest. It's truly stunning. I wish I could nominate him for best gay dad of the universe. I regret that he and I did not get along when we both belonged to a forum on adoption, because I have nothing but admiration for him. He is the only prominent gay father I know who is willing to challenge the LGBT advocacy community's misrepresentation of adoption and implicit denial of humanity to the poor struggling people of color whose children are often taken away by adoption agencies so that gay couples can experience parenthood. Sadly, though, when we both had a place to speak honestly on an adoption forum, I found it impossible to engage directly with him in a healthy way. The main issue is that I believe children have a natural-born right to a mother and father, while Frank rejects that notion. So we can't move much beyond that disagreement. But credit should be given where credit is due.

In no less a place than the Huffington Post, Frank Ligtvoet actually voices most of the main concerns I have about adoption in general, including gay adoption. I can hear in his tone that he shares my frustration that a community like ours -- the queer community -- could become comfortable so quickly with an ideology that humiliates and shames poor and struggling people of color in order to justify taking their kids away.

Maybe one day in the future, Frank and I will cross paths and find more common ground. On the adoption forum I felt that I was going to ruin the conversation if I stayed there and continued bickering with him, but I still have a special respect for him that I reserve for an elite class of heroes from the other side. He is of that elite.

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An Interview from 2013

Memory Lane:

Chad Griffin of Human Rights Campaign praises "light in the darkness" -- the Vatican stating the same views I have stated for years, and for which Griffin and the HRC viciously denounced me as a homophobe

File this under "Ironic Self-Awareness Deficiency Syndrome":

For those of you who do not know, Chad Griffin heads the Human Rights Campaign. This organization recently sent an email to all its members claiming I am part of the World Congress of Families, claiming I spoke at a World Congress of Families event, and naming my opposition to surrogacy and fraudulent birth certificates as proof that I am a hideous anti-gay. The email linked to the HRC's melodramatic "Exporters of Hate" report, on which I am listed as the #2 biggest threat to gays in the world because I traveled to France, speak French, and oppose surrogacy and fraudulent birth certificates.

In the email, which is signed off by someone named "Ty Cobb," a mangled quotation is featured in blown-up print with my name and the name of my university position under it. So the implication from Ty Cobb, Chad Griffin, and whoever else runs the HRC, is that I used my position as a professor to express anti-gay views to the World Congress of Families.

There's a lot that Ty Cobb's email gets extremely wrong:

* I am not part of the World Congress of Families and never have been.
* I have never attended a World Congress of Families event in my life, including the one they mentioned in the email.
* My opposition to surrogacy and fraudulent birth certificates is not limited to gay people. I have pissed off a lot of people by criticizing Shari Shepard, Jimmy Fallon, Tagg Romney, and Melissa Harris-Perry for their use of surrogates. I organized a conference on children's rights on Oct. 3, at which critics of the adoption industry and divorce gave full presentations about how wrong birth certificate fraud or broken family bonds are--when heterosexuals do it.
*I have always supported civil unions and foster care eligibility for same-sex couples.
* I have publicly opposed anti-sodomy laws in Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda.
* I have never denounced homosexuality as immoral or denounced homosexuals as bad people.
* I have published articles in the general field of queer theory and two gay-themed novels.

So, in a nutshell, the Human Rights Campaign should have never sent that email. They have descended into such rank dishonesty, it's shocking. But whatever.

It's hysterical to read that Chad Griffin is praising the Catholic Church hierarchy for being open to gay civil unions. Chad Griffin says, this is "light in the darkness." The Catholic Church still opposes gay marriage and gay adoption. It also opposes gay foster care, which I do not oppose.

The Catholic Church is less critical than I am of sealed birth certificates -- but does the HRC want to be on the side of denying adoptees access to their birth records? That's a huge controversy that goes way beyond gay people and their families.

And the Catholic Church is far more anti-surrogacy than I am, because for the Church, this is part of a staunch anti-abortion position. The Church generally opposes even fertility treatments like IVF where the father's sperm and the mother's egg are fertilized and then implanted in the mother's uterus, so the same father and mother will raise the child. I do not go that far. I simply oppose any move where a child is knowingly severed from his biological origins.

But Chad Griffin sees "light in the darkness" when a millennia-old institution that condemns homosexuality as an abomination in the eyes of God espouses milder versions of pro-gay viewpoints I have been openly expressing all my life.

When I say the exact same things, or even slightly more pro-gay versions of these things, I am denounced and hounded at my job.

There's a reasonable explanation for all of this: the HRC is run by morons.

Viewed from Canada: France the Pro-Family Country

It would be hard to imagine a more family-crazy society than France. If the American Dream is a big house with a three-car garage, the French Dream is still four kids with two ageless parents.

In reality, the French Dream is no easier to attain than the American one. Still, three-quarters of French families have two or more children – and political parties pander endlessly to them. French “family policy” is sacrosanct and direct government aid to couples with children is the highest in Europe. France’s birth rate is second only to Ireland’s, and miles ahead of Spain’s and Germany’s.

More here

Boom! Matt Barber Doesn't Hold Anything Back in This One

What the ‘Gay Marriage’ Debate is Really About

It’s called Pandora’s Box.

And the Supreme Court just opened it.

Did you actually think the debate over “gay marriage” was about marriage? Have you really come to believe that this cultural kerfuffle has anything to do with “civil rights” or “equality”? Have you bought into the popular premise that this is a legitimate discussion on federalism – that it’s a reasonable disagreement over whether the U.S. Constitution’s equal protection clause requires that newfangled “gay marriage,” something rooted in same-sex sodomy, a deviant and disease-prone behavior our Constitution’s framers officially declared “the infamous crime against nature,” be made law of the land?


Switzerland Struggling with a Surrogacy Case

In the Swiss canton of St. Gall, a tribunal has recognized a homosexual couple as the fathers of a child born of surrogacy in the US.  Surrogacy is illegal in Switzerland so the Department of Justice is challenging the state court's decision.  The DOJ is seeking the surrogate mother and her husband to make them the actual parents of the child.  This would ensure that the child can keep track of his lineage.

The original here

CNN: Sperm Donor Story

From CNN

Here is an all too common story of a man driven by a false sense of charity to help infertile couples "get" a child.  He overcame the weird feeling of seeing people on the streets looking like him, he convinced his wife that was no big deal, put his sperm donating business ahead of his intimacy with his wife and feels now that everything is just fine.

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La GPA, c'est quoi?

Cette vidéo nous avait échappé.  Quelque chose de très basic, mais un bon lien à partager avec ceux qui se demandent.

Zemmour on Surrogacy

Eric Zemmour explains how surrogacy will arrive in France.  Nobody will be able to stop it and Christian Taubira loves it!  This makes the same point that we covered a couple of days ago in a previous post.

In France, the Center-Right UMP Party is About to Be Torn Apart

According to Boulevard Voltaire, the UMP will have lost all credibility by the time of the presidential elections.  The party is now split on the question of homosexual.  Some like Hervé Mariton is wholeheartedly preaching the abrogation of the Taubira Law while at the other end of the spectrum we have those who say that it is now humanly impossible to rescind this legislation.  Meanwhile the more and more popular Front National has vowed to pull the law out is they were to earn the presidency.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Commentary on the Sperm Donation Story of Earlier Today

Jennifer Robak-Morse of the Ruth Institute responds to the story by putting the blame on the political elite.

One only has to look through a few comments on websites, Left or Right, to see that the lesbian lawsuit for breach of warranty and wrongful birth over a mixed race baby has struck a very negative chord.  Decent people, Right and Left, feel all wrong about a mother suing the sperm bank because she didn’t get the child she ordered.
I certainly agree that it is all wrong.  I just want to put the blame squarely where it belongs. Not on the sperm bank for “medical malpractice.”  Not on the lesbian mother for saying, “I’m not going to let them get away with not being held accountable.”
No, I place the blame on the Elites who have imagined, sustained and defended the Sexual Revolutionary ideology.  This ideology is indefensible, unsustainable and is causing unimaginable misery.

Read the rest here

Drag Queen 101

In Nebraska, learn how to become a drag queen/king . . .   College is so much fun . . .

A recent workshop hosted at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln taught students how to be drag “kings and queens.”
The “How To Do Drag” event was held Sept. 25 on campus and offered students tips on cross-dressing, make-up and stage presence, ideas presenters encouraged the students to try out at an “Open Drag Night” set to take place at the Lincoln-based gay nightclub Karma this Saturday, the Daily Nebraskan student newspaper reports.
More here if you really want to . . .

Human Rights Violations in Canada against Christian Student

This is a good one.  If the human rights campaign is really for human rights they might want to lend a hand to this poor student who was discriminated against . . .

Another Story of Gay Domestic Violence

Another one of these loving lesbians caught in a dirty case of domestic violence and false imprisonment of her wife.  This time it's a tech big wig!

(Reuters) - A senior Twitter engineer hailed as one of the most important gay or transgender people in the tech industry was sentenced on Tuesday to three years probation after pleading guilty to false imprisonment and domestic violence charges, San Francisco prosecutors said.

More here

Valls' Opposition to Surrogacy Will Lead to Two Possible Scenarios

As you probably know, two days before the latest "manif", Manuel Valls (France's Prime Minister) attempted to reassure French people that the government had no intention to push surrogacy on its people.   It is illegal now and will remain illegal.

You are probably aware that the European Human Rights Commission has condemned France's refusal to update the "Etat Civil" of French children born of surrogacy abroad.

Another thing to consider is the fact that Justice Minister Christiane Taubira issued a memo asking that French citizenship be granted to these children as well.

Scenario 1:
Now if Manuel Valls were to be consistent with what he stated in his most recent interview, he would have to a) repeal the Taubira memo and b) appeal the European commission's condemnation.

Scenario 2:
If he doesn't, the EU will force France to allow surrogacy to provide equality to gay man - since lesbian couples have ways to acquire children legally through medically assisted procreation (sperm donation).

No appeal has happened.  There is no sign of him pulling the memo out.

Consequence: He is waiting to be forced by the EU to allow surrogacy.  Then he'll say: "C'est pas ma faute!" (Not my fault) "They made me do it!"

On this issue you may be interested in this French article

Hundreds of thousands join march in Paris supporting natural family

Half a million people of all ages, including many families with children, took to the streets of Paris once more on Sunday to protest the French government’s “anti-family” policies and to express their anger over legalization by stealth of surrogate motherhood. Incredibly, the “Manif pour tous” (demonstration for all) continues to attract gigantic crowds who will not be deterred either by past failure or by governmental soothsaying. For the seventh time running, despite the legalization of same-sex “marriage,” which brought hundreds of thousands into the French capital last year in protest, what seemed impossible two years ago came true once again: families are rising up to say “no.”

More on LifeSiteNews

Sperm Donation Gone Wrong Again

This story from our friends at the CBC illustrates again a few aspects of what is wrong with medically assisted procreation and gamete donation . . .
Faulty customer service?
Racist customer?
Poor child?
You decide . . .

Much media attention has been devoted to the case of Jennifer Cramblett—the white Midwestern mother who is suing her sperm bank for providing her with the sperm of a black man, resulting in the birth of her biracial daughter, Payton.
Following the debate over the case, there’s been no shortage of opinions: some believe that Cramblett is racist and she has no valid case at all. Others believe that as a paying customer, she should have received the product she was promised. And a few (though only a few!) commentators have expressed sympathy for her daughter and wondered what she might think of all of this when she gets older.

The whole story here (CBC)

Sweden welcomes first baby born from donor womb

The world has long been accustomed to IVF, donor eggs and donor sperm as methods to grow a family, but now there is a new player in the infertility game that is bringing hope: a donor uterus.
It’s now being reported that in Sweden, a 36-year-old woman who was born without a uterus gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Vincent using a donated uterus from a friend who is in her 60s. The baby was born via cesarean section in September after 31 weeks of gestation. The child weighed 3.9 pounds, according to The Lancet, a British medical journal.
More here (Mod Vive)

Clip from the Assemblée Nationale about Surrogacy and Family Related Policies

Mr. Xavier Breton:

  • Addressing Mr. Valls he reminds the assembly of the presence of 100s of thousands of people in the streets
  • Grumbling is heard contesting the number of participants
  • Rarely society has seen so many people dedicated for so long for any cause
  • It represents the voice of people who want to stop the logical steps that must follow the Taubira law:  medically assisted reproduction and surrogacy.
  • French people have not forgotten your position regarding surrogacy just a couple of months ago. "If controlled, I am in favor of surrogacy."
  •  French people deplore the fact that you have not appealed the EU's condemnation of France nit recognizing children conceived abroad through surrogacy.
  • French people deplore the fact that foreign businesses can come and propose their services to French people abroad.
  • They expect our government to take a stand for the universal abolition of surrogacy.
  • Are you also going to revise the proposed laws that hammer middle class French families?

Mr. Valls:
  • Demonstrating is a constitutional right
  • You will debate our proposed laws regarding the family
  • It serves nothing to bring up these other issues for political reasons
  • The positions of the government on surrogacy is clear.  No need to discuss it again.
  •  Yes there were a lot of people in the streets but do not forget that this assembly voted for homosexual marriage.   It is a law of our Republic.
  • I am closely following this debate and let me tell you something I am convinced about:  You will not revisit this law establishing marriage for same sex people. 
  • It is the role of politicians to usher changes that happen in our society into law.\
  • It is the honor of this government to have been part of this change.
  • It corresponds to the changes that are happening in our society.  That's the way it is and you will not change it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

La Manif Pour Tous Writes to Prime MInister Valls

From Le Figaro


Mister Prime Minister,

Sunday October 5th hundred of thousands again paraded with enthusiasm and determination through the street of Paris and Bordeaux following the call of the Manif Pour Tous movement.

This immense, popular and pacific mobilization came to ask among other things for the universal abolition of surrogacy.

In a long interview in the La Croix newspaper published two days before our event, you had some very strong words against surrogacy which you qualified as “intolerable commercialization of human beings and objectification of women’s bodies”.  We took notice and salute the evolution of your position on this fundamental topic linked to the dignity of the human person.

However, Mr. Prime Minister, acknowledging such a plague is not enough.

You indicated in your interview that the Foreign Affairs Minister had been entrusted the responsibility to prepare an international initiative to “for example require countries who authorize surrogacy not to grant this service to people from countries who forbid it.”

We are very glad of it as this issue touches all of humanity.

Related to this, La Manif Pour Tous has proposed that October 5th be declared “International Day for the Abolition of Surrogacy” and new form of slavery that no enlightened conscience can tolerate.  We will support all initiatives that will converge towards this goal.  For several months we have asked for additional protocols to be signed regarding Children’s Rights:  words such as “including in the form of surrogacy” must be added to article 6 which forbids children exploitation.

But, Mr. Prime Minister, what credibility will France hold if we don’t fight surrogacy on our own soil by convincing our own citizens not to get involved with it?  It is already very concerning that our country has not appealed the CEDH’s declarations regarding the children born abroad from surrogacy.  Therefore there is real urgency to be firm against surrogacy.

French people who have massively expressed themselves on the issue are expecting a concrete action:  the cancellation of the January 2013 Taubira Memo which invites court officials to issue a certificate of French nationality to children born of surrogacy abroad.  This memo goes against what you stated in La Croix where you indicated that “the government is totally opposed to the authorization of the automatic transcription of foreign acts, since it would equate to accept and normalize surrogacy

Mr. Prime minister, the coherence and the credibility of the government are damaged by this important contradiction.  This memo makes licit the objectification of women and the commercialization of children by contracts signed with foreign agencies and their clients.  Its equivalent in Spain is responsible today for a rise in the number of surrogacies.  Let us not do like those who a couple of centuries ago would find all sorts of pretenses to tolerate slavery. 

This is why we ask again for the cancellation of this memo.  We request it now before congress uses the excuse of the declarations form CEDH to ratify it.  

For all these reasons we have the honor Mr. Prime Minister to request a meeting with you to discuss this fundamental problem:  the “right to a child” that surrogacy and medically assisted procreation are attempting to establish for the benefit of lesbian couples.  This practice I remind you makes children orphans of their fathers. 

We also would like to bring this heartfelt cry form our French families who are asking you to review the new economic measures that touch on the family:  they would weaken their ability to educate, to stand in solidarity and their dignity which in the end would cost the state even more. 

We thank you in advance for your response that we expect to be a positive one since some many French people have again expressed their deep concerns about the family and children during the demonstrations organized by the Manif Pour Tous whose president I have the honor to be.

Ludovine de LA ROCHERE