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Do they Have Executive Orders in Italy?

Italian gvmt investigating Catholic school after it removed lesbian teacher
In a case that is rapidly gaining national attention, the Italian government’s education ministry has threatened a “severe” response to a Catholic school in northern Italy that sacked a teacher believed to be a lesbian.

Education Minister Stefania Giannini told La Repubblica that her office has started an investigation into the decision of the school’s headmistress not to renew the contract of a female teacher out of a need to protect the “moral ethics” of “the school’s environment.”

Mother Eugenia Libratore, a religious sister of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the headmistress of Sacro Cuore school in Trent, said the teacher, who has not been named in the press, was “adequate and professional.” She added, however, that the school is Catholic and must consider moral conduct in assessing staff.

From LifeSiteNews.  More here

NY Giants Fights Homofascism

I'm not a fan of the New York Giants. They ruined a perfect season for the New England Patriots in 2008, and stopped the Pats again in the 2012 Super Bowl. And I was made aware this morning that the team hired the Giants player who made their 2008 victory possible, David Tyree, as their new Director of Player Development.

So yeah. Not exactly a fan of the Giants. But after the other thing I read this morning, that might have to change.

From LifeSiteNews.  More here

Le droit des enfants de recevoir l'éducation que leur parents désirent

Établissement privé non confessionnel, l'EHC Gardoise mise sur une pédagogie traditionnelle. Projet.
Engloutir les économies d'une vie dans la création d'une école privée hors contrat : cette aventure peu commune, Claire et John Bengtsson, gérant d'une entreprise de produits bios à Anduze, n'ont pas hésité à la vivre, poussés par des certitudes mûries des années durant. "Lorsque j'étais étudiante en médecine, je faisais du soutien scolaire afin de financer mes études", explique la jeune femme, ancienne élève de l'institut d'Alzon.

En lire plus ici

Réaction d’un archevêque argentin à la profanation de sa cathédrale

La cathédrale de La Plata, en Argentine, a servi de cadre au tournage blasphématoire d’un clip où un activiste homosexualiste travesti et une chanteuse habillée de manière provocatrice dansent dans les ailes du transept, parodient le sacrement de la confession, et détourne les paroles de certaines prières, notamment sur l’eucharistie. L’archevêque, Mgr Hector Aguer, a dénoncé ces agissements, de toute évidence commis à l’insu de tous, qu’il a qualifié d’abominables. L’université catholique de la ville a apporté son soutien à l’archevêque en le remerciant pour son courage devant la profanation de la cathédrale.

Article de:

GPA au conseil national.

Après avoir déposé une proposition de loi sur la pénalisation des pratiques de la gestation pour autrui, Jean Leonetti souhaite connaître l'avis du gouvernement. Cela fait suite à une tribune publiée dans Libération et cosignée par de nombreuses personnalités comme Jacques Delors et Lionel Jospin qui font également cette proposition.

Everyone needs to keep their political agendas off the kids at the border

Dear readers, I am horrified. Disgusted. Utterly depressed.

We have over 50,000 children who have been intercepted at the US-Mexico border who are innocent victims of everyone's political gamesmanship. Here is a series of American Thinker broadsides that summarize the emotion and outrage circulating among conservatives over what to do with these children:

If you read through these four articles, you'll see that conservatives are torn up about this. Some want to be charitable but are maybe not thinking through all the details. Some are exploiting the crisis to score political points, either as stalwart opponents of amnesty or as above-it-all bridge-building "common ground" types. I am on Evans's side in the above debate, but I feel a sense of urgency about these children. The Obama Administration is acting as though a few Baptists and Catholics will take care of this problem for him and he doesn't need to issue any executive orders the way he does when it's about making sure transgender federal contractors have unisex bathrooms.

Mr. President, Get Moving! We Need Leadership!

Obama's Executive Order: Some Responses

Obama’s LGBT Executive Order Undermines Pluralism and Religious Liberty

by Ryan Anderson

Obama Issues Order Forcing Church Agencies to Hire Homosexuals or Give Up Federal Funding

from Aleteia


by Sarah Posner

USCCB Chairmen Respond To ‘Unprecedented and Extreme’ Executive Order

by US Catholic Bishops

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Does Glenn Beck have histrionic personality disorder?

In one of my earliest pieces for American Thinker, I wrote about the role of histrionic personality disorder in the waylaid goals of the gay rights movement. Gay rights began as a noble endeavor but a certain personality type took over the movement and made it a self-destructive totalitarian exercise that is now threatening children's rights everywhere. But that's not the news today, we know the Gay Lobby has major problems.

I am wondering now about Glenn Beck, who is making a massive fuss about his well publicized trip to the US-Mexico border to help the refugee children who are in limbo there. As I reported a few posts ago, my deepest fears about the border crisis are coming to pass: The US government is channeling these children into foster care, which is a surefire way to complicate everyone's lives. Many, I am sure, will end up being legally adopted and receiving citizenship that way; then, as soon as they have been adopted, I will bet that one of two things will happen [1] many of them will run away from their adoptive parents to reunite with their families, whom they meant to live with all along, or [2] many of these adoptive homes are going to get a knock on their door, and it will be the non-orphans' parents coming to get them.

Who loses by doing this?

1. The children, who are used once again as pawns and kept in an unstable, liminal state, even if they have citizenship. Their parents and kin are not by and large citizens. So they will have Moses-like torn loyalties (do I side with the Hebrews, or with Pharaoh?) Whatever they choose to do they will be burdened with guilt and will end up disappointing someone who sincerely loves them -- either the foster homes who will feel jilted when they leave, or the original parents who will feel jilted if they bond with the foster parents and never reunite.

2. The original parents and kin network. These folks seem to have created the problem by sending their children to the border, probably with the goal of getting them through the door and then playing the system to find a loophole so the whole family could reunite on US soil. These actions are not excusable; the parents who agreed to this are not good parents. But they are still the parents and no doubt love their children. The best way to remedy their mistake is to undo it -- transport the kids back to Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala; set up a triage facility with the help of the UN, not here but in those three countries; get the kids back with their kin network with a strong message that these shenanigans will not work and must never be attempted again. But if we are swayed by emotion in the short term and rush to make life more livable -- here -- for the children themselves, then we are going to be cultivating emotional bonds between children and American foster families that will have to be broken. The more we prolong it, the more we entangle everyone, waste precious resources, and feed the problem. And the kin networks will end up losing their children. Partly through their own mistakes, yes, but we in the US, following the urgings of people like Glenn Beck, will have made it much worse.

3. The humanitarians on the US side. People who are rushing to care for these children must understand that they are going to form attachments to the children, and vice versa. Creating attachments over a period of years, then breaking the attachments, is worse than forcing the children to live uncomfortably for months. I know it is gut wrenching to see children barracked in group living situations, but those are really the safest and most efficient means of sheltering them for an expedited return to their home countries. They absolutely cannot stay in the United States. Love can be a hurtful force and can cloud people's judgment, even though love is usually a good thing. People who house the children and act as surrogate parents to them will not be able to resist loving them, which means they will not want to let them return to their original parents where they have to belong.

Who wins?

1. One political party -- the Democrats. Enhancing their voting base on the backs of children, families in Central America, and families here, the people who want more fresh bodies to make it to the voting booths in 2016, 2018, and 2020 will not refrain from shamelessly sowing chaos. It is amazing that they would hurt, confuse, and aggrieve so many people just to ensure a lock on the electorate, but that is what the Democrats are doing. By placing the kids in foster care -- and paying American families handsomely to house them -- the Democrats are engaging in social engineering. They know that the foster parents will form loving bonds with the kids and then will fight like Hell to keep them in the country. They know many of those families will rush to adopt, and I can bet the government will put in place speedy measures for low-cost legal adoptions--a measure that will ensure that the kids become citizens and loyal Democratic voters. This is how sick and twisted emotional manipulation can get.

What do we learn from all this?

Histrionics are not the grounds for public policy. Glenn Beck needs to calm down and take a break from his messianism. We have to be grounded, deliberate, humane, and realistic. Period.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Risk of Pedophilia

"You can’t support homosexual marriage without supporting homosexual adoption. You can’t support homosexual adoption without supporting the activities of folks like Robert Revay: . . ."

Read the rest here.

Gay Domestic Violence: A Blog Post

I’m halfway through The Talented Miss Highsmith: The Secret Life and Serious Art of Patricia Highsmith by Joan Schenkar – a disturbing read.

For the record, I’m a big fan of Pat’s psychological thrillers, but her personal life was the ultimate psychological thriller.

In one disturbing passage, for example, Pat picks a fight with some “late girl callers” and comes off second best with a chest so thoroughly bruised she needs an X-ray.

Read here

La Joie de Vivre 4:3: The University Elites

Ever wonder why all these affronts to children's rights go unchecked? It's because the elites that run our universities have mastered the arts of oppressing people while masking the oppression as being sympathetic to subaltern classes -- aging professional women who want to be mothers in their forties, homosexual couples who aspire to be parents, Hollywood benefactors who want cute babies from orphanages in Mali or Myanmar or Bulgaria -- that aren't really subaltern at all.

To understand how third-party reproduction, divorce, and same-sex parenting got so rampant, you must understand the dynamics of the "scholars" who have fed the press with dishonest research and covered for limousine liberal child abusers for decades.

To help you to grasp all this, I present to you a blast from the past -- an article I wrote at the end of 2011, called "The Top Ten Let Them Eat Cake Moments." Enjoy.

US Foster Kids Thrown Under the Bus b/c of the Border Crisis

This piece in American Thinker is chilling:

In California, foster homes will receive higher remuneration for taking in an undocumented minor from the border refugee crisis (even though most of these are not orphans), than they would receive if they fostered American citizens. Read the piece to see the math. It's shocking.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Court of Refuses to Force Gay ‘Marriage’ on Governments

The European Court of Human Rights, sitting as a Grand Chamber, in the case of Hämäläinen v. Finland, Application no. 37359/09, 16 July 2014 reaffirmed:

Regarding article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights:

“71. The Court reiterates its case-law according to which Article 8 of the Convention cannot be interpreted as imposing an obligation on Contracting States to grant same-sex couples access to marriage (see Schalk and Kopf v. Austria, no. 30141/04, § 101, ECHR 2010).”

More here

Macedonia Moves to Ban Gay Marriage

SKOPJE, Macedonia (AP) — Macedonia's parliament has agreed to consider proposed constitutional amendments to effectively ban gay marriage and impose limits on public debt.

Lawmakers agreed Wednesday to begin the amendment process proposed by the governing conservatives, who with their political allies already have the two-thirds majority of seats needed to approve the changes after winning a landslide election victory in April.

More here

When Gay "Families" Break Down

This from gay sources:

What happens next?  I acquired my kid through contract with my gay partner, who's the legal owner?  After being torn away from one of his parents now he is about to be town away from another significant adult in his/her life.

SIngapore Attempts to Resist Gay Propaganda to Infiltrate Public Libraries

Singapore’s National Library Board (NLB) has banned and destroyed copies of three children’s books that deal with same-sex couples and adoption after it received a complaint that the books are not “pro-family.”
NLB removed the books And Tango Makes ThreeWho’s In Your Family, and The White Swan Express from the children’s section after a visitor questioned the appropriateness of including the three books in the library. The chief librarian at the NLB quickly responded by assuring the complainant that “NLB takes a strong pro-family stand in selecting books.”
More here

Betty Crocker: Yet Another Cake Story

Famed homemaking company Betty Crocker once promoted couples making up over a cake. Now, the 90-year old company says it is adjusting to the times by promoting all relationships -- including homosexual couples and cohabiting couples -- as equal to married couples with children.

More here

Forced Adoptions in the UK

Britain is the only EU country allowing forced adoption. Last year, 1,860 children were adopted without parental consent.

A multi-millionaire is helping pregnant women whose babies are deemed at risk to flee the UK.
Ian Josephs has spent over £30,000 helping 200 to avoid having their newborns taken away by social services.
He pays for their fares to a new life and offers them free legal advice, even paying for lawyers in some cases.
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Cake Problem in Northern Ireland Now . . .

BELFAST, Northern Ireland -- Daniel McArthur, 24, is the general manager and now spokesman for Ashers Bakery in Belfast.  It’s a Christian family business, owned by the McArthur family, which has in the past refused cake requests for pornographic images and crude language. 

Disney Park Employees a Danger to Children

Clermont, Florida (CNN) -- Just days after getting arrested in a child sex sting, Robert Kingsolver is a long way from his beloved job at Walt Disney World.

Inside his rented house in a suburban Orlando neighborhood filled with children, he sits in a folding chair in a nearly empty room, wires dangling in the corner where his computer used to be connected.

Now, he can't be online or near children.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Adoptee leaves top British post overseeing foster care and child placement

h/t Against Child Trafficking

This piece comes from the UK, where the controversial minister who forced through sweeping changes in foster care has left his post:

He was controversial and came under fire amid reports of rampant forced removal of children from their birth kin networks. An excerpt:

The Children and Families Act 2014 introduced several reforms to the adoption process. The act repealed the requirement for councils to give consideration to children’s racial, religious, cultural or linguistic background when matching them with adopters. The reforms were designed to speed up the process of placing children with families, and enabled prospective adopters to search the adoption register themselves. They also included the much-criticised adoption score cards for local authorities. Adoption reform was a deeply personal matter for Gove, himself an adoptee, but his approach was not popular with social workers. Mansuri believes he did not engage well with, and listen to, the sector and ran his reforms in a “dogmatic” way. “He already had a clear vision, even when some of us would differ,” she says. Natasha Finlayson, chief executive of the Who Cares? Trust, says: “Although the reforms to the adoption system were long overdue, when Michael Gove first came into office his belief in a hierarchy of care that placed adoption at the top and residential care at the bottom was transparent and unhelpful. 

New Jersey's famed efforts at children's rights reform are stalling

h/t Children's Rights

In the linked article above, this excerpt explains the state of efforts to expedite investigations into abuses of kids:

maltreatment reports within an hour of the state hotline receiving them. However, the state is completing fewer investigations within 60 days. 
DCF is to achieve this goal 98 percent of the time, but only accomplished it in 63 percent of its cases—a decline of nine percent since the monitor’s last report.

Some good old-fashioned transnational rivalry: Gattoparda's Italian take on American race relations

Well, folks, Gattoparda saw the little note I wrote a few posts back, wondering what Europeans and particularly Italians must think when looking at America's strange phenomenon of Asian children being raised in completely white environments. Before reading her response, please note that Gattoparda doesn't have an anti-American bone in her body -- she's just being witty! See below:

In Italy we don't have "yellow fever" for Asian girls as WASPs have but men here have a crush on Eastern European girls (maybe for they are so blond?) as girls from Ukraine and Romania. 

They also like mulatto girls from Cuba, Brazil, South American brunettes. Many of these girls come here to nurse old men and then marry them. But many young Italian boys come back from holidays abroad with a foreign girl to marry too. 

Living side by side with American tourists for the most part of my life, I collected a lot of odd questions: "are you Italian?" (for I have freckles, light eyes and I speak good English, then they think I am not) and it's followed by "did you learn English at school?" (I guess they don't believe we have language schools here, but we have, we're a civilized country) and this question goes along with "oh! so you have a degree!" (yes, there are universities here, we are like you, wow!) then it goes from bad to worse... "why aren't you married with kids? I guessed Italian women marry soon and have a lot of children" and "do Italian women have the same rights of men?" (we're no Pakistanbul, damn bitch, ask Google) and hilarious "what's your personal special recipe for pizza?"

Pizza is the kind of food people choose when they have no time for cooking a meal for friends or family, so there are just a few people making a real pizza at their home, for a special oven that works fine only with wood fire is required... we have gas fire kitchens, then we can make a sort or surrogate of pizza but it's disgusting, so, no, we don't have a personal special recipe to share with you, fellow Yankees, for we don't cook pizza as a daily habit. 

And least but not last... "can you sing something?" (no! we don't live for singing, as you fellow Yankees don't find your reason for living in riding horses, despite the fact that you seem all so good at, in movies). To end, American people confuse Italian and Spanish, so they speak Spanish to me most of the times, even if I try to prevent them from doing so saying "I speak English."

Gregoria's Chant: Part 1 -- Two Forgotten Lesbian Parenting Tragedies

Readers, meet Gregoria, our new correspondent, whose identity must kept ultra top-secret.

Gregoria is deeply immersed in the New York Times reading, gallery-visiting arts world of a major global metropolis. I have decided to designate her my "insider informant" from the über-open-minded arts world.

In her regular travels through concerts, recitals, and exhibits, she comes across many instances of people violating children's rights without realizing it. I'm looking forward to some fascinating projects she's working on about the role of past family re-engineering, even going as far back as antiquity.

But here is her first "Gregoria's Chant", an interesting article she found that nobody seemed to notice as a telling portrayal of lesbian parenting.

Have you ever heard of Leo Felton? He was a white supremacist, who is now incarcerated due more to his own farcical incompetence than criminality (thank God, white supremos in the US are idiots and losers) - who turned out to be part black!

The reason I bring him up is that when he became briefly notorious a few years ago (links below) everyone ascribed his mental anguish to being biracial. 

I say it was because he grew up in a lesbian, radical feminist  household.

Make up your own mind. He now goes by the name of Leo Oladimu, has embraced his African roots, and wrote a biography called BEIGE:

Croatia approves civil partnerships for homosexuals

They did this the right way; they are recognizing civil partnerships for same-sex couples but upholding the ban on homosexual adoption. This is how we should have done it in the US.

Instead, in the United States, we let gay adoption and artificial repro technology run amok and then had nothing to say when the Gay Lobby said, "see, you let us take away your kids, so you HAVE to let us get married."

While I think Croatia may have been unwise to push civil unions for gays because, knowing the ILGA, I am certain that the Gay Lobby will just start weaseling and human trafficking and pulling all kinds of dirty tricks to force them into marriage, I am glad that in some countries they have been able to uncouple the issue of adult relationships from the issue of children's rights to a mom and dad. Nice to see grown-ups making grown-up decisions once in a while.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

From Gattoparda -- a video a lot of people who are transracially adopted can probably appreciate

Thanks, Gattoparda! This is hysterical, especially coming from an Italian. I wonder how this all looks to people in Europe. Hehe.

Anthony Esolen's piece on "pornogogues" running our kids' literature education programs

A sobering piece from LifeSiteNews by way of Jonah in the Heart of Nineveh:

This is a chilling indictment of curriculum managers who are replacing time-tested classics with smut -- on the public dime! Bad education=child abuse?

California has 42,000 children of school age in foster care, will receive $9 billion by 2021 to meet their needs

This came in from Children's Rights:

Apparently it is difficult to estimate the number of kids in California's foster care system. From what we can tell it seems to hover around 40,000. This probably includes a lot of children who are only there very temporarily, otherwise Californian foster-kids-for-adoption would represent a huge chunk of the nation's total of 101,000.

The federal government is earmarking billions to help California clean up its foster care support system. But we have to watch them like a hawk! Make sure that money doesn't get wasted and make sure those kids don't get rushed into adoption to meet market demands of adults who want kids. The ties to the child's kin network can't be brushed aside lightly.

A Romanian socialite adopts 3-year-old boy then returns him after one night of listening to him cry

Dear Lord:

People are not toys! This just goes to show you, sometimes "good intentions" are so flimsy and unreliable, you might as well forget about talking about the love such people for the kids they go out and acquire like this. I am horrified!

h/t Against Child Trafficking

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A piece from 2012 revealing GLAAD's corrupt relationships with Time Warner Turner

Somehow I missed this piece from the Media Research Center:

Read it to see how out of control the incestuous relationships are between Big Gay and Big Media.